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harlee kae Jun 2014
I don't think you understand how fully you obliterated my world, because if you did, I think you'd come back to me.
Marla  Apr 12
Marla Apr 12
Sparks of light
Emerge from the void
And encircle themselves
Around a phosphorescent nucleus.

Colors, green and purple,
Shine through the hues of watery darkness
As the traces and trails
Glow vibrantly in the black of it all.

Organisms and antimatter
Flow around each other
Suggesting a relationship of unity.

O to touch such forbidden beauty!
To hold it in my pale hands-
It's enough to make one cry
Tears of radiation
In a sea full of death's water.
Chicken May 18
No dancer
No romancer
No necromancer
No muse

What is the point,
if there is no you?
When they are gone, they are gone !
Time has passed since the first time I saw her,
There more I looked, she seemed to look better.
Didn't have the courage to tell her this long,
Mustered all of it and now I'm portraying it in a song.

When I'm with her all I get is good vibes,
She's too beautiful, too much to describe.
To get this girl there's nothing I wouldn't offer,
Days pass by yet I cannot take my eyes of her.
But there's one thing that I still can't see,
Like how I look at you I wish you look at me.

Sleepless nights, meaningless fights, being in spotlights, loveless love bites,
And much more I have done in this world,
But what more do I need to do to get the girl?

Somewhere down the line,
When everything's fine,
I may forget everything,
But I'll always wish you were mine.

I cannot wait for any longer so gotta say this before I realise some other dreams of mine,
Hopefully after this poem every night together we can dine.
I know I ain't even close to perfect, there's every talent that I lack,
But I'll love you for life,
Would you love me back?
All the people in this world who've had a crush and haven't  expressed it, you gotta take courage and speak up because you'll only regret the opportunities you didn't take.
Emerson Nosreme Oct 2018

I hear all these names at once
I hear all these things at once
I can hear everything

A glass just shattered
It was loud for them
It was louder for me

Don't be rude!

"I need to get some more raspberries tomorrow-"
"Remember Harry's anniversary is next week-"

All these words combined
Making me lose my mind

"I need to get- Harry's anniversary is  next week-"
" remember- some more raspberries tomorrow-"

I'm shaking
I'm being stared at
I can't see
But I know they're staring
Don't take pity
I'm used to it

There's a woman touching me
She's touching my shoulder
She's speaking in a 'can I help you ma'am?' voice
But I can't hear what she's saying
It's under-

"Get a chair!"


I see her again
She's rubbing my back
I think I'm screaming
I can hear screaming
I don't know if it's me
It doesn't sound like me
But it also sounds like me

"What's up with her?"
"Don't be rude!"

The room blurs.
It fades.
Everything fades.
Then I'm outside.
The woman is still there.
She's still speaking in that stupid voice.
I wanna tell her that I'm not a toddler.
But I do appreciate what she did.
So I decide not to be rude
JaxSpade Oct 2018
Turning out the lights
Pulling the covers of sleep
Over the eyes
Staring into the black
Colored thoughts arrive
In visions of dreams
That reality never has
Snuggling pillows
Is better than the lover
You used to have
Keep your eyes closed
You don't need another hope
To die alone
Fold your hands
Hang your head on the rope
Of loneliness
Your dream is gone
And so are you
Turn the lights out
And float in the hope
That someday
Love is more
Then than pain it scarred
Eyes melting
On a tears burn

Like a candle dripping
Slowly hurt

Ice melting
In the summers

Icy eyes

Him & Her

They used to be so cool
And they were so chill

Until one day
Every thing changed

And they started to melt
Joselyn Jun 15
I rinse my body
in the most scalding water
trying to melt away
the old versions of myself,
but the tears are always scathing
Ensuring the dated me
will never truly disappear.
Inspired by an overreaction and the moon in scorpio
I'm feeling so f* anxious..
I dont know how i can release
some pressure.
This suffocated feeling.
Is it possible without hurting myself?
I know that if i don't alleviate
some of this soon then
a "mini meltdown"
will happen.
Feeling a little paranoid...
Kind of aggravated....even.
The same bad familiar feelings
have crept up once more....
Once again.
How could i forget....
I should have known what was
instore. For me anyway. 
I couldn't even begin to explain...
What was/is going through my mind...
What feelings i am rushed with.
That familiar feeling that
I've had enough.
That attitude where i
dont give a stuff.
The bitterness shows its head again.
Laughing at me for still living the same.
Trying to shame...
What a shame....
** off
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
I wanted to sneak into
a space down the star
I couldn’t sleep in a night
Huh I was yet to get an
answer to a quiz why!

Though I showed a mirror
The moon floats in the night
gently, the dark could
mingles into the light.
But one couldn’t relay
My sweetie toyed it away!

As if no matter what if one
wishes so is free to sway.
Huh my sweetie toyed it away!

Did the Moon score
tapping in on the starry
night’s blackboard,
how many *****?
Who can tell, who can tell?
Though a cheering sun rises
In the end by the rose.
Myriads stars meltdown
in a stunner’s teardrop.
That stirs coming so close.
Yet is a dwarf over the ocean!

Touches the moon not
one that pulls the most.
The sea lives by the small earth
There is no law in love
My sweetie toyed it away!
Xaela San  Jul 2018
The me I know
Xaela San Jul 2018
I am a girl and I am unique

I am full of silence and mystique

I am humble, mild and meek

I know from my heart I am not weak;

At times I may fall down

And cry myself until I meltdown

But I'll always try my best to not drown

In this life cycle of up and down

Even if life will stain my pride

Or **** me slowly inside

And sway me to the wrong side;

The me I know will hold her head high

The me I know is unique and strong in her own ways

Even if the world turns grey;

Either inspiration or motivation dries;

She will and always strives to survive everyday.
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