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Blind Pathos Sep 2020
From my chair
Through the air
I want my info now
Truth or dare
I don’t care
Give me info now

Hip wired infolites
Something bout usage rights
Whereas my info wow
Flying flags ever knowing
Looking back never going
Here’s my info now

Meaning without content
Exists without it being sent
The contents meaning slowly dies
Contending feeds on sore full eyes

Mercy typo pings brindle blogger
Immortal mention 2 NSA loggers
Wikimaster with google goggles
Seeks truthess acknak for boondoggle

Give me just a little push
My parental burning bush
Life lite the snippet deluxe
Youtube the world gone amuck
Evolution now requires constant updates and a device kept at all times. We can't see the big picture because we are starring at the little one. Little brother is the one who is watching, the little box in our hand. Several versions of soft cyborg are coming and a new phone for each.
Nur Anis Athirah Jul 2019
There are times when I get so anxious
Finals, speeches, manifestos, confessions
Those times when I don’t know it anymore
Goals and purposes, why’s and how’s

I don’t know myself anymore
I become meaner, inconsiderate
Opposites of who am I really

But boy, I’m glad
I know poetry, my escape

Words sure can’t describe my true feelings
But somehow it soothe to know that
At least when I don’t know anything
At least if I lose myself in the seas of emotion
Words can help me find my way back
to. my dear self who keeps on losing herself whenever she’s panicking
Armand-DeamoJC Aug 2018
I wonder if death is the pen
in the story of my life
and that life is the paper
like the canvas of an artist
I wonder if the pen burst
or if I have a creative author
I wonder and wish even more
that my paper can just end
and my story can be published
in your library of life
I wish, oh I wish
the paper will befriend the pen
like the beauty tamed the beast
and the sugar of sin held him tight
To my great friend Duncan, I'll miss you buddy. He's grown very sick, with an unknown disease yet, but chances are slim
Nyx Jul 2018
I'll pay you a visit
Once a week
Don't worry about it
I'll be your relief

We can watch movies
Dance, sing without a care
We can act like the queens
Sassy and full of flare

We can bake cookies
Eat ice cream, Play a game or two
We can pig out on junk food
There is no need to feel so blue

This is your life
The pathway you have chosen
This is your future
Don't allow yourself to feel broken

You never liked them much anyway
The drama and those people
So dont allow your dreams to sway
When you feel isolated and alone

Stand up straight, Meditate
I know you can pull through
You are my best friend after all
There isn't anything you can't do.

So raise your head to the sky
Feel the nice cool breeze
This is the first step, its one of many
Its okay though just be at ease

Its a new world for both of us
One not many may choose
We may rarely see each other now
But you will still forever be my muse

Don't let loneliness swallow you whole
Don't fall down that rabbit hole
Because I will forever be around
Just do your best and reach your goal

Good luck my love
I wish you the best

- Your best Friend.
It will all work out eventually
I'm sure of it
Just do your best
Geanna Jun 2018
You're the love of my life, my good luck charm, my one and only, hopefully my future husband.
You can never understand how I feel about you, about us.
I never want us to end. You hold a very special place in my heart.

                            Forever and always, my lover
~ G.P.O
Aa Harvey May 2018
Good luck

Are you happy today?  I hope that you are.
If you are not then I will wish upon a shooting star
And throw your three coins into the fountain.
I wish you good luck
And if you are all out of luck, then I will wish for you to be in.

If you are in need of love, then please have all of mine.
If you are worried about money,
Then I hope you can find a way to put your mind at ease.
I want you to be peaceful and happy
And if you have something you want to find,
Then I am crossing my fingers and hoping you do find all these things;
I hope you do become all that which you want to be.

With this rabbit’s foot, I am sending you my good luck.
Best wishes;
Maybe you will find what you need, if you take another look.
I would give you the world, if I only could.
I have e-mailed you a letter and it is full of love.

I have told them of your story;
I have told them that you are good.
I will continue to tell everybody how much you mean to me,
If there was only enough time and a way that I could,
I would do anything to help you find your way to being happy.

I would make all your dreams come true,
If only I could my friend.
I would do all I could to make you smile at your life,
Because I want you to feel loved,
So to you all my love I will send.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
My dear friend, soon you'll depart.
I know you'll move there to make a new start.
I hope you won't forget me even if were apart,
Our memories will always be in my heart.

You may be chubby but you are lovely.
I'm always happy with you 'cause sometimes you're funny.
Goodluck to your journey.
God Bless, stay safe and always be healthy.
I dedicated this to my close friend that is going to Canada and I'm going to miss her so much. I hope you like it:)
Zoie Marie Oct 2017
You think *** with her
Would be better than *** with me?
Just try daddy.
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