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kailasha Oct 2014
There is so much out there,
but just as much in here, inside.
kailasha May 2014
The world means nothing compared to you,
Won't you make me feel that way too?
It's for anyone and everyone really.
kailasha Jun 2018
Some days I will pick up an itchy caterpillar
with two pieces of cardboard
and move it out of harms way.

Other days,
I will kick a harmless beetle
because it breathes too loud
too close to my home.

I never tried to be not nice,
but borders get dizzy sometimes
I am human on both sides of the coin
after all.
kailasha Feb 2017
I'm in a beautiful place,
a place where the wind blows and the people smile,
the trees sway and time flies.

I am where I thought I wanted to be,
then what is this crushing feeling that won't let me breathe?
i wanted to leave home, but now i miss it so dearly
kailasha Nov 2014
A Shoelace Knot (An English Assignment)

A shoelace dangles between my fingers.
It is my gift to you this Valentine.

It's a bit muddy, stinks of sock
and is coloured a fading blue
The aglets still remain, but are worn with use,
something like my feelings for you.

I know you love cheesiness and chocolate,
But accept it, my love, for it belongs to the shoe,
that led me to where you stood.

Tie it around your wrist,
so that I'll stay around you, in your mind,
around your beating pulse,
lest you forget
all the journeys we undertook.

The string is tearing at places,
but we'll just tie a knot again.

We'll be inseparable and true.

I fall with your fall, and you match your footsteps to mine,
because like the tied shoelace,
our lives are tangled and knotted.

Accept my gift, an old shoelace
and tie us together
This is for an English Assignment. I thought I'd upload it earlier, so any suggestions are more than welcome :)
Inspired by Valentine, by Carol Ann Duffy. (That's also the poem we read in class and are supposed to use as our topic).
kailasha Dec 2016
There are two kinds of space exploration:
One: you do with physics.
The other: you do with poetry.
The best astronauts I know
Defy gravity with words.
And it gives me hope
That maybe I don’t need
12,000 kilonewtons of sheer force
To know the universe where I belong.
will still be attempting to open an astrophysics book this holidays
kailasha May 2014
we live in a world of concrete
who needs trees anyways?
we're happy with our gases
the ones that suffocate us
but not as much
as the fresh air.
who needs a healthy environment
we have our hospitals
and cures to diseases.
peace of mind?
that's been eradicated completely
and quite successfully might i add.
because life's just not fun
without any complications
and in our case,
they're not even natural.
Sarcasm at its finest, eh?
kailasha Sep 2014
i need to stop leaving
my heart behind
everywhere i go

it may end up inside a volcano, or
be carried around by water's flow

i need to stop leaving
my heart behind

in hands that don't care enough
in places that make me crave return
and the only souvenirs i manage to obtain
are nostalgic memories with nothing to gain
and the remnants of my heart thud and ache
and i don't look forward to another day

i only wake burden

i need to stop leaving
my heart behind

before i am undone.
“I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
^^ when quotes are relatable.
kailasha Feb 2017
my time table is worked down till the last seconds of every day,
every minute creeps around the clock only to shiver and die.

we're all on schedule, we're all here for finite moments that float away.

but isn't it only fun when
you're at the wrong place at the right time?
How was your day, and/or what do you hope to achieve today? Let me know below! :D
kailasha Oct 2014
be thunder and shout
out those thoughts,
be rain and fall,
fall hard upon the world.
be lightning.
rattle my insides,
shatter my mind
and light up
the entire sky
thoughts that occupy my mind while studying for my physics test. *help*
it's been raining all day long since morning and now it's thundering and i can see the lightning woaaaaaah.
kailasha Nov 2014
Step by step we move forward
Whispers crowd the atmosphere
With fire in our hands
and hearts torn apart
we keep looking ahead
we walk under the stars,
while you are somewhere beyond.
Took part in this silent candle march last Friday for Shaan, a boy who died out of sickness mainly due to the negligence of the hostel where he studied.
kailasha Mar 2016
what is keeping me from reaching out and grabbing my dream?

your A minuses, your rejection letters, your mundane home-works,
your beauty and size standards, appropriate clothing manners
your gender roles and restrictions.


and countless other things that end at me too,
but i am too angry to recall them.
yeah, you is a what
kailasha Jan 2017
i am surrounded by warm bodies,
but i crave a loving touch.
the world is fast pacing
but i feel like i am stuck.

my stomach isn't doing well, and neither is my brain
                my heart just got up from a  grave, and oh look- it's falling again.
what do i call this state of being?
kailasha Apr 2018
april skies have such potential
     and i never understood why they chose to waste
it away on
when instead the sun can become a magician
and radiate wonders when it disappears
just witnessed the first breathtaking sunset of April after a stream of bad weather days
kailasha Jun 2015
I used to look out the window,
and see the city scrawled out beneath me.
I used to see birds fly and imagine myself
with them,
no boundaries to my flight.

Maybe having my head too far up in the clouds,
lifted my feet from the ground.
And as I stood there, gently levitating,
the shaking earth took away everything.

Now, I'm a crumpled mess on the ground.
It hurts my eyes to look up at the sun.
Looking out the window shows only
a brick wall, a barrier to my imagination.

The birds have betrayed me, so has the sky-
the Earth has chained me to herself.
My wings have been ripped off,
even before they ever sprouted.


I wish the earthquake would undo itself.

25.04.15. Tuesday.
kailasha Apr 2018
the sun waved to me
said something about a breathtaking smile.

the moon leaned in
whispered something about sorrowful eyes.

I saw you walking towards me,
green and blue and full of life.

Flowers bloomed, the wind sighed.
They were teaching me about
love and sacrifice.
love the earth please.
kailasha Jun 2015
there is something unsettling in the air

maybe it's the sound of thunder rattling the windows,
                               maybe it's the lightning tearing the sky apart
      or the vibration of the earth below my feet, maybe it's her laugh.
                 ­     something is adding to that fire ablaze in my heart.

                                                                ­                  whatever it is *it scares me
Wow the title is sort of ironic. Cuz fire in my heart?
Do I have a heart? Metaphorically speaking of course.

That's a lot of literary devices for one note. Have a good day. Don't let nature scare you.
kailasha Mar 2016
i am the poem and the poetess,
with irregular rhyme patterns and
dreams in clouds brewed from midnight coffee.

i am a prose neatly typed out,
handed in ten minutes after the deadline
stained with morning black tea.
student by day, loser by night
kailasha Dec 2015
Why do I need to love myself,
when I have your words comforting me
                 like the cup of hot tea in my hands and the blanket around me
                         this cold winter night.
I'm writing poems to you now, but you don't have to know
kailasha Apr 2014
We are all so worthless
In this vast world.
with our puny bodies and big dreams,
when we look out into
into the infinity,
don't feel so powerful anymore.
But yet,
every time I look into a soul
I find another world,
another cosmo.
We can hold galaxies in our eyes,
and every imperfection a star,
We can feel as if
we have made a difference,
But not really.
We are yet too small.
You are everything, and yet you are nothing.
kailasha Aug 2014

We’ve killed Humanity.
And don’t remember
What it used to be.

We’re surrounded by fights
And nuclear weapons
We’ve killed it.
We’ve killed Peace.

We’ve turned into murderers
Unknowingly, unwillingly,
But now the habit just won’t

It’s become habit to
It’s become nature to
In a really weird mood.
kailasha Sep 2014
A steaming mug between my hands
Paper littered around me
I sit, forehead creased,
in my balcony.
I see the sky and the ground
and I'm simply floating in between.

Rolling a pen
between my fingers
watching the hills
they look greener than ever
I'd like to sleep
I'd like to read
But homework does
bind me.

This is procrastination,
level: extreme.
A little break, or another one of my little breaks.
I'm also working my bumm off.
Devoir: to do. Also, homework in French.
kailasha Apr 2018
the sun drips golden
bidding goodnight to the trees
my melancholy
kailasha Nov 2014
My heart at times
feels like empty skies
devoid of suns and stars.
Painted with clouds,
All the blue thrown out.
Like a slate wiped clean.
Sometimes you feel so much,
that you can feel
no more.
Not cleansed, not neat, not free.
You become
In a very weird mood.
kailasha Nov 2014
I'm afraid I'll end up living a small life,
in a small place,
and my small dreams
are just what remain.
That when I'm decaying somewhere
far underground and returning
to where I began
All I'll be is a small memory
in just another brain.
The words I've scribbled (or typed)
will all be long gone.
the people I made smile
will be all far away.
I'm afraid of when
my small spirit starts to fade.
I am just sad and hopeless. -.-
kailasha Jun 2015
I am running away
                               to the edges of the universe

to catch up with my soul.
Wanderlust Extreme.
Pardon my senseless poetry.
kailasha Oct 2014
Sleep holds no comfort
Burning eyes don't
soothe the soul

Broken and jagged
pieces of me
litter the floor

No poem, no song
no kisses or hug
can make me feel
Please excuse me if it doesn't make much sense.
kailasha Feb 2016
my thoughts are paper planes
that don't seem to see the runways that i drew
on the blank sheets in front of me.
muddled thoughts
kailasha Oct 2014
You came over and
sat next to me
I froze the moment
and that is where
i'll be.
Did this actually even happen? Nobody knows :P
kailasha Nov 2014
I like to believe that ugly hands
can create beautiful things
that they can paint oceans wide and deep
that they can scribble words that make the soul weep.
I like to think that ugly hands,
with darkened knuckles and twisted bones
can make someone want to hold them
and trace patterns, and leave tingling jolts.

This took a different turn than the one intended.
kailasha Oct 2017
you carry the burden of our histories on your shoulders,
not to repeat them but to know where we went
wrong to end up this way.

You carry the pride of our histories in your heart,
not to repeat them but to know someone's always cared,
and that it's our turn to care now.

इस बोझ को अकेले मत उठाना, इस ख़ुशी को बिखेरके चलना।
kailasha Oct 2016
I've heard people who are away from each other say-
"at least we're under the same sky"

but we're not,
because it doesn't rain here the way it does back home,
the sun isn't warm enough to tingle my bones.
the sky here bends to meet buildings and towers,
not the hills and mountains and their wonder

So I say-
*"but we're not. the sky here is different."
college life isn't as fun as i thought it'd be.
kailasha May 2014
I am a lot of things.
But not everything I'd like to be.
And in this I find myself
To be worthless. Boring.

I am not the crashing waves
I'm not the burning fire
Or the rumbling, sturdy ground.
Or the breeze or wind.

Why, oh why, can I not be
Everything that seems so exciting.
Why am I stuck,
In this flesh and blood?
Far away from my dream.
And being me will never be enough.
kailasha Nov 2014
If you ever want to let me know

what you think of after the sun has set low
and the stars shine bright against the black
when life is just a blur, but yours a daydream
and you're stuck frozen in a moment,
your mind just some butterflies and tangled roots,

I'll be here.

Tell me about your darkness, when I see light.
Tell me, and even I just might.
Something is wrong with me.
#deep #cheesy
kailasha Mar 2018
We're here now,
and theres more than the two of us.
But there's one feeling, and the same ache
yet different struggles
- * -
We all think the same things,
yet in different tongues.
The histories do not include us.
Our taste buds have had to adapt to the wind here,
we have learnt from the best of the chameleons.
- * -
It's the same stage set up and the curtains were never drawn,
but our eyes see a completely different story being played out.
Collective whispers greater than a shout.
Peace of mind has been a while, it'll take long...
Home isn't where the heart is, when the heart keeps moving around.
inspired by anna.
kailasha Feb 2016
thoughts hang around my head like an itch that won't go away
       and they're *making me scratch my brains out
i hate winter.
kailasha Apr 2015
I am hopeful,
yet afraid.
I await excitement,
for adrenaline to rush through my veins.
For wind on my face,
also under my cape.
Adventure is calling me,
and I am on my way.
kailasha Mar 2016
i wish people still wrote letters,

i wish we still penned down our thoughts,
so that your tear stains could guide me to your heart
and the coffee or wine stains to those sleepless nights

so that the scent of the sheet could tell me
what perfume was your new favourite
and your lazy handwriting showed how tired you were

theres so much more of you on paper,
and theres so much of you i miss.
the monthly mail. (message me, i want to make friends)
kailasha Apr 2018
You sung a song
so sweet my heart
shifted closer to you

I dreamt a dream
so glorious the sky
turned to pink from blue
a mood.
kailasha Dec 2014
I was told to write about how I feel.

But what I feel isn’t just a noun I can express in words and pages. Tremendous waves of emotions come crashing and I forget how to swim. Rarely are they a calm sea, where sooner or later, I find a boat and am safe.

There is no boat today. The sea is churning. The sky is enraged.

Sometimes the emotions are a fire, orange and warm, fueling me to keep moving on. But when they are blue and searing hot, it burns me from within. I’m afraid you will catch fire too.

But the fire is my light in the darkness, my lighthouse. Not attracting boats, but giving them a signal to stay away.

I am torn between right and wrong, and the only way I can talk about my ‘feelings’ is by referring to them as natural occurrences and disasters.

Disasters. That reminds me of a lot of things.
This isn't exactly a poem, but I felt it sort of had a rhythm.
I might make this into a story if i can.
I should study for my exam.
kailasha Aug 2014
Maybe I wouldn't
mind being myself,
If others didn't have
such a problem with it.
****** poem but hey at least I'm writing again.
kailasha Feb 2017
the regions that mother nature spares,
the places saved from raging oceans, and trembling grounds,
from erupting fires and disease and drought,

those are for you to go and ****,
with knives and words,
guns, bombs and
those are the regions for humanity to destroy.
is violence human nature?
kailasha Jun 2017
The silence and darkness are like twins joined at the hip,
like lovers holding hands,
like tress rooted to the soil.

Why do you let fear fill up these crevices
that form because
anything dim yearns for the quiet,
and silence curls her fingers around the dark,

The bond remains, however twisted,
till the end of time,
a bond of love.
then what are you so afraid of?
kailasha Nov 2014
Did that really happen?
Or was it just me.
Were you just batting your eyelashes
or did you really me?
Is there a reason for
you walking beside me
or is it just our paths coinciding?
Question upon question tower in my mind,
they form headaches,
as well as smiles.

Just a little imagination used.
kailasha Jul 2018
there is no peace at the gates to god,
just as there is fear in places of love.
kailasha May 2014
Sometimes I feel comfortable in my body,
and sometimes I feel like ripping off my skin.
At times I like what I see
I like what I wear
but then again at times I feel
like shattering the mirror and
the images in it.
Sometimes I feel like ripping off my hair
removing the fat with my bare hands.
But then I feel stupid for whining about
something so trivial.
because it's the inner beauty that counts
isn't it?
and after that I set off in another trail of despair
am I pretty enough within?
kailasha May 2014
There is a lot I love
About spring and summer,
The warmth, the freedom
From scarves and coats.
The flowers in bloom,
The outdoor pools,
The hot days with ice cream
And cold coffee and slurps.
But most of I all I love the trees in my city,
that sway in the summer wind.
And I can stare at them forever
As my car passes by.
And they are colored not only green
But of many more hues pleasant to my eye.
There are orange, and purple (my favourite ones), and pink.
So when the ground I walk upon
Is littered with these colored petals,
I feel like nature has a lot of beauty to show
But all we do is step on it.
kailasha Dec 2014
another day
a few more hours
till this time comes again.
look out, for i will make
the same mistakes.
but these errors are not random
they are natural fluctuations.
i am studying for physics bye. #wishmeluck #tears
kailasha Nov 2014
You know how the sun is always there,
each morning, throughout the day
and makes sure life grows.
and sometimes you want to face it,
with eyes closed
and arms spread out
till a tingle spreads from your fingers
to your insides
and how sometimes the same sun
burns your skin and prickles your mind.

You know how the moon is always so calm,
serene and makes you awestruck
as if it's the reason for the tides
of your heart
how it makes you feel secure and at peace
how it follows your car and keeps looking
out for you wherever you are.
but also how it isn't always there,
or is, but not entirely.

There are different types of love.
kailasha Apr 2014
The sun rises each day,
and something within me
Makes me look
for inspiration,
and sometimes even
in desperation,
when there is nothing
I find.
I write these verses
and some of these rhymes
adrift in my mind.
Don't break my reverie,
I like to dream.
Day, night and at other times,
I scream.
Asking for and sinking into
new found insanity.

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