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Aug 2016 · 1.9k
little drummer boy
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2016
little drummer boy play your rhythm on my spine
let me be your snare, make music out of me
little drummer boy it’s been a long and lonely winter
and the heartbeat of your drum has got me through the coldest nights
little drummer boy oh won’t you bruise me with your drumsticks
break my bones and tear my skin, break my entire world apart
little drummer boy play your rhythm on my ribcage
leave my pale pink skin black and blue and purple and red
little drummer boy oh won’t you break me into pieces
for all i am to you is an instrument to be played
Aug 2016 · 668
you know this is about you
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2016
i’ve forgotten how to smile
as my lips curve upward there is nothing but cynicism behind them
the air that flosses through my teeth is stale and bitter
for i have turned stale and bitter
i used to be optimistic
but i’ve forgotten how to hope
my tears fall but i feel nothing but emptiness
my fingers and toes grew numb
for i have grown numb
i used to imagine a world where you and i could be together
but i’ve forgotten how to dream
in my world we were queen and king
but our empire has fallen
for i have fallen
i was so young when i fell for you
i didn’t understand i was falling
until i hit the ground
but now i’m buried in the shallow dirt
and you dance and drum on my spine
i let you break my bones
for my heart broke long ago
Aug 2016 · 718
i am the sky today
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2016
for all my life i've lived as the ground beneath your feet
i was the dry, cracked dirt you kicked around
as you shuffled your sneakers in the summer
i was the puddle you jumped in when it rained like hell in the spring
i was the slush that soaked through the holes in your boots
during the worst part of the winter
the crunchy leaves you stepped on once autumn came around

for all my life you’ve been the wind beneath my wings
you were the cool breeze on a summer day
that sent shivers down my spine and gave me release from the sweltering heat
you were the umbrella that protected me when it rained like hell in the spring
you were the soft winter snow that fell on christmas morning,
blanketing the town and dusting the evergreen trees
the aroma of cinnamon in autumn that wafted through the house
and felt like home

for all my life i’ve been the floor, and you the one who floored me
today i swear that i will be the sky
Jan 2016 · 678
winter warmth
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2016
for the first time in a long time i opened up my curtains
and for the first time in a long time I let the light into my room
i spent so long hiding away in the darkness, pretending nothing was wrong
and it's time i let the sunshine illuminate my skin

for far too long I've felt nothing.
my limbs were numb and my heart was empty
tears fell, salty on my flesh
and in their wake there was nothingness

all my life I've lived in the shadows
never allowing the sun to tan my skin,
for fear that it would burn
so I opened up the windows on a freezing winter morning
I let the cold pierce my skin
as the light reflected of the white snow
the winter is blinding, but the sun is still shining
and as the goosebumps form on my pastel skin
I feel warm
Nov 2015 · 685
Just A Dream?
Cameron Godfrey Nov 2015
I had a dream about loving you.
And in that dream you loved me too.
And that's how I knew, that's how I knew
It was only just a dream.

I had a dream about touching your skin
Breathing you in, breathing you in
I had a dream about love and sin
But it was only just a dream

I dreamt of you just holding me tight
Holding me close in your arms for the night
And everything in this **** world felt right
But it was only just a dream

I had a dream and you were there
But that dream quickly faded into a nightmare
I woke up screaming that the world wasn't fair
It was only just a dream
Nov 2015 · 752
Cameron Godfrey Nov 2015
I had a dream about loving you
And in that dream you loved me too
I knew it was a dream and that's how I knew
'Cause you loving me would be a dream come true
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
War Paint
Cameron Godfrey Oct 2015
We all start with blank faces.
Ebony or
Ivory or
Olive or
Anything in between.
Skin so dark they don't sell the shade at Sephora.
Skin so light you've got to mix the color with white to make it match.
Whatever the color, it's all the same skin.

We all start with blank faces
Made of cells and covered in blemishes
Stretched thin across our cheekbones
Or hanging loose and wrinkled with age,
With lines on our foreheads like
for laughing too much.
When did laughter become such a grievous crime?

We all start with blank faces.
… and then we become Van Gogh.
With expert brush strokes, we paint.
We coat ourselves with thick layers of pastey goop like Elmer's glue
Paint it on thick to cover our blemishes and red spots
We top it off with pigment like powdered sugar on sweets
Not knowing that the more opaque our makeup is, the more transparent.

We all start with blank faces.
… and then we become sculptors
Contouring and contorting to conform to unrealistic standards.
We highlight our best features and conceal the rest.
We conceal the redness of our cheeks just to paint it on again with blush.
We paint wings on our eyes although we'll never fly.

We all start with blank faces.
… and then we become victims of consumerism
Spending our money on different shades of the same **** thing
They raise the prices because they know they'll sell it to us anyway
They force it upon us, then shame us for becoming slaves to it
We are the victims and the perpetrators.

We all start with blank faces
… and then we become artists
… and then we become victims
… and then we become warriors

**This is our war paint.
Oct 2015 · 989
Wet And Wild
Cameron Godfrey Oct 2015
Rain will run like watercolor
Wet and wild like waterfalls
So hard to hide, go undercover
When water will reveal it all

Drops will drip on your umbrella
While you hold me close beneath
You’re Charming, I am Cinderella
Glass slippers sweeping off my feet

Rain will run all around us
You will keep me safe and dry
Brilliant colors do surround us
While water washes the rainbow sky

We are shadows, silhouettes
We were born in black and white
Waterfalls run wild and wet
Watch the rain and fractured light

Raindrops crashing on the pave
Thunder cracks like bowling pins
Color coming down in waves
Soon it halts.
Then again it begins.
Sep 2015 · 691
Unplugged (Haikus)
Cameron Godfrey Sep 2015
Rushes through her bones as she
Lays her head to sleep.

Energy flowing,
Like straight whiskey down her throat,
Keeps her up at night.

Her pillow is soft
Soft like a summer sky’s clouds
Still, no comfort comes.

She plugs in her phone.
The light still shines in the dark.
She can’t block it out.

No energy flows
As she wakes up the next day
She is still unplugged.
Sep 2015 · 456
Class Outside
Cameron Godfrey Sep 2015
Lake before my eyes
Prickly grass beneath my thighs
The soft sound of geese

Soon I'll go inside
Back to brick walls and cold tiles
But for now I'm free

Lake before my eyes
Green and brown grass and grey skies
Not clean, but still pure

Soon I'm returning
Back to lessons and learning
I'll take what I can

Always I will know
That I've still got miles to go
Before I can sleep
We had class outside today.
Aug 2015 · 2.1k
I love
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2015
I love you.
I love the way you feel, sitting close to me in the comfortable darkness.  
I love the movie playing in the background- I love the actors, the music, the scenery.  
I love making jokes about the characters, punning on the dialogue, pointing out holes in the plot.
I love crying at the sad parts, laughing at the funny parts, and laughing even harder at the parts that aren't even meant to be funny, just because you're there with me.
I love my friends, who sit and laugh at us, make fools of us as we make fools of ourselves.
I love the refreshing taste of the cool soda I'm drinking, the crunch of popcorn as we share a tub between us.
I love this quaint, little scene
                in this quaint, little place
                               in this quaint, little town
                                               in this crazy, big universe.
I love everything about this moment.
I love so much.
But how long will I have to go on
Until I can finally say
I love myself.
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2015
one. bury your feelings so deep that they infiltrate your lungs and make it impossible to breath. let them asphyxiate you, suffocate you, but don't let them overcome you.

two. act like you're fine. lie through your teeth until you believe your own stories. let your lies become you; become your lies.

three. hate yourself. blame yourself. after all, it's your **** fault for falling in love. *******.

four. hate him. blame him. after all, it's his **** fault for making you fall in love with him. **** that.

five. deny it. you never had feelings. you're a ******* rock.

six. give up. you're in love.
Jul 2015 · 667
The Only One
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
You're the only one who can make me smile
Without that smile immediately fading away
You're the only one who can make me laugh and cry
A million times each and every day.

You're the only one I've ever loved
Before, I hardly believed that love was real
You're the only one who can take my breath away
The only one who can truly make me feel

You're the only one I can't get over
I don't know why it's so **** hard
You're not the only one who's ever hurt me
But you're the only one who left me scarred.
Jul 2015 · 930
Before You Came Along
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
I used to be independent
I used to be sure
But now I am lost,
Confused and insecure
I used to believe
That I always knew best
But then you came along
And put my will to the test
I used to have courage
I used to be strong
I used to have faith
But then you came along.
Jul 2015 · 903
Her Name
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
Her name tastes sour in my tongue
It hurts my fragile ears to hear it
Even when she's miles away
She haunts me like a vengeful spirit

Hearing you speak of her
Sends shivers down my spine
For I know as long as she exists
You cannot be mine

The way your lips form her name
Makes me want to *****
Your breath is like skywriting
Tracing her name among the clouds like a comet

My rage is a lion
I cannot tame
Every time you say her name
Jul 2015 · 783
Break down my walls.
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
Your hands feel like a vice
On my fragile skin
I want to break down all my walls
To let you come flooding in

But my soul is locked up tight
And your hands are the key
I can't open up myself
Until you unlock me

I'm depending on you
To be my eyes, ears, and heart
So baby break down all my walls
And tear my soul apart
Jul 2015 · 446
The Exception
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
You're the exception to a rule that was written in stone
Forged in blood and skin and bone
A rule in unacknowledged and unspoken
A rule that wasn't meant to be broken

You broke my rule into pieces and parts
Into broken promises and hearts
A rule that was supposed to last
Fell apart so ******* fast

And now I'm prostrate on the floor
For I can't function anymore
I broke my rule, you foiled my plan
Never to fall for another man.

Now that rule's been blown to hell
And I'm a shadow of my former self
You're the exception to the rule that was written in stone
And now I'm left confused and alone
Jul 2015 · 833
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
Look me in the eyes
And tell me without lies
That you don't love me too
If you don't love me
Please just set me free
And I'll stop bothering you
If you want to leave
Give me reason to believe
That this is really over
All I ask of you
Is the honest-to-God truth
Please, just give me closure
Jul 2015 · 581
Everything I'll Never Be
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
We've always been on the same wavelength
Darling, we're one and the same
I thought that would give me an upper hand
In this stupid love triangle game

We've got the same sense of humor
We're so ******* close that it hurts
I thought that it would be a blessing
But it turns out it has always been a curse

I know you like the back of my hand
I can recite you by memory like a prayer
I cannot avoid these feelings
Somehow they're always there

But you like her. Hell, I like her too
And maybe she is perfect for you
But I cannot believe it true
For I'm stuck to your side like superglue

She's not you and she's not me
She's something else entirely
And maybe that's just what you need
Everything I'll never be
Jul 2015 · 823
Anxiety Attack
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
Maybe I'm in love with you
Or maybe I'm just confused
But figuring it out would be dangerous
For I've got so much to lose

I'd rip my heart from my chest for you
But you would only bury it
My love's a load I have to lug
But I can hardly carry it

I'd fall apart if you touched me
I'll fall apart if you don't
It's time that I got over this
But I know I can't and won't

Maybe I'm in love with you
But you don't love me back
Falling head over heels for you
Is one long anxiety attack
Cameron Godfrey May 2015
Why do I force myself to think 'bout you?
When things between us ended long ago?
Why do I sit and sweat and stare and stew
and mourn for someone that I used to know?
You led me to do things I couldn't take
Still I cannot condemn you as to blame
Still I believe our love was my mistake
Still I will never ever be the same.
Yet I've matured and learned and I have found
That I've spent too much time on reminiscing
I let you leave me lying on the ground
And all along it's me I have been missing

Now I've grown up and now I fin'ly see
I speak not of love for you, but love for me.
May 2015 · 578
She Was The River
Cameron Godfrey May 2015
Our river ran dry,
Refusing to flow.
Then the winter approached,
And filled the river with snow.
Then the snow melted,
And the valley eroded,
From the sky came fire,
And our river exploded.
And out of the fire,
Came a tiny little flame,
That dried out the river,
And it started again.

She was the river
And the snow and the fire
She was the passion
And the heat and desire
The water that gives life
Was the water that drowned me
Floating in the river
No dust, no dirt, to ground me
She took my breath away
In the most literal sense
My heart skipped a beat
And then five, and then ten.

I finally escaped from her white-water rapids
But I cannot forget, won’t regret all that happened

Now I’m out of the water, looking back on those days
And I whisper goodbye to the river
and *wave.
Written for an assignment where we had to use conceit (and extended metaphor)
May 2015 · 440
Time (100w)
Cameron Godfrey May 2015
Time passes, ever slowly
You hear the clock is ticking
By yourself in the woods, afraid and lonely
You thank the stars that you’re still kicking

You see before you two diverging roads
Made slippery with Frost
You think you know the way to go
But realize you’re lost.

Time goes by so ******* slow
But faster than you’ll ever know
Faster than you could ever go
Faster than you’ll ever know

Time speeds up, your heart rate too
‘Cause time cannot keep up with you
Time will not creep up on you
‘Cause time cannot keep up with you
written for an 100 word expression poem assignment in English class
Feb 2015 · 469
Last Time
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2015
The last time I was in love, I wasn't.
But ****, did it feel like I was.
I felt butterflies in my stomach
Had my insides in a round of applause.
The last time I was in love, I wasn't.
But ****, did I feel a rush
But that wasn't love, it was whiplash
I was shattered and I was crushed.
The last time I was in love, I wasn't.
But **** did it feel like it.
But it wasn't love, for when you're in love
It shouldn't feel like ****.
The next time I'm in love, I will be.
I'll be on top of the universe.
'Cause next time I'm in love
She'll be my guardian angel, not Lucifer.
Feb 2015 · 849
You Got Me
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2015
You got me on the top of the world
And I don't ever want to come down
I got a smile painted on my face
You got me looking like a circus clown

I can't explain it in words
Not ones that can be spoken
You got me under a spell
And I know it can't be broken

But God, I'm begging,
Please don't ever break it
'Cause I'm thinking about losing you
And I know I couldn't take it
I'm back, baby.
Dec 2014 · 1.4k
Anxiety and Depression
Cameron Godfrey Dec 2014
Anxiety is when the world around you gyrates
Depression is when it stands still
Wanting so badly to reach for the stars
Knowing you never will

Depression is more than a feeling
It's a ship sinking in the ocean of you
Always being told that you're worth it
But knowing it isn't true.

Depression is "it's okay"
Anxiety is "I'm fine"
Depression is a wound that just doesn't heal with time

And mixing the two together
Is a cocktail of explosives
Depression is absolute stillness
While anxiety is motion

How can the world be spinning
When my world is standing still
I've never understood it
Perhaps I never will.
Aug 2014 · 505
The Bell Tolls Again
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2014
There's one single thought that has plagued me every night since summer began to end
Every night since I felt the ghost of freshman year
Breathing down my neck
And promising that nothing will change this year
This thought haunts me like a vengeful spirit
Trying to break me down even though it knows
I'm still broken from last year
And I can't be put back together
The one thing that constantly beats me up
Is knowing that school is approaching and I
Can't ever stop it
Because there is no way out
Even when it becomes too much and I forget how to breathe
Anxiety that chokes me until I can't even ask for help or beg for mercy
And maybe, just maybe they'll let me out
And I can go home and pretend that I'm not alive
But it's only for a day
Because when that's over
Aug 2014 · 602
Perfect Circles
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2014
Our arms around each other we sway to a song
We belt out all the lyrics and get half of them wrong
It’s time to part ways but we don’t want to let go
We’re dragging our feet to make the moments pass slow

As we stand in this circle I know this house has been blessed
Every moment I spent with you was better than the best
My wish is that we’d be together for 100 years
It would be fine by me if we would never leave here

I’ll remember every one of you fondly forever
‘Cause you changed my life and you changed it for the better.
We’re listening to music and we’re dancing like lunatics
Who said perfect circles do not exist

The same 3 games of cards somehow never got old
Though we played them in the heat and in the rain and the cold
This really feels like something that was meant to be
You’ll never fully understand what you meant to me

That place was our castle, forever mine and yours
Signed with memories of song sessions, parties, and rap wars
But the one thing that will stick with me until the end of time
Is my arms around your shoulders and your arms around mine


You hugged me and you smiled at me
You told me that you’d write to me

You said we’d be friends forever and I know you never lied to me
Didn’t want to go but we knew that we must
God I’d give anything to get back on that **Precious Cargo bus
The bolded words are inside jokes/memories. I wasn't gonna share it because a lot of it won't make sense to people who weren't a part of it, but I tried to make it at least a little vaguer so it would make sense. Idk, man. Find it on soundcloud:
Aug 2014 · 828
I Was Just A Kid
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2014
I was just a kid when it began
I didn't realize something ignited
And now there's a fire that burns our regrets
And I know we'll always be united

So many songs sing of love
Between a girl and her significant other
But no song can describe the way that it feels
To smile on your sisters and brothers

Don't you dare cry I can't stand to see you crying
We're a family, a flame
And this flame isn't dying
We've parted ways but this isn't the end
This is just "see you later" not "goodbye," my friend

So put your arms around me
We'll sway like waves on the water
We'll add fuel to this fire
Feel the heat as the embers burn hotter

I was just a kid when it began
I supposed I'm still a child today
But I'm growing and learning and slowly maturing
And I'm glad I met you along the way
Not every song I write is about Solel (yes it is)
I'll record this and put it on soon for my album One Four All
May 2014 · 689
Time Bomb
Cameron Godfrey May 2014
I'm a time bomb.

They'll talk and talk and talk
Until it becomes a soft roar
There are too many voices
Can't take it anymore.

You don't yell.
You don't comment.
You sit still and hold back
Because nobody notices
An anxiety attack

But they notice when you explode
Because the implosion's too large
Your battery's out
And you'll never recharge

You hear the voices
You can't make them stop
So you join them, yell louder
'Cause your cover has dropped

You have two choices:
Cry or scream
So you yell, you explode
You blow out your steam

'Cause you're a time bomb.
May 2014 · 801
Cartas a Tu Cuerpo
Cameron Godfrey May 2014
Quiero escribir cartas a tu cuerpo que vive debajo de la tierra
Pero tengo palabras en mi mente que no puedo permitir afuera.

Tengo millones de cosas decir que estan enterrados contigo
No puedo hablarlos a una tumba porque no sería lo mismo

Asi escribo cartas a nadie porque nadie quiere escuchar.
Quizás alguien querra oirme cuando no estoy aquí contar
May 2014 · 881
Torres de Oro
Cameron Godfrey May 2014
Tu ganancia y la perdida mia
Busco sol dorado y encuentro joyas amarillas
Tienes torres de oro; tengo juguetes de plastica
Ganaste la loteria; yo perdi, que lastima

Mi derrota y el triumfo tuyo
Arruinas los castillos que yo construyo
Tienes torres de oro; no tengo nada
Pero yo soy fuerte y eres delicada
Spanish is not my first language so don't judge me too hard but I wanted to try to write something in Spanish to see if I could do it. Translation:

Your gain and my loss
I look for golden son and find yellow jewelry
You have towers of gold and I have toys of plastic
You won the lottery; I lost, what a shame

My disaster and your triumph
You ruin the castles that I construct
You have towers of gold; I have nothing
But I'm strong and you're delicate
May 2014 · 546
Cameron Godfrey May 2014
I was not prepared for this
I'm not ready still
I won't be prepared for this soon
And maybe I never will

I was not prepared for this
But I guess I am to blame
It's all my fault; It's all my fault
It's a responsibility I must claim

I was not prepared for this
And now I'm running scared
Maybe I still wouldn't have the strength
Even if I was prepared
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
The Real Hunger Games
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2014
The establishment's crashing down on us
The broken walls; the broken trust
The foundation's busted
That foundation we trusted
Is cracking beneath our feet.

This building's in ruins, this world is in flames
Reality's version of the Hunger Games
We're lost and afraid
We're losing the game
We can't even compete.
Apr 2014 · 622
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2014
5 years old with eyes wide open
Wishes made and granted
Dreaming, living, reaching, hoping
Magical and enchanted

10 years old with dreams still intact
A light at the end of the tunnel
Your goals will be achieved; you know that for a fact
And that's worth all the struggle.

15 years old, your eyes are sunken
Because you've barely slept
Your tolerance has severely shrunken
And every night you've wept

20 years old you're lost and afraid
The game has just begun
So why does it feel like you've lost already
And everyone else has won?

25 and you've got it figured out
Maybe there is a light in this tunnel
Of course, of course you've still got your doubts
But maybe the end will be worth the struggle.
Mar 2014 · 426
You Are Not.
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2014
Do you ever stop to realize
That maybe you're not who you thought?
You thought you were smart; you thought you were strong
But then you see that you are not.

Do you ever stop to analyze
Everything you've ever said
The things you do, the mistakes you make
And feel you've been misled?

Do you ever stop to look in the mirror
To realize you've made mistakes
Do you ever stop to retrace your steps
And find a new path to take?

Sometimes I stop to realize
That I'm not what I thought
I thought I was smart; I thought I was strong
But trust me, I am not.
Mar 2014 · 553
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2014
She had red lips like cherries, blood, and wine
He skin was like porcelain; ‘twas white as milk
Pink cheeks like fruit picked freshly from a vine
But smooth like velvet or cashmere or silk

Her hair was soft as it blew in the breeze
This siren’s song called softly like a prayer
She moved so smooth and graceful, full of ease
One second she is here the next she’s there

Her lips kissed mine so calm and sweet and chaste
This beauty like a lily of the Nile
The clock stood still, but somehow still moved fast
She made the whole world melt with just a smile

With eyes a color rainbows can’t define
I love her but I know she won’t be mine
I wrote a Shakespearean sonnet based on a mixture of other poems I've written. Iambic Pentameter is hard.
Mar 2014 · 537
Capture Forever (Revised)
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2014
Can you capture forever in a box?
Can you ship it to me overnight?
Can you capture eternity and store it
In the shadows where you hide from the light?

Can you capture forever for me?
Can you wrap it and seal it with a kiss?
'Cause there is time to be spent and memories to be made
That I don't want to miss

Can you build me a shiny time capsule?
And fill it with memories of the past?
If you can't capture forever
At least make those memories last.
Feb 2014 · 633
Push Me
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2014
Push me to the limit; watch me fall
Call me Humpty Dumpty and push me off the wall
Build me up and drop me on the floor
Push me 'til I can't take it anymore.

Push me to the limit; watch me fall
Blown off of the branches with my cradle and all
Build me up and bury me six feet down
Push me to the limit, to the ground.

Push me to the limit; watch me fall
Ignore me when I beg and don't listen when I call
Build me up and watch me as I break
Push me 'til you slaughter every breath I take.
Feb 2014 · 386
Explain the color red.
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2014
Red was her dress on the day you met
And the blood that sped up in your veins when you made eye contact
Red were her lips the first time you kissed her
And her cheeks when you told her she's the most beautiful girl you've ever seen
Red were the petals you spread on your bed when you made love to her for the very first time
And her nails when they scratched your back as she held you tight.
Red are the roses you gave her when you asked her for her hand
Red is the fire in your heart you still feel every time you touch
Red is your love for her
Feb 2014 · 576
If I Were A Boy...
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2014
If I were a boy for a day I'd feel what it's like to be respected
I could say whatever I wanted and I'd never be corrected
I could be the boss and no one would call me a *****
Because I could be assertive and they'd call it leadership
Maybe I'd run for office and I'd probably win
'Cause they'd judge me on my skills and not the body I'm in
Maybe I'd get a job and roll around in the benefit
Of workplace inequality and other patriarchal ****
If I were a boy for a day I could run around and 'score'
And no one would call me a ***** **** or a *****
People would finally listen when I took a stand
But they don't and they won't because I'm not a man.
Feb 2014 · 559
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2014
She's perfect in a world where there's no such thing
With the beauty of autumn and the promise of spring
The romance of winter, the intensity of June
Bright as the sun, mysterious as the moon
She's sweet as honey and fresh flowers in the summer
Words like a singer and a heart like a drummer
A voice like an angel and the grace of a bird
She's amazing and she's perfect in every sense of the word.
Feb 2014 · 762
The Rainbow Can't Define
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2014
She had red lips like cherries and blood and wine
Pink cheeks like berries picked fresh from the vine
Skin like porcelain, white as milk
But smooth like velvet or cashmere or silk
Her hair was soft and blew in the breeze
She moved like a dancer with grace and with ease
With the allure of a siren and the body of a model
But the unadulterated mystery of a genie in a bottle
Her eyes were a color the rainbow can't define
She was perfect and amazing but she'd never be mine
Another episode of "Cameron Writes About Girls That Don't Exist"
Jan 2014 · 1.4k
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
She came in, guns loaded, with bullets of red lipstick
Cigarette smoke rings like vows
Her heels were high but her head was held higher
As everyone else bowed.
Her nails were polished, she was too
Her teeth were pearly and white
Her legs were long and her arms were strong
And her hands were clenched in fists, tight.
She stomped on crowds of angry men
That told her girls ain't tough
Her high heels pierced the skin beneath her feet
As she told 'em enough was enough
She came in, guns blazing, with bullets of red lipstick
While them boys had shields and swords
The world put her down for her feminine body
So she took her just rewards.
Bad *** lady protagonists
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
Her Lips
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
Her lips were full; her curves more-so
Her sensitive skin was blushing
This siren's song grew louder but
The world told me "no touching"
Her lips were red but bitten white
Her eyes were still and unblinking
She made the air feel ever hotter
Too hot for rational thinking
Her lips formed words and melodies
As my eyes traced her bone structure
I wanted to kiss her; she wanted it too
But society yelled "don't touch her"
Her lips were beautiful I wanted them so
But she would always be forbidden
An act so sweet and innocent
Is an act never to be forgiven
Her lips grew nearer; mine did too
'Til our mouths were nearly brushing
This siren's song grew louder, still
The world told me "no touching"
Her lips kissed mine so calm and chaste
She saved a damsel in distress
But storybooks don’t tell the tales
Of a girl and her beautiful princess
On society's problem with same-*** relationships
Jan 2014 · 607
Bridges Burnt.
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
You made a mistake and I'll forgive it
It's your own life and I'll let you live it
But remember you're a sum of all things you do
You make your mistakes but sometimes they make you
You built a bridge and it's your job to burn it
Or to allow everyone who follows to take your lesson and learn it
You made a mistake and another and another
The good and the bad don't always cancel each other
You're not a good person 'til you do a good thing
What's on the table depends on what you bring
You made mistakes, too many to count
Still people believe that the good cancels out
The bad things you've done and the bad things you said
But when does it stop? When someone ends up dead?
You can't always escape those bridges you constructed
With your words and your thoughts that only prove destructive
Where is the good that's supposed to disguise
The bad things you've done and the crimes and the lies
It's not 'just a mistake' when you refuse to learn.
You built this bridge, and it's time for it to burn.
I wrote this poem with no intention of it being about Justin Bieber but things got out of hand.
Jan 2014 · 606
Forgive Me
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
Forgive me, Father, but I'm no sinner
Crossed the finish line first but I'll never be the winner
And it burns like fire and stings like dry ice
To be a god ****** virtue disguised as a vice
To be an ant in a farm full of cows and sheep and pigs
To be kindling in a fire, burning like a twig
Forgive me, Father, if I'm not who I should be
But I'm not a sinner for just being me
Jan 2014 · 645
Forgive Me
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
Forgive me, Father, but I'm no sinner
Crossed the finish line first but I'll never be the winner
And it burns like fire and stings like dry ice
To be a god ****** virtue disguised as a vice
To be an ant in a farm full of cows and sheep and pigs
To be kindling in a fire, burning like a twig
Forgive me, Father, if I'm not who I should be
But I'm not a sinner for just being me
Jan 2014 · 550
Dying Inside
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
I'm fresh out of emotions; I'm dying inside
Like something crawled through by pores, through my veins, and it died
I'm weak and I'm withering; I'm dead and I'm cold
I'm falling apart, rusting, growing mold
I'm sick and pathetic and bitter and detached
There's an itch inside of me that can never be scratched
I'm broken and hurting-- Far beyond repair
I'm dying inside
*But I really don't care
Jan 2014 · 490
My Secrets are Yours
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
My secrets are yours
To have or to keep
To haunt you in the night
Or to sing you to sleep
My secrets are yours
To save or to borrow
To cherish today
To forget about tomorrow
My secrets are yours
To hold onto tight
To sing you to sleep
And haunt you in the night
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