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Evan Jan 14
Walk along the Riverbed
Down in the Valley
Is it real or in my Head
What is life but a fool's Folly

Ha ha, Ha ha, Tis' life naught but a grand joke
Seeing this, I feel as a bull being released from Yoke.
Wild and Free, unconquered by life's pains
In such a short time in such a wicked world, no reason to refrain

Maybe the joke is on me?
We will have to see
A laugh here a tear there
Life is naught but a Fair

A fair of laughter and love
Of hate, anger, and sadness
It is so fragile like a Dove
Tis Tough and Pitiless.
A simple little poem.

Therapy for one
Can be a cause of worry, anxiety
For another

Living off your mind
Your learnings
Makes it easier

Limiting boundaries
Avoiding encroachments

Live free and together
In this big world
Prosper forever
Been listening to Mohambi and Inna
Music has the power
there was a lot of love
in this decade
the people joined
a peace parade

the air was filled
with an upbeat atmosphere  
the flower children
were on a higher sphere

tunes started to sound
like they'd been set free
the musicians weren't
bound by a formalized key

fashion underwent
a considerable change
whereupon the beaded
look wasn't so strange

may these scant clues
aid all of you
in finding what decade
I'm taking you to
polka Jan 2018
Well, well.
What am I experiencing here?
A growth in my personality,
Or am I reflecting my peers?

As a shy small bug,
I felt as if my mouth made no sound.
But recently, that's not the case.
It feels as if my life has turned around!

Because, I am no longer afraid of what I have to say.
I am no longer afraid of what's inside!
Because that fear has grown exponentially,
To become something outside of my own mind.

I am no longer afraid of myself.
No, I am afraid of you!
I am afraid of what could happen, yes!
I am afraid of what you'll make me do.

I am afraid of the dark,
Yet I simply won't sleep with light.
I am afraid of these monsters,
But if I live without them, I might die.
I am afraid of endless possibilities,
A burglary happens every fifteen seconds!
I am afraid of what you'll say to me,
If I tell you I am not perfect.

But, ha,
You already knew that, didn't you?
Silly me.
What am I afraid of?
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