Polka Jan 3
Well, well.
What am I experiencing here?
A growth in my personality,
Or am I reflecting my peers?

As a shy small bug,
I felt as if my mouth made no sound.
But recently, that's not the case.
It feels as if my life has turned around!

Because, I am no longer afraid of what I have to say.
I am no longer afraid of what's inside!
Because that fear has grown exponentially,
To become something outside of my own mind.

I am no longer afraid of myself.
No, I am afraid of you!
I am afraid of what could happen, yes!
I am afraid of what you'll make me do.

I am afraid of the dark,
Yet I simply won't sleep with light.
I am afraid of these monsters,
But if I live without them, I might die.
I am afraid of endless possibilities,
A burglary happens every fifteen seconds!
I am afraid of what you'll say to me,
If I tell you I am not perfect.

But, ha,
You already knew that, didn't you?
Silly me.
What am I afraid of?
Temporal Fugue Sep 2017
Happy happy
joyous slappy
passing by
the desolate
and crappy

Waving flags
so elated
rising above
the dark
and crated

Waxing ecstatic
soaring clouds
over glum

Fully mirthed
energy astounds
a sense of worth
I'm passing round
I won't be ever coming down

at least to earth
I won't be bound
No way Jose, to pee on my, happiness parade :D~
Poetic T Mar 2017
Randomness is a rhyme of loves vibration.
A singular beat is monotonous,
Stagnation of verses that repeat becoming
bad tempos.

Loves an unpredictable rhyme that changes
upon occasions, keeping the tempo swaying
like the randomness of a hearts echoed beat.
Temporal Fugue Dec 2016
Nothing like, a cat soiree
Dancing cats, it's their forte'
If you're ever in thoughtful doubt
Need to smile, but can only pout
Find the cats, at their hangout
As they sing and dance about
Doing jigs and Rumba ques
Square dancing, a happy view
Tapping out to follow thru
Catty moves, line dancing too
Here Merengue, there is jive
Frolicking free, fully alive
No better joy, of feline scenes
Kittens cavort, like dancing fiends
Another dusted off oldy fresh from the vaults, reworded and extended, resplendently amended:D
Dr Strange Jul 2016
I don't have the answers
If I did I wouldn't be in this situation
Sitting here with a blank sheet of paper before me
Looking at the moon wishing it could speak
So bad I wanted to impress you
But at this point I'd be impress if you even noticed
I mean look at you
You're like goddess
One who was put here just to make everyone jealous
You're so perfect
That smile
Them eyes
Even the way you sneeze has a certain cuteness to it
I know this is sounding kind of corny
So I guess it's a good that this is just me thinking to myself
Though for the records my thoughts speak the truth
You're just beautiful in everything you do
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
Heart of gold?
Heart of sin?
So much to hold,
Can't take it all in.
Turn around and let it go,
So many tears need to flow.
Cry it out,
Or throw some things,
Just don't decide,
To end everything.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
So full of care and love.
recious time given to others.
    Even when you're not wanting to.
       Cuz you're a person of nice quality.
          I have so much respect for you, friend.
            And you should know I will never let go.
               Love imbues your essence and your spirit.
A small tribute I've written for a friend.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
You don't have to...
Have sex
Or be popular to fill that hole in you.
It's not about being perfect, but being vulnerable.
Maybe if you open yourself up, let go of your control
You could find a piece of that peace you're looking for.
I'm always here if anyone needs me.

Atript Abhinav Aug 2015
I see millions of fingers curled up as fists protesting death everyday but, believe me friend, my hands will be one in very few biding farewell to life
Because every breath that I take, takes me a step closer to death,
Every breath that i hold makes me feel like a fool refusing to believe that it will come to me someday,
Life is a garden where death blooms
So don't tell me not to drink, jump and smoke because I don't want to die wanting to live more,
Its not because I am not happy
I just don't want death to surprise me,
I wanna see it coming
And live
I wanna run through narrow lanes, through alleys, through staircases leading both ways and through highways
I wanna swing through ups and downs, twist and shout, stumble and stay to redeem the imbalance and run again
I wanna live as long as I am alive because deathbed is a bed of regrets but believe me friend, I will be smiling
I have befriended hundreds and hurt none,
I have grown up right from the spot I was wrong,
I have loved and been loved by some
So I will remain, as memories and stories for generations to come
And be remembered as the man who never died
Because every time I question life, life hits me with another question just to teach me that life is just for living
Live until you die
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