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Aug 2016
for all my life i've lived as the ground beneath your feet
i was the dry, cracked dirt you kicked around
as you shuffled your sneakers in the summer
i was the puddle you jumped in when it rained like hell in the spring
i was the slush that soaked through the holes in your boots
during the worst part of the winter
the crunchy leaves you stepped on once autumn came around

for all my life you’ve been the wind beneath my wings
you were the cool breeze on a summer day
that sent shivers down my spine and gave me release from the sweltering heat
you were the umbrella that protected me when it rained like hell in the spring
you were the soft winter snow that fell on christmas morning,
blanketing the town and dusting the evergreen trees
the aroma of cinnamon in autumn that wafted through the house
and felt like home

for all my life i’ve been the floor, and you the one who floored me
today i swear that i will be the sky
Cameron Godfrey
Written by
Cameron Godfrey  Where the Sidewalk Ends
(Where the Sidewalk Ends)   
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