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 Jun 2020 kailasha
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
 Aug 2019 kailasha
Sarah Spang
The mirror of the lake
Where herons hurried during day-
Hailed the hazy nighttime
Off a long forgotten way.

The billows of the water broken
By the cashmere wind,
Painted a mirage of which
The hemlocks dwelled within.

And up against the inky shore
Where dafodils did bloom,
Two bodies did embrace beneath
The new September moon.
 Aug 2019 kailasha
 Aug 2019 kailasha
Force not,
the coming of the ink.

Judge not,
what you feel and think.


Then put nib to paper
and make your mark.

Let what flows
be brazen and stark.
I am like the fire
I can warm you
But too close can burn you too.
Is my heat -- a curse or a blessing??

I am like an ocean
Still is beautiful
But more you approach,
Deeper you drown..
Is my depth -- a curse or a blessing??

I am like a rose
Captivative and welcoming
But carved with thrones
If you touch, you bleed.
Is my beauty -- a curse or a blessing??

I am like a star
Always shining bright
Lasts in dark, but invisible in light
Is my shine -- a curse or a blessing??
 Mar 2019 kailasha
Tanya Louise
My ears were ringing, the pimple on my upper lip stinging.
The words they were saying, drowned in the harsh love they were playing.
I know how lovely you are, how kind you can be.
Oh! How I want to believe.
The large weight on my shoulders made my eyes and nose run.
Tick tock went the clock, reminding me of how wrong I was.
Internally my heart stopped for a second, a second too slow.
Her wisdom baffles me all the time, his warnings ******* me time and time again.
While the rope around my neck gets tighter and tighter, the days go faster and faster.
Their advice I would take, hoping and hoping its not too late.
 Jan 2019 kailasha
Tony Anderson
Went to the funeral
Of a woman I knew
As I approach the coffin
I notice a flower in her hair
This brought back memories
And brought me to tears

This woman I had known since grade school
She always had a flower in her hair
Field trips
Lunch time
Class time
That Flower was always there

In middle school
It was the same
At dances  gliding across the floor
Flower staying in place
Even when she started playing sports
She wore that flower

In High school
That Flower went along
Spirit week
Even at graduation
That Flower was under her cap

So to see a flower in her hair
After all these years
Should not shock me
 Jan 2019 kailasha
 Jan 2019 kailasha
close my eyes
and there is no sound now
the waves delicately
lick my feet
and I'm rooted in my place
almost like I'm waiting,
begging for their taste

I stumble on old rocks
as they push me around
I am not drowning now
but I remember
this is how it felt
before I last drowned

close my eyes
and I feel the water
pulling me down
I am on my knees
and there are whispers
leaking into my ears
whispers I had given to the sea
the sea that I thought would help me

but my ears hurt
and I push to the surface
and now I am screaming
for I am the whispers
I am now all of the sea

the wind is biting
the air is so cold
I am only skin, bone
it is all I can feel is me
a heart losing it's beat
a voice that cannot speak
noiseless yet loud
I am the sea
I'll always write about the Sea
 Jan 2019 kailasha
are you the pieces put finely together,
or are you a togetherness, pulling apart?

and what lies in the in-between,
the borderlines, the crevices?

those things that bled
from your mind into hidden places

what did you lose in the battle of wits,
what did the darkness hide?
wrote this a while ago and it's just been collecting dust
after a tasty  lunch
& and extensive joyous afternoon chats
     with her women friends
while he was doing the dishes
she had no words left for him

so they started
       their smart phones and Kindles
and relaxed in their separate worlds
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