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A bright morning on a glorious day,
She looked too pretty in every way,
I've never spoken to her but I'd really like to,
Yet my lips tremble every time I try to.

She's like an angel with the wings of a dove,
I would dive to the depths of the ocean to be in the depths of her love!

But there's one thing, I don't get the point,
We've never spoken yet I feel our hands should be joint,
Is it an infatuation? I'm afraid so,
But I would never want her to go.

I know for a fact that I'll never stop loving you,
I can't forget you even though I'm really trying to,
Even if I burst my bubble I can't take you off my mind,
I looked everywhere but a girl like you I couldn't find.

I'm not a bad person I really wanna show you,
I think it's absurd I love you even though I don't know you,
Thinking about this I'm in a wrap,
Like an undoubting deer I walked into your love trap.

You're  like teardrops in rain, here with me yet your not,
You're really special to me among the huge lot.
If you let me I can take away all your pain,
Promises don't last but I will always try my best not to let this end in vain.
All the guys in the world who have a girl in their mind who's causing them not to find any other one attractive, you know your the best one for her. All the best while y'all try your luck!
It was long ago,
When the competition wasn't tough,
Whenever he went in the field to show the people who's buff.
Then came the down fall,
He shot on goal,
Yet he missed the target,
Seemed like what moved was the pole.

Heart broken he went on to find other recreations,
Hoping at least that would last,
Unlike his non glorious past,
It was like he became a knew caste,
Yet destruction came in the way as an exam he didn't pass,
So he had to attend another class that would cut down his mass,
And take him to the pitch a last.

He finally got in the team,
Life was great,
Or that was what it was like to  seem,
Guess sadness is written in his fate.
The competition was cancelled,
Heart broken getting over it would take a while,
That's when he shed his last tear and his last smile.

Then came a time when he could've cheered up,
His wounds would've healed,
As usual he ran out of luck,
It was a scar and not a wound that his heart yield.
He didn't get the captaincy he deserved,
It was the hardest blow he got,
There's was nothing more he could've suffered,
Then he began to not care a lot.

Living a careless live he opened social media to looks at some good ol' memes,
Not knowing that over here he would find the girl of his dreams.
He didn't try really hard to get her,
But there was nothing that could make him forget her.
Then a shadow came as usual to steal his dream,
She was the best girl he said without being biased,
She stole his heart like an unplanned heist.
But somewhere down the line,
When everything's gonna be fine,
He should know with the perfect girl he's gonna dine,
With the perfect goal he's gonna shine,
Because he should know one thing for sure,
God isn't gonna be quiet no more.
Every person in this world has a friend who means a lot to him but has terrible luck. You gotta support him what soever happens in his life. Never leave a good friend in misery!
Time has passed since the first time I saw her,
There more I looked, she seemed to look better.
Didn't have the courage to tell her this long,
Mustered all of it and now I'm portraying it in a song.

When I'm with her all I get is good vibes,
She's too beautiful, too much to describe.
To get this girl there's nothing I wouldn't offer,
Days pass by yet I cannot take my eyes of her.
But there's one thing that I still can't see,
Like how I look at you I wish you look at me.

Sleepless nights, meaningless fights, being in spotlights, loveless love bites,
And much more I have done in this world,
But what more do I need to do to get the girl?

Somewhere down the line,
When everything's fine,
I may forget everything,
But I'll always wish you were mine.

I cannot wait for any longer so gotta say this before I realise some other dreams of mine,
Hopefully after this poem every night together we can dine.
I know I ain't even close to perfect, there's every talent that I lack,
But I'll love you for life,
Would you love me back?
All the people in this world who've had a crush and haven't  expressed it, you gotta take courage and speak up because you'll only regret the opportunities you didn't take.
Dear dad, so enthusiastic with a lot of dreams,
I, your unworthy son, is here with a request,
You wouldn't understand I know for sure,
You really think you know for me what's best.

I have a tiny question,
Why do you force your unaccomplished dreams on us, your children,
And when we try to race our dreams what do you tell us to do?
Simple as this, just **** 'em.

I try hard to be the perfect child among the millions in this world ,
We both know every one has some cons,
Yet I work pretty hard to be a rose among the rest of them who are like leaves,
Yet you only see my thorns.

Why are you so pessimistic dad when I get my grades and come home,
Why don't you see the positivity in what I've done well in and not get wild?
All I get is a bashing and an assignment,
Common perks of being a 21st century middle-class Indian family child.

And yes dad I am gonna write JEE and NEET and get in a college which you want me to,
And probably also get a masters where you want me to so a good salary companies can give,
But when I'm finally independent to make my decisions I'll have no life left to live.

And if I'm gonna marry the one you've decided for me,
That meant you've decided my entire life I've got ahead,
I'll probably start to love her after sometime,
Yet I'll remember you for all the wrong reasons each time I lie I bed.

And whatever you've done to me dad I do know it's with a good intention,
I don't have a grudge on you because I do understand,
There's a saying "the biggest problems started with the best of intentions. "
Knowing that your still there will still give me a helping hand.

You've given me a lot of values dad,
And these values in me will forever strive,
Please don't get me wrong with what I've just portrayed.
P.S - I love you dad and will always do until I'm alive.
Everyone has that one special man in their lives, their dad, who does everything for the better of them. Yet criticised by many because fathers usually do not know what the child goes through. Learn to love your dad whatever the situation is!
It was a really long time ago,
When everyone used to walk naked,
tanned, baked in the sun.
But in the recent times, all those moments are over, all that time is done.
Short clothed, women think they look extravagant,
But right now walking through these Indian roads wearing them seems to be a bit irrelevant.
Raise a voice and men try to shut it down ,
Respect from a husband only lasts until the wife wears that white gown.
Mothers at home crying, stressed,
And out of regret they beat their *******.
Only living for the sake of their children, hoping that at least they'll get some respect out of them,
But now all that's over, all that's gone.
In the recent times women have kind of lost their fear,
Deep inside a beast is rising for the betterment,
Now the ending of those sorrows are near.
Now is the beginning of women empowerment.
For all the women who are suffering at the hands of horrid men, you have to stand up because ladies do come first!

— The End —