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Dr Strange May 2019
Little bear, don't be afraid
Everything is going to be okay
The sun will shine once more and, the birdies well they're just sleeping
The waves are calm but they aren't gone

Little bear, don't be afriad
Everything is going to be okay
Just close your eyes and go to sleep
And when you awake oh, the joys you will see
In response to "a child's voice" another poem i posted on here years ago.
Destiny Fleming Dec 2015
When I lean into

my God

how my nostrils quiver

for the smell of
you is
so human
In a world where humanity is lost.
Àŧùl Oct 2015
Learning the ways of the world,
Of course it will help us both,
Vehement opposition we faced,
Exemplifying quality throughout.

You descended here as the perennial spring,
Of my heart you are the beat,
U**p against the dark skies you help me shine.
My HP Poem #908
©Atul Kaushal
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
It might be love
It might be fate
It could be so many things
As a quote says "My atoms have always loved your atoms"
I think that explains a lot.

Basically, I love you
And I love how you get mad at me
It makes me love you even more
I find it cute
I find youcute
I find cute when you say my name
I find cute when you call me baby

I love you, and I love your flaws
I love you
Àŧùl Mar 2015
You are so beautiful,
You are so fun to be with,
You are so cute to care for,
You are all I need & you are all I have.

I love to keep talking with you my darling,
I am so addicted to you Kripiji,
I cannot imagine my life without you,
I don't want my biggest fears to come true.
She sleeps in odd hours,
Probably that's how she stays so cute!

My HP Poem #805
©Atul Kaushal
always Dec 2014
Vibration of her voice
I can feel them here
even after so many years
In my heart
repeating the same words
she used to say
'I care for you'...

— The End —