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kailasha Apr 2018
the sun waved to me
said something about a breathtaking smile.

the moon leaned in
whispered something about sorrowful eyes.

I saw you walking towards me,
green and blue and full of life.

Flowers bloomed, the wind sighed.
They were teaching me about
love and sacrifice.
love the earth please.
kailasha Apr 2018
I'm struggling to separate the star speckled sky from the hazy dawns. Time weighs down on you when you really don't want to be here.
I'm shivering in cozy orange light because the spirit is gone.
I put my heart on vibrate and threw it in the ocean.
11:10 pm ... trying to pull back seconds.
kailasha Apr 2018
april skies have such potential
     and i never understood why they chose to waste
it away on
when instead the sun can become a magician
and radiate wonders when it disappears
just witnessed the first breathtaking sunset of April after a stream of bad weather days
kailasha Apr 2018
the sun drips golden
bidding goodnight to the trees
my melancholy
kailasha Apr 2018
You sung a song
so sweet my heart
shifted closer to you

I dreamt a dream
so glorious the sky
turned to pink from blue
a mood.
kailasha Apr 2018
it's just the empty thunderbolts, my darling
they wouldn't dare ruin our evening.

all the energy they would've held surrounds us now.
all their spark is between our fingertips, their fires in our heart,
the light in our eyes.

they're just the empty thunderbolts, my darling
and the thunder a proclamation of my love.
kailasha Mar 2018
We're here now,
and theres more than the two of us.
But there's one feeling, and the same ache
yet different struggles
- * -
We all think the same things,
yet in different tongues.
The histories do not include us.
Our taste buds have had to adapt to the wind here,
we have learnt from the best of the chameleons.
- * -
It's the same stage set up and the curtains were never drawn,
but our eyes see a completely different story being played out.
Collective whispers greater than a shout.
Peace of mind has been a while, it'll take long...
Home isn't where the heart is, when the heart keeps moving around.
inspired by anna.
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