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Nameless Poet Jun 2015
A poem without a feeling
When one is estrange from them self
A desire to want a want for desire
Convoluted and not yet acquired
It's not empty,
or missing.
A combination of both ?
The heart is there but absent.
The heart is a class,
but the feelings aren't there.
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
Would you?
Would you report this poem if I made a connection?
With a foul mouth rough inspection.
Cause we all got that person we would ****'in connect with!
Then that person we would **** and connect with!
Then if they break the connection,
we take our fist or the nearest object to break their neck with.
Curse words that's got so many uses.
You can say **** and mean so much.
To come out in anger or love once you got that passion.
What about when you get hurt?
***'ed out?
Then yuh like "dam I'm ******"
I just waned to let out a little, not trying to be belittled,
but I know there's someone out there to connect with
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
He was,


His whole existence was,


Oh so Taboo in his walk, speech,
and every step was Meticulous
it was ridiculous  

He was,

Nameless Poet Jun 2015
That person,
that person that just happen to be that person.
There's always that person.
That person you love and then that person you hate.
That person that takes,
that person that gives,that person you can't forgive,
that person you want to be and live.
There's that person that you share secrets with,
that person you would get it on with
that person you don't get along with.
That person.
That person that brings that joy and spice.
That person that gives you life, that person that's dead
That person that won't get outta yah head.
That person,
that person that's you and that person you don't know.
There that person that can hurt you ,
That person that you'll let hurt you,
that person that'll let you hurt them.
That person that's always happy , always sad, always angry and mad.
That's person that's cold or always lose control.
That person that's wise, that person that's a fool.
That person that's just another tool.
That person that's all these persons.
That person that's just another person or,
That person is you, that person is me.
That person that just happen to be that person
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
Rip my heart out.
Let me die a ****** death drenched in the red juice.
That is the juice of life.
I don't need to be loved for a day,
I need to be  love for a life time!
I need a Goddess to submit to or a God to commit to.
So what do I do?
Submission is the only form of control.
I will submit to love.
I will submit to life.
Don't give me a day!
I will submit to strife
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
Rip,tare and shred.
Bred from a different breed, born from a different need.
Implanted with a violent seed, a born killer.
That is the fault of man yet I am at fault.
I am at distant. I am at prison.
I am trapped in my own mind
Tear, cry and weep,
  I am born weak and meager
again and again,
between two extremes all the same.
In this state I see these things.
They don't change.

Either I become the drive to self destruction destroying all around me
I am the coward stuck in a shell who can't expel the dark thoughts.
Only two,
never one.
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
I don't need fancy word play to say
that each day,
has some hurt and praise
Ever Day
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