Diary of Jane Dec 2018
You and I
A miracle


In the stars
Diary of Jane Dec 2018
I live a life
without any regrets
I proudly wear
my mistakes,
my stupidity,
my scars of yesterdays-
as badges of honor.

Those are the things I have survived
Those are the experiences that taught me
of my incredible strength
of rising from the ashes
over and over again
like a phoenix.
Diary of Jane Dec 2018
Fall in love
with someone unattainable
to fall out of love
with someone unavailable.
Diary of Jane Dec 2018
I fall in love
but when I do
I fall in love
so fast
it spins my head.

One day
I will find you intolerable
and another
I will discover a piece of you
that resonates with me
lights a spark in me
and I will fall for you
in the blink of an eye
with all of you
and build an entire world
for the two of us.

But the world, most often,
turns out to be made of glass
just waiting to break apart
and I will fall down so hard
and hit the ground
just as fast as I fell in love.
Diary of Jane Nov 2018
It doesn't make a sound
when it breaks
but it hurts the loudest.
Diary of Jane Nov 2018
I want to
keep on looking at you
without being afraid of being caught.

I want to
reach out across the space between us
and hold your hand.

I want to
curve "I love you"
in letters in the palm of your hand.

I want to
ruffle the hair on top of your head
and kiss the tip of your nose.

I want to
feel the warmth of your hands,
cupping my face.

I want to
fall asleep
listening to the beat of your heart.

I want to
wake up and see the sunrise
on your face.

I want to
rush home after work
and tell each other
all about our day.

I want to
come home to you.

I want to
dance with you
in our living room
and under the starry sky on our rooftop.

I want to
in a one bedroom apartment
with you.

I want to
the whole world
with you.

I want to
have fights with you
and then make up to you.

I want to
be the first
to wish you on all your birthdays.

I want to
celebrate our anniversary
even when we have hit our eighties.

I want to
be the one
you show all your scars to
and I want to
reveal to you
all the monsters that live in my head.

I want to
be the anchor
in your times of need
and I want you
as my lifeline for all of eternity.

I want to
grow old with you
and remain
forever young at heart.

I want to
spend this one lifetime
and the ones after this
loving you as you are,
knowing that you love me too.
I wrote this poem 3 years back, some time in November 2015 but I lost it as it was stored in my old phone which has been dead for a long time. For some reason it struck my mind yesterday night and I searched my stash of poems as well tried to retrieve it from the dead phone but in vain. So I thought of rewriting it but wasn't sure if I would be able to recollect it, it may not be an exact carbon copy but it's close enough.
Diary of Jane Oct 2018
they say,
as long as there is life
there is hope
can you spend your whole life
simply hoping?
maybe some things are just not meant to be
it is better to let those hopes turn to dust
before you do.
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