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Moth Jul 2019
dark room
draped in shadow

soft music
slipping in and out

gentle colors
flow into my eyes

fuzzy socks
will warm my soul

heavy blankets
help ease my pains
Today was a terrible day. I really needed to just get that out. I had a meltdown today and it ******.
Emerson Nosreme Jan 2019
I’m humming so that I can’t hear them
But they can hear me
And hate my humming
But how else do I cope?
Jo Mar 2015
my fingers are like insects -
twitching flies ready to live
because come nightfall
their bodies will fall

but the night never comes -
there is always light here
unless i’m forced to see
just how disgusted
others grow
with me.  

dawn breaks into starlight
as i am cast into the dark
cage of my body being
forced to bottle
my motion
until i  

to bottle a supernova
is as foolish as it is
my submission for an autistic community project

— The End —