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M Salinger May 11
will be wise
and kind
and smile
with his whole face, his
whole spirit

he will be fearless and free,
of the world around him and
his place
within it

his wit,

he will write me
words only meant
for him and I
as if they were born
for us, from our

he will be wild,
like the nature that
surrounds him

he will be a man born
of this earth
& tall,
& sturdy,
with deep roots,
that are soon to run into the forest of my life

his shoulders,
broad enough
to carry our children,
and gentle enough
to catch their tears,

and at times
mine too.

Laying on his chest
tangled in each other
listening to the rhythm
of his warm breath
and warmer heart,
I'll spill tears of
& gratitude,
that will pool between us,
for all we've
and all the beauty
we've seen

we will not
simply love
love simply
after so many lifetimes together,

we will inspire each other
to grow
to make art
to appreciate the beauty
in pain
to spread love and kindness
and joy

He will know
the complexities
of my mind and I of his,
without the intention
of changing the other
but instead,
to love every piece
all that is told to be too ugly

we will be each other's
in this life
and the next,
as we have done before

we will pray
each other's

we will grow
a family,
a home,
a garden,
a community


we will laugh till our
bodies and souls ache
and he will lick the salt
of my

we will play,
basking in the glow
of each other's
taking for granted
that it's

we will love

we we will lift each other
so high
that the heavens will touch our hair
like crowns glistening in the

we will speak with our minds and
our bodies,
our eyes talking more than our

he will see me before
I see him,
in the warmth of my glow,
he will know

and when we meet
suddenly, he and I
will become
My soul travels to you on the rays of the sun
I meet you there
I greet you there
I seek you there
Until time eternal, I place joy in those sunbeams and deposit all of my love for you to bask in until you feel the warmth of my soul. Our place is in the sun
Feeling You...

Feeling you is like watching the sun. Sacred. Deep. Beautiful. Humbling. Powerful. A treasured experience. Holy. Like a song or a color or a smile. Feeling you impresses me. Your energy lingers, touching me throughout the day, like a soft breeze. You are like a rainbow after a hard rain. Unexpected. Brilliant. Colorful. Proud. Majestic. You shine with an intensity that is creation itself. Feeling your soul is like catching  a glimpse of heaven. You inspire, transcend reason, and create a new way of being within me. You flow through me like a river drenching my soul. You enter my heart and fill me with such Grace. Acceptance. Love. Safety. Calm. Your soul is vast like the ocean yet steady as a tree. Your soul sways with the wind and touches the sun within me.
M Salinger Feb 2020
You are the grounding
to my mother earth,
full of fields
& wildflowers
running free,
that only know time
through the dusk
and dawn
that follow,
& the sweet suckle
of the bees.
Worlds apart, but when
we finally meet,
the heavens and the trees
for what is filled
used to be hallow
and what could be
is finally being.
to the man who reminded me that having faith in the good, is just as important as finding it
Lora Lee Jun 2018
Lick the words
from my lips
let them slide down
your throat
like fruited jewels,
   dark, hard candies
   that melt into cream
a healing liquid  
oozing into my
pumping milky beats
out through
           your cells
permeating the deep
of my wild
My syllables will
   wrap themselves
      around your syntax
frothy hybrids
of buttered silk
                and irony
conversations that
flow into the ether,
as heaven's night
endlessly begins

We twirl our tongues
into guttural utterings,
lustful verse
that glides from
slick-fervored ice
to an outpour
                    of lava
We feed each other
our saliva like honey
dripping with dawn's
tender glow
as we open up
like baby birds,
begging to be nourished
at all costs

in this lingual forest
Your breath finds a home
on my tastebuds,
my tongue
in your
In between the tumults
of our
exploding oceans
     is how we
Lora Lee Sep 2017
I love you
to your jagged,
         dark edges
culling smoke
               and twisting tides
                  your steaming heart
              that pulses, in my hands
          as you give it-
and the pungent tears
when they fall
         from your eyes
I lick up your pain
to soothe it smooth
its rawness catching
       velvet ripples of skin
I pull a blanket
of mahogany wine
over your soul
that seep out
              from the layers within

and in that tender of
nightfall's darkest foliage
I long to calm
your monsters' clawing
as they gnaw at you from
                  the inside out

I crave to fill
the hollowed-out longing
my own hungers writhing
      in obscene

For I am all that is sacred and wild
the spark has been lit
from my innermost rooms
I dance to the drums of
the woman as child
her mystical ways chanting
rhythms in runes

Demons might dance
as you gaze in reflection
in the mirror of time,
of unfiltered space
      but I adore all your sides,
          your imperfections
discern the divine
in the planes of your face
You are my galaxy
              of dark matter
bringing out my
           own looking glass
                         of vantablack
in a feral crown of obsidian
                             and onyx
as you reach me deep,
there's no going back

For when you love me like that,
plant your tameless,
                            hot seed
it blossoms within me
a tightly-wrapped tourniquet
               for when I bleed
and if my guts
should spill upon
               the  floor
you will remind me,
in glowing of pores
           of who I am
and how I am whole
a lovelight lit in the
storm of my soul
I will push down deeper
until I feel those roots
that connect me to
my center
  to my
succulent fruit
So slice me open.
     Pull me apart.
Let the juice run down
to heal

This song, which I listened o repeatedly while writing, means something other to me than the meaning of the video.. much more personal.
This also can apply:
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
Once someone gave me
a box full of darkness,
It  nourished  me  like
a gift of dark chocolates.

They don't know
the new me exactly,
Now I rearrange those
broken pieces differently.

Yes! i frequent that
  murky memory lane,
But to make peace with
the past, to heal the pain.

Karmic lesson was our
We had chosen it under
the souls' preplanning.

I wish to meet them
somewhere someday,
Not to start it all over,
to begin in a fresh way.

To let them know that
in life we ain't together,
Yet  our  loving  refined
soul connection is forever!
A new perspective on hurtful memories..heal them rather than killing them!
Hazel Redwood Jul 2017
I love him,
I don't say this hastily.
He's truly everything I have dreamed.
Never have I had a moment to gaze upon his face.
Moments in my souls memory is all I had.
What he shows me is surreal in it's place.
Taking me off to fields of grace.
Daydreams about both of us.
Putting pieces together in our inner thoughts.
Memories lost
Remembered through time.
All from a dream of mine.
I knew his soul the second we spoke.
Like a feather gracefully caressing my face.
Soft supple hands grabbing my waist.
It's something I can't explain.
The respect shown.
The recognition there.
The gentleness of his words, when he hears my innermost thoughts.
When my demons wrestle with me he has protected me with his wings of fire.
Feelings like these never disappear.
I felt his soul so deeply
It scared me.
A connection so cavernous.
One of a kind.
He shook me
When our souls gazed upon each other.
Through darkened waters and  time.
I knew it was you all along.
To loose you
Is to let the shadows play in  my mind.
Ma Cherie May 2017
I love you with my heart
because I see you with my soul
to love you my best friend
my only single goal,

I love your soulful eyes,
they touch me deep within,
you love me as I'm perfect,
an erase the scars from skin,

I have never been touched the way
that you have touched me love,
I feel that if there is a God
he sent you from above,

Everything you say,
just draws me in some more,
I want you every minute,
an it never seems a bore,
you know that I will love you well
an it would never seem a chore,

You understand my mind
we are so much like the same,
I know that you have worries,
yes I know it's not a game,
but to miss two stars align,
it would really be a shame,

Please down the road we go,
until we're back again,
I do hope you will say,
I'll be more than just a friend,

Because the benefits and possibilities
are infinitely beautiful and endless..

Ma Cherie © 2017
Friends with "benefits"? I can't idk....heartbreaking really.

— The End —