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Mar 2016 · 493
Past The Walls
Kimberly Seibert Mar 2016
The nomad wondered, what went on past the walls.
He whistled away, as he walked toward the falls.
Lost in the silence, what goes on past those walls?
The beautiful bold brick, standing so tall.

Ancient and raw, the withered hand.
Who has no home, and knows no land.
Whose savage way, is to understand.
The crown and the throne, desired by man.

Pale and ghostly, her lips are chapped.
Bark has been torn, her tree has been tapped.
A filthy kingdom, which she can't adapt.
Like dirt beneath her nails, trapped.

"A Joker, a Jester,
Just a Clown?
A Man, a Boy,
A proper noun?
Making drinks,
To water them down?
Holding ice under,
To watch it drown?"

While the nomad wondered, what went on past the walls.
He whistled away, while inside she crawled;
Lost in the silence, that goes on past the walls.
Lost in the silence, that wanders the halls.
Nov 2015 · 808
Actions & Consequences
Kimberly Seibert Nov 2015
Aggressive stood the silhouette
Distant in the night.
Sutured to her shadow
A dark and haunting plight.
Forgotten was the hour
Desolation bereaved.
Consumed by her fears
A beast was conceived.

What's worse then battle
Is one fought alone.
When the lights are all on
But nobody's home.
When the demon that lurks
Is one that's detached.
Mindful yet careless
Improperly miss matched.

The void spreads like cancer
A concrete defeat.
Becoming the snake pit
By tripping over her feet.
Saved by good intentions
But just for a moment.

See, with actions and consequences
You just have to own it.
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
The Forgotten Child
Kimberly Seibert Oct 2015
From a child's eyes
To a child's heart.
Impressions lasting
First one's the start.

Young and innocent
Even more pure.
The smile to a bad day
Sometimes the cure.

An empty vessel
To fill and to mold.
A respectable child
Does as they're told.

Taught right from wrong
Morals are planted.
Posture is straight
Not crooked and slanted.

Religion is introduced
Traditions hallowed out.
Expectations set
No time to doubt.

Captured over time
In the parent's planned future.
Trust earned and lost
Disappointments need suture.

What happens when that child
No longer hears praise?
Repeated in their head
"This is not how you were raised."

When conflict of interest
And what's stood for changes.
When a child's soul is not
Resistant to the turning of ages.

Product of their environment
It's not just what's taught.
It's every lie and hardship
That they've ever bought.

The bruises the tears
For some the neglect.
Do they become the examples
We all forget?
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Men Are Just Dessert
Kimberly Seibert Jul 2015
I like to think I'm practical,
With a want for practical things.
But I have a need for variety,
And a whole lot of dreams.

Single doesn't bother me,
It's loneliness that takes a toll.
But with options at my fingertips,
I haven't been alone.

Don't get mad when I move on,
Smile and remember what you had.
The best for you has already happened,
But for me, hasn't happened yet.
Kimberly Seibert Jun 2015
"And you will make the dream catcher,
To set above his head?
And can you use these feathers
From the bird we sacrificed instead?"

Two days before, it began,
The horrible visions in his head-
Nightmares had left him paralyzed,
In his sleep, loitering, but dead.
At first he was alive
And as strong as strong could be.
Then a leap of faith
Turned into catastrophe.
A voice, a love, and then the shock.
The pebble broken off the rock.
A lifeless sleep in the face of day
Behind closed eyes in disarray.

And I could hear my heart beat,
The dream catcher may not be enough.
For it seems as though he's seen it all
His life a little rough.
I agreed in helping her;
And my head it wandered fast.
With dread in case this didn't work
The nightmares slipping past.

And when I came, she held his hand.
A woman a drift, yet here on land:
And, though no word was said at all
I knew she knew the plan.
Because her heart was set,
She did not sigh, or moan, or fret.
In fact she hardly wept,
Her love it took a stand.

I gathered the feathers,
Securing them tightly.
Weaving the string in and out,
Ever so lightly.
My hands were stiff
But I kept going.
Despite the fact
Of not really knowing,
If this was going to work.

Her eyes somewhat piercing,
For she hardly blinked.
It made me wonder,
It made me think:
Will I ever love
Like this woman does?
Tangled in another's soul
Just because.

At last I pulled the scissors out
Cutting just below the final knot.
Filled with hope now, not a single doubt,
Because I gave it all I got.

Handing her the perfect dream catcher,
She smiled and then she said,
"Would you mind doing me the honors
Of placing this above his head?"
I cried for her, she had no tears.
Of all my days and all my years,
I've never met a woman more humble
Despite the shift in gears.

I hung it up, just as she asked.
She took a silent, in drawn breath.
Can we save this man lost asleep,
Or will the nightmares be his death?
May 2015 · 505
My Dear
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
When all the world is old, my dear,
And the trees are all too tall;
And every bird a hawk, my dear,
And every dance a ball;
Then barefoot your way to me, my dear,
And around the way we'll go;
A childhood must play its course, my dear,
And every heart should know:

When all the world was young, my dear,
And all the seeds had just been planted;
And all the color in this place, my dear,
Mistakenly, taken, for granted;
Back to those times and ways, my dear,
An abode to which all were naive;
A place for peace and joy, my dear,
Where all was loved and free.
May 2015 · 743
Summer's Last Sun
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
The last night of Summer,
Closing eyes on herself.
Leaves start changing colors,
A charismatic wealth.
The moon still remaining,
Perched high in the sky.
As the last rose of Summer,
It withers and dies.
The last kiss of Summer,
That was two years ago.
Puckering up for your poison,
Wish I knew what I now know.
But it takes being defeated,
More times then none.
To really appreciate,
The Summer's last sun.
May 2015 · 551
A Haiku to Think About
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
You are just a speck
Of dust in a Gods left eye
There to be cleaned out.
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
The days grow longer when you're alone,
Daggers sharpen, still stuck in your back.
The blood has drained you're left with bone,
And a heart that's vigorously turning black.

The headstones are plenty, plots they thicken,
Life grows sadder as people disappear.
The selfish coyote claims the chicken,
Before taking a glance in the mirror.

Love grows stronger for those who stay,
Remaining there forever by your side.
But forever is a word with play,
Tears come quicker having tried.

Laughing is seldom when you abolish the smile,
The more you think the less you do.
There is no cure, you'll find no vial,
Losing self respect amidst the truth.

The time you invest, do so with care,
Don't let the past hinder you with resistance.
Excuses are easy, hard work is the dare,
The challenge of your existence.
May 2015 · 751
The Amazon
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
Loneliness; 1,000 piranhas eating
You inside out.
The deepest, darkest waters are
Within us.
Is to drown and be eaten alive,
All at once.
May 2015 · 590
The Headboard
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
Here from the first time, from the day I lost my virginity, look:
I have carved out the notches in secret on this headboard.
The wood a dark brown, daintily placed  at the head of my twin bed.
The tallies face the wall, the romance is dead.

In the middle among the marks, this deeper divot,
Where the grains turn to slivers: that is the day my heart broke.
I can recount the exact moment and tell you now as I trace it over,
His name, his smile, pained me far longer then it should have.
The smaller hashes that follow, all six of them, meant nothing.
See, there is no pattern, except for the fact that they made it to bed.

Over time, as it occurred, I chiseled away not only the headboard -
But my heart.  Too many notches for my fingers and toes.
See, here, that was revenge, and here, he's now an angel.
A multitude of sin runs through it all.

See, this headboard is whittled nearly end to end;
Perfectly untouched on one side, badly beaten on the other.
Regrets have created it, tucked between the sheets.
Yet, as I make the bed I can't help but smile,
Sign after sign, there will be another.
Inspired by Jarold Ramsey's "The Tally Stick" and a bit of promiscuity.
May 2015 · 1.3k
Love, War, & What You Afford
Kimberly Seibert May 2015
For nothing says love, like the wilted rose.
Whose story not told without its prose.
The finger that holds the wedding ring.
If given in vain surely turns green.
Honestly it breaks my heart.
To watch her vows fall apart.
Does a healthy marriage truly exist?  
Over the course of change can love persist?  
A slanted affair just makes her look cheap.
As she holds on merely for the money to keep.
But all is fair in love and war.
Till the former's destroyed..
and there is no more.
Sep 2014 · 386
The Child's Wind
Kimberly Seibert Sep 2014
There is a Grande scheme
A way of the world,
Written before birth
For all boys and girls.

A purpose before plan
A dream before vision,
Endless are choices
Met by decision.

Can you follow your heart?

Can you free your mind?

Or are you the sand in the hourglass
Lost somewhere in time.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Can the city girl escape the city?
Can the gorgeous not be pretty?
Can the sarcastic not be witty?  

Can they undo what's been done?
Can the adventure not be fun?
Can the hunter sell his gun?

...... No.
They take it everywhere they go.
Aug 2014 · 728
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Crossed fingers couldn't bring you back
I know because I've tried.
Neither could these tears I've shed
I know because I've cried.
It was two weeks ago I fell asleep
While you played with my hair.
I didn't see this coming
I guess I must have missed the flare.
God saw that you were hurting
He could tell that you were weak.
Your life lived says it all
You didn't have to speak.
An angel came to guide you home
In its arms you were embraced.
Taking you to be with Grandpa
The angel walked you through those gates.
You held on for so long
But that fighting turned into a battle.
The cancer was the only horse
You never got to saddle.
I admire all your efforts
You're the strongest person I ever knew.
I'll love you still forever
And I know you loved me too.
I always hugged you twice as hard
I didn't want to let you go.
I remember when it made you cry
That somehow helped me grow.
I learned a tighter hug can comfort
And sometimes mean much more.
I think I finally realize
What I love yous are truly for.
I learned not to take this life for granted
Or the ones you love.
Because at any given moment
We could die and rise above.
Know this isn't goodbye forever
I'll see you again someday.
Give Grandpa a kiss on the cheek for me
In my heart's where you will stay.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Funny how the mind works
When it is we snooze
Diving into dreams
Splashing crazy loose

Trouble behind us
There'll be trouble ahead
Don't let the worries
Be all that is fed

Open up to enlightenment
Brush the cobwebs aside
Don't answer the door to your nightmares
Focus clearly with your minds eye

Tomorrow isn't cast in stone
Yesterdays sun has set
You can't enjoy the moments between
While dwelling on regret

So what you fill your mind with
In your daily dreams
Can make all the difference in the world
In how you wake and how you sleep
This was the first collaboration I've done on here and it couldn't have been at a better time. Thank you Mike Hauser for reaching out with the idea. I love the outcome. Check out his work, it's inspiring!
Aug 2014 · 3.3k
Really Real
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
I should probably box away your things
And burn the photos and my ring
But I'm having trouble determining

If this is really real.

I should probably delete your number too
So I don't find myself calling you
I've found I'm not sure what to do

Is this really real?

After your words are said and it's done
And your feelings have set along with the Sun
I'll step back from the battle you've clearly won

Wow, I guess it's real.

Please don't come back at your dismay
You don't get to choose when I leave and stay
This is your doing this was your way

One day YOU'LL wish it wasn't real.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Need somewhere to hang your head?
Let me tie the knot in your noose.
Having trouble trying to decide?
Well here, let me help you choose.

I'm tired of saving people.
The go to shoulder for their tears.
This isn't a new occurring trend.
It's been happening for years.
Aug 2014 · 682
A Useful Conversation
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
He said but you've been wasting time, potential's rare and hard to find.
If what you're looking for is peace of mind.

Then do something with yourself.

She said but I have no place to be, and I'm still figuring out this person who's me.
Can't tell you how many times I've been on my knees.

Do you think I'm going to hell?

He said a woman like you is not bound for flames.
Stop making excuses stop playing your games.
You are what you do your names just a name.

The world isn't going to wait for you.

She said but there's so many options and ways I could go.
What if I choose wrong, how will I know? I've been dissecting the past finding new ways to grow.

I'm not really sure of what I want to do.

He said so do nothing does that make you feel better?
When it rains do you cry making everything wetter?
Or are you the sunshine to the worlds ill weather?

You're thinking too far ahead.

She said do you know how many red flags I've missed?
The ungrateful sets of lips I've kissed.
And the funerals I won't even begin to list.  

Everyone leaves or is dead.

He said so I guess I'm no one we're not really talking.
You're here, but off in your head gone walking.
You've hardened your heart and there's no point in gawking.

You're the one pushing everyone away.

She said so there's few left okay I get it.
And maybe you're right I should probably quit it.
I'm blessed and grateful for some I'll admit it.

I'll stop hitting the button that says replay.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
He whistles round the corner
it's that time of day.
The nine to five has ended
and now it's time to play.
His lunchbox in his pickup truck
had been equipped with more then food.
The liquor store was the next stop
but not the fix for his mood.

Come six o clock he's made it home
and had a chance to eat.
By eat I mean drink his ***
finally kicks back his feet.
Day three without a shower
because there's no one to impress.
Half the time wearing yesterdays clothes
forgetting to undress.

By seven he's watching Wheel of Fortune
screaming slurs at the TV.
Never guessing puzzles right
and finding need to disagree.
His phones been off the hook for days
beeping in the distance.
Come Jeopardy the urge is strong
with more and more persistence.

He grabs the bag of goodies
holds it in his hand.
Getting excited by just the feel
of the syringe and rubber band.
He's sweating now profusely
anxious with desire.
With nothing left to lose (but life)
again he plays with fire.
Aug 2014 · 634
The Weed
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
“Gypsy,” he whispered swinging a knife at her throat.
But she bundled him in a blanket,  patience and hope.
He was painting their faces to hide all their beauty.
So she was leading her cubs like it was her duty.
He was singing the song of a desperate man’s tongue.
She was flipping her mane in the dawn’s early sun.
He was a memory trashed through the lens of a camera.
She had done what she wished but not how she planned ta’.
Grits in a bowl like miniature maggots.
Freeing her mind behind the puff of a ******.
A favorite place but that place has no door.
He was putting his way on the green of a *****.
Till he learns that he's road **** plucked at by the crow.
The child that is, but just doesn’t grow.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
The Parrots Prison
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
I remember the day I heard the bird bark.
Flying into the future, a plethora of dark.
He dropped from the top, falling into a soar.
Forgetting the cage, trapped by the door.
Aug 2014 · 651
Alpha Omega
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
There is a God
I've witnessed his work.
But it wasn't in a pew,
on Sunday,
at church.
Aug 2014 · 540
In Tune
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
I want to listen to the music that our bodies make,
when it's only you and I in the room.
Whether it's touching, or kissing, or talking when it's late.
I just want to feel in tune.
Aug 2014 · 462
Sorry For a Center Piece
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
The vase was always filled with flowers.
They fought often.
He thought she could smell forgiveness with a dozen roses.
The thorns were a stabbing reminder.
For every time she trimmed them, she bled.
The scars made her ugly.
The aroma drove her crazy.
The curse was the beauty that no longer belonged there.
Aug 2014 · 479
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Tangled in yarn, he purred.
Like a kilowatt humming through the extension cord.
When he wasn't a blue cat, he was gray.
When he wasn't being played with, he was stray.
But his attitude made all the difference.
A rule of thumb for his mere existence.
"I think it's almost golden, no I know it's almost golden."
Color blind it was his silver lining.
Aug 2014 · 3.8k
Picnic at the Park
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Just because you can turn her on
doesn't mean you'd get her off.
Black flies in Sangria
are bound to make her cough.
Aug 2014 · 711
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
We froze over.
It grew colder and colder.
Exhaling crystals that we'd choke on.
The log cabin was in the distance.
The Great-Horned Owl was perched and waiting.
Never did he anticipate we wouldn't show.
The storm was supposed to be a reflection of character.
Not an abstract piece of art with no clarity.
So here's to the cold hearted, the arctic, the iceberg.
The tongue forever stuck to the flagpole.
Where the warmth won't reach.
Where the feet become rooted to an easier survival.
A standoff between the tree and the axe.
Aug 2014 · 629
Mr. Greenthumb
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
The side I never knew...
Entirely, was you.
Trading in the confusion you feed.
Completely new animal. Completely new breed.
Rearranged by the constant of a ghost.
A stranger who found his body a host.
Whose touch is something to beware.
For a selfish serpent has no care.
Whose mind was washed by others opinion.
Secluding himself to a backwards companion.
Drenched to the bone by poor decision.
Consuming oxygen's way of revision.
Welcoming an uncomfortable thought.
Before one's born, a casket is bought.
Aug 2014 · 767
A Prism
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
They caught her in a prism between red and blue.
Where lemonade is 25 cents a cup.
But you're not allowed to drink it.
Where the doors always opened.
But you can't get past the screen.
Where the windows pass the coolest breeze.
But never shut so night lets the bugs in.
Where there's always a hand willing to help.
But five more hands stabbing you in the back.
Where pianos are vintage and rare.
But nobody knows how to read the music.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
My hands they do not touch you
though they're longing to comb through your hair.
My voice rings off into the distance
and you may hear it but you're not there.
My spirit she scales by slowly
treading in places there's relation.
Like the night she's mild
though a complicated constellation.
Aug 2014 · 2.6k
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
The color of his eyes after one too many drinks.
The color of the light he ran because he "couldn't think."
The color of his face whenever I did something wrong.
The color of love although for me that color's gone.
The color of the lipstick she left there on his cheek.
The color of the underwear found in his car that week.
The color of the Valentine he gave to me that year.
The color that he glowed when he watched me drown in tears.
The color of the mark that slap left on his face.
The color of the blood in his mouth that he could taste.
The color of that power button that turned me on and off.
The color of the germs in that cheating cough.
The color of the gas can used to drench his floors.
The color of the lighter that helped those bright flames soar.
The color of the truck that intended to save the day.
Red's the color of the ashes when you threw it all away.
Aug 2014 · 934
Raggedy Ann Doll Future
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
And if they space out for just a little while longer,
he'll start to see her shapes and colors.
Pouring in through the peripherals.
Until he's captivated by her memory.
Existent in an envelope of time most don't have.
An unimaginable perspective to the blind blade.

Twisted and stuck further to add reason in red.
A Raggedy Ann doll future at the bottom of the bed.
Aug 2014 · 582
Cold as Ice
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
The abominable snowman who failed to brake.
Causing an avalanche that froze hearts.
The vibration beneath his boot.
The sigh that was a gust of icicles.
"Baby it's cold outside."
Baby it's cold inside.
Baby that's him.
Aug 2014 · 3.9k
Ode to Detroit
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
My water tower in the sun, my pillar in the dark.
Rust on a warehouse door, **** anatomy of a shark.
A hidden, naked cartoon, vulnerable and hurt.
The afternoon rays of light, exposing my empire of dirt.

Squid in a dark room, forgotten seat for you to ****.
Discovering rotten apples, the fruitless empty pits.
Far on the *****, the eye is negligent to mankind.
No on has *****, yet "American ****" isn't hard to find.

From this floor to the next, watch out for the holes.
Stalactites are forming, between the rods and the poles.
The gang is all here, each with a gat.
Questioning Detroit, wondering "where da party at."

A symphonic silence, from abandoned piano keys.
For the love of the city, the birds and the bees.
A ladder to assist you, in anything but a climb.
Wasting away the day, when all you have is time.

Where they once opted elevators, they now offer only stairs.
Peacefully residing, in the asbestos, grime, and the glares.
The walls they're all puking, a paint chip epidemic.
No chalk at the chalkboard, a failed academic.

Some sign walls in scribble, some bless us with art.
Beautiful light fixtures hang, while sanctuaries fall apart.
The debris and the rubble, wooden frames and the splinters.
A back road in the city, in the dead cold of winter.

An altar to stand at, with no sermon or expectation.
A pew a sinner can rest, with only God's examination.
A wall devoted to an *****, hymnal at hand.
Stained glass more exaggerated, with shards in the plan.

Dancing on floorboards in rafters, climbing up to rooftops.
Wandering and trespassing, trying to avoid cops.
Panda bears, pillar ****, and playing in the snow.
In the shadows and the blackest rooms, I really like to go.

Pussycats in hallways and the golden lightning kitty.
Posing seductively in vacancy is where I feel pretty.
I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, I've found King David.
Interrogated with the whys and don'ts, though I wish they'd save it.

Picasso in the projects, Sloth and Marilyn Manson.
Fairmont Creamery Company, a view held for ransom.
Some window panes are for looking out, some for looking in.
Struggle Buggy Snow White still sleeps, forever strugglin'.

I've seen them ask for me, "Warriors come out to play."
Detroit is to me, what night is to day.
I caught Pikachu and have seen a **** elephant.
In the frost of the Fisher, I found a heart that was spent.

But the cardio made of brick, spoke with such sass.
Resting bones at the Packard, in an armchair that's trash.
Patriots are nosey and robots attack.
Never putting an hour on when I'll get back.

On top of the world, or looking up from the bottom.
Abandoned buildings, schools, churches, there's something about them.
Where a tree has a better chance of rooting and planting.
When a society suddenly seems a bit slanting.

Color a flower on a wall that's been broken and charred.
Breathe life into a battlefield, encourage the scarred.
Take away ego and vanity, glance into a filthy mirror.
Don't just listen to a person, actually hear.

Sure maybe at times I may seem a bit morbid.
And my words can be harsh and approach kind of forward.
But when you're standing alone, in a hallways that's dead.
Whose last bell has been rung and last book has been read.

Then you hear footsteps from the floor up above.
It's in that uncanny awareness.
And fear...
I find love.
Aug 2014 · 360
His Demons Drive the Dodge
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Your wheels kept rolling though your engine was dead.
You're a tragedy waiting to happen.
There's many ways to escape a foreseen crisis.
I didn't have to be an engineer.
Eventually it'll all come to a stop.
My advice to you, don't invite a passenger for the final ride.
They won't share your hell they'll be engulfed by it.
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Here's to love.
The way it was always "supposed" to be.
The way we remember it.
And the way we use the past to hinder possibilities of feeling it.
To the unrequited hero and the guardian angel.
To a best friend, to a worst enemy.
For every splinter that has pierced a heart.
For every ring that has embraced a finger.
For everything divine and everything distasteful.
This is the nightmare of a hopeless romantic.
Aug 2014 · 659
Abandoned Church
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
There was no altar, no *****, no hymnal, no choir, no bible, no pastor, no words to be preached, no "thou shalt not" this, or "thou shalt not" that...

Just a sinner in a saints home.
Aug 2014 · 400
Everything You Can Afford
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
I'm the wind whistling outside your bedroom window.
I'm the headache accompanying your hangover.
I'm the shadow behind you, especially in darkness.
I'm the dirt beneath your feet.
The smoke in your lungs.
The cough when you've inhaled too much.
The slur in your drunken state.
The missed step that causes you to fall.
I'm the harmony that doesn't exist in your music.
The peace that fails before a war.
The problem but never the solution.
I'm the silence at a funeral.
The smile to an awkward hello.
The heartbreak that is coming like a train wreck.
I'm the reminder that not all things are;
Subtle, or meek, or naïve, or ignorant, or easy.
Aug 2014 · 284
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
When the word vacant speaks not only for time,
but the building itself and the man lost inside.
Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
She'll rattle your cage and get into your head.
Lioness on prowl to **** or be dead.
The jungle she's from is a book not yet read.
She's hungry and hunting won't sleep till she's fed.

Love is unimaginable, impossible at most.
When it's always grape jelly she puts on her toast.
As if the big bad wolf ever got his pig roast.
It's the infinite expectation pre marriage and post.

Facts are the advantage logic is key.
Accepting the nature of things left to be.
Horizons hold more than any eye can see.
To know ones self is to truly be free.
Aug 2014 · 1.7k
Anchored To Your Own Opinion
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Look into the window.
It was a mourning mirage until the day the glass shattered.
Than a hundred different pieces created a distorted picture that made more sense than none.
The shards killed the face that I remembered.
The reflection was ugly, a lost identity.
Swimming with sharks of course you'll get bit.
The deeper and darker waters were always more dangerous.
But that's the way you liked it.
Anchored to your own opinion, sinking.
Aug 2014 · 304
Uncompetitive Competitor
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
What do you mean to me?
You're gold.
I've never been first place.
I won't plan on it either.

I'm just here to get folks by.
Need a lift? Here's a ride.
Aug 2014 · 828
His Noose
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
He tied the knot, but this wasn't done at the altar.
Hung himself out to dry, though he could never fault her.
Paraphrasing something so sacred doesn't keep you warm.
Teetering crooked floorboards, dictating the noose that's formed.
A deity could never die no matter how many times he hangs his head.
But you were never holy disappearing with the dead.
Aug 2014 · 984
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
There was always light.
But they called her a black hole for a reason.
No one could fill it.
Drawn in to drown in her existence.
The constellation that mapped out your last adventure.
They only knew what they saw from a distance.
The plan but not the actual destination.
Home was never shelter, never a place.
It was acknowledging who you are.
And loving its entirety.
It's something you make for yourself.
Aug 2014 · 372
A Brother's Barrel
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
A bullet in the barrel, finger on the trigger.
Pressured by existence, less for you to figure.
Clean shot if you pull, but wait just a second.
A sister who loves you, is reason to reckon.
And if ever a time, she can't come to your aide.
Don't exaggerate or regret a mistake which was made.
For her blood is your blood, the same curse through her veins.
Feel your pulse and grab hold of the reins.
Swallow what you chew and figure it out.
No wagons to fall off of, no pity parties to pout.
Always something to appreciate in life and of itself.
Be so selfish to forget that... I'll see you in hell.
Aug 2014 · 264
Birds & Bees
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Pull on those hearts strings.
Slam on the keys.
Not satisfied?
You were always hardest to please.
Down with the birds.
But getting stung by the bees.
Aug 2014 · 872
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Somewhere in there was a heart,
the nucleus to the madness created.
Greet reality with good intentions,
even if you deserve to be damaged.
Love is love is love, is lust; is a lie.
Aug 2014 · 342
The Come Up
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
I climbed through the devil's dungeon
his hollow empty pit.
I've been the bag of bones at the bottom
a ridiculed *******.

My hands were never clean
I loved playing in the dirt.
The only reason I know happiness
is because of all the hurt.
Aug 2014 · 676
The Empty Promise
Kimberly Seibert Aug 2014
Real is the empty promise.
It's the shadow of knowledge,
making contingent ideas for the nostalgic.
The intention, the purpose, the art of life..

When you choose to settle for less than what you are.
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