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Ahnaf Apr 2019
Dead in bed
mourning my death
in living amongst the living

but I live
and so I keep asking

Where is that sliver of light
that's meant to slip through the shades
and give me that last morsel of hope
to chew on for days and days
until it's mush, but I still gotta chew
because that's all life has to offer

Where is that rush of emotions
that can defibrillate my dying heartbeat
and give me that last reason
to squeeze and squeeze till it's beat
because there is no other way
no other meaning

But I could live in a world with no meaning
devoid of reason
without definitions to cling to

Because there is too much meaning in this world
All your symbols, all your f** standards
make me less of a human,
and there is nothing worse,
there is no way worse
to live in a human's world
Dr Strange Jul 2017
Dear Society,

When I was younger my momma told me, I was destined for great things
Then you came along and said **** that crushing all my dreams
Leaving me to cry blood tears in a street that wants to see me killed
Now you stereotype me saying from the beginning I was destined to fail

Wait what?!?!

In the beginning, I was strong and ambitious ready to stand up to anything
But of course, that was before you came around and shot my dreams in the head
It was an accident you said, but this “accident” cost me my mind
Besides, we both know that ******* excuse was a lie
What you really did was brainwash me so I could never come alive
Forcing me to wear this white mask so I would fit in with the zombie crowd
Well I don’t want to be a zombie I want to be free
So, **** your reconditioning and let me be


Doctor Strange
Lindsay Thomas Dec 2015
Who was the first person to decide
what's right and what's wrong?
Not the picky choosy **** we think
Came straight from the Bible.
The book that's been translated across
many languages, cultures, and general
I mean the first person.
The first group of people that decided
having a full life is wrong.
Being yourself is wrong.
Wanting is wrong.
Yearning, dreaming, achieving...
All wrong.
Who decided being a woman
was so wrong that we should be condemned?
I should be able to **** who I want
and not be defined by my "number".
I shouldn't have to be asked that question.
I should be getting high-fived for having
Consensual *** with the guy who
makes my coffee.
I should be applauded for having ***
with multiple men.
I should be shown the same level of
respect as any man out there.
But my number is vital, isn't it?
Well, I say **** all of that.
**** a whole bunch of it.
**** anyone you want.
******* do anything you want to do.
Don't hurt anyone, and it shouldn't
be anyone's ******* business but yours.
Jesus ******* Christ.
**** him, too.
**** any imaginary thing you want.
That's what ******* is for.
**** yourself, for God's sake!
He wanted his people to be happy, right?
Free yourself from the chains of
modern society!
Find people just like you, and don't let them go.
They will be strong for you,
hold their heads high for you.
Defend you against nay-sayers and party poopers.
Stand behind you when confronted with
mass objection.
We are the lovers, and the fighters,
and we are many.
Band together and **** society.
You know,
For God's sake.


— The End —