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Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
In a hurry,
Driving down the road,
To meet an important client,
Seal a major deal.
The car in front me moved at a snail's pace,
I fumed with anger,
I writhed with impatience,
I continued to honk,
No change.
I  inched closer,
Saw a small sticker,
On the car's rear,
"Physically challenged,
Please bear with me."
My anger balloon burst,
I cooled down,
I leaned forward on my steering wheel,
Drove slowly,
I felt protective of the driver.
Patience is a virtue,
I understood now.
I reached  for the appointment late,
The client too was late,
Blocked in the traffic.
Kindness pays.
Annie McLaughlin Feb 2016
Twisted together, chest to chest, skin to skin
strong arms shielding my tiresome eyes from the wicked of the night
Why would anyone take such safety from me?

Tossing my body delicately on the patterned carpet,
fingers playing with my sides lightheartedly, giggles erupting from within our souls
Why would anyone take such joy from me?

Whisper of voice blending so sweetly with the strings of music,
smiles cascade down our chins
Why would anyone take such peace from me?

Understanding glances without so much as an expression or an afterthought,
the sublime caress of vowels and consonants rolling swiftly through our tongues' exchange
Why would anyone take such love from me?
and I am not one to give up.
Nameless Poet Jun 2015
Would you?
Would you report this poem if I made a connection?
With a foul mouth rough inspection.
Cause we all got that person we would ****'in connect with!
Then that person we would **** and connect with!
Then if they break the connection,
we take our fist or the nearest object to break their neck with.
Curse words that's got so many uses.
You can say **** and mean so much.
To come out in anger or love once you got that passion.
What about when you get hurt?
***'ed out?
Then yuh like "dam I'm ******"
I just waned to let out a little, not trying to be belittled,
but I know there's someone out there to connect with
KiingRie Dec 2014
Try to answer these questions in 3-5 words each

What does grass smell like?
It smells like dew

Not using the word crackle what does it sound like to step on snow?
Like a faint fire *******

What does salt taste like?

What does it smell like before rain?

What does it smell like after rain?
New, Fresh

What does your hand feel like?
Soft but then again rough

What is the texture of hair?
Silky but thick

What does water taste like?
Clear , Refreshing

What does it feel like to touch silk?
I drift off to another world

What does gasoline smell like?

What does a pine tree smell like?

What does fear feel like?
You want to be rescued

You may call yourself a poet, but can you answer this, the words rattle inside your brain the answer longs to get out. Yet you can't find the words to describe it.
Remember to use only 3-5 words each question. And if you want post ur answers in either a poem or the comment section, or keep them to yourself.
This is not mine it's another poets on here and I felt like it was a challenge so I took it'd I do??
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
There used to be a time
when I kept all my radical ideas inside
but that is finally changing.

I used to bottle each and every nonconforming idea
inside of me and never brought it up
not in the building of dimly lit halls ever.

I’ve changed that and simply stopped giving a ****
because none of these people can potentially harm me
and if I have some value I hold highly then I will bring it up
in the context it makes sense in.

Don’t sit around and absorb this culture of peer pressure.
Don’t take in each and every useless thing they want you to.
Don’t simply follow instead be a Prime Mover with your thoughts.

Spread that ideology because frankly, it’s all you got
even if they disagree and can’t handle it, **** em’
because if they can’t handle being challenged
then they clearly don’t understand the point of life.
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