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 Nov 14
Rosen Blanche
Saddled with the one trick pony…
I will have it no other way…
If I know anything at all, it is when enough is enough.
Innocence within keeps me returning for more…
But let us realize what this is…

Softness, beauty, understanding, a desire
for the nurturing of our cares and wants
A pretty ideal to wake up to…
But how many do you know can ever manifest this permanent reality?
You will never hold me, the way my internal gaze holds steadfast…
My waterfall opens and flows… and my conscience knows… you are too scared of slipping to take another step.

It’s so fragile, it’s freezing out here…
And I need an eternal spring.
 Nov 11
S Smoothie
The distance between us seems endless

Yet you're only 2 feet away by measure

I wish I could reach you like I used to,

You know, in the way that a look,

or a penetrating thought could

Or that soul song we used to sing

when the world seemed perfect

Where You fluttered like a moth

And I danced like a flame

When I resonated through you

And your eyes used to burn deep into me

When your touch electrified

And my kiss hypnotised

As you sleep dreaming of flightful fancies

I hope I meet you there soon

But first, stop your ****** snoring!
Love is real
 Oct 22
Satvik gupta
The brain acts in the case of attraction .

The heart acts in the case of infatuation.

The soul acts in the case of love .
 Oct 21
Rosen Blanche
How does it taste
to replace the "I" and ask
what can we make of today?
Exploited queen of golden rules...
I promise to fill you up...
as I do when the morning sun beams through the glass,
and those tired, multicolored eyes hold mine,
satiating a momentary hunger, in understanding...
fundamental element...
priceless gem unseen by all who seek.
 Oct 12
Nigel Finn
This poetry site used to mean
Quite a lot to me,
But recently all that I've seen
Is not what used to be.

Perhaps this site is dying,
Like the fragment of my soul,
Which has given up with trying
To love this unpoetic hole.

"Five–O-two, Bad gateway"
Is mostly what I read,
And the same **** poems every day
Appearing on my feed.

This used to be a lovely place
To connect and to explore,
But now I accept it's lost it's grace,
And this site's done for, for sure.

I hope in time they'll fix it,
And this site will be restored,
But, 'till then, I will not risk it;
So I'll leave on my own accord.
If anybody can recommend any good websites that I can move my existing poetry to, and post new stuff, before this site goes down for good like I fear it's going to, then I'd be very appreciative.
 Oct 12
Matthew Renahan
when it rains, I listen to the rain
when the wind blows, I listen to the movement of the wind
when a friend speaks, I listen to their heart

when I walk, I am a part of what is around me
when I sing, I create for others and myself
when I love, I am love

when we choose love, we are love
 Sep 26
ill never love another like you
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