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Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
It takes him 14 minutes to reply
And though I really shouldn’t count,
I’m caught in his captivity
Somebody get me out
14 minutes to even care
About what I have to say
I’m a dolphin in his fishing net
And I can’t swim away
Takes him 14 minutes to reply
But never say anything good
I’m captive in this jail cell,
If I could get out, I would.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
I want you to take me away
Somewhere we could hide
But I'd be too afraid
That you'd leave me behind
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2014
5 years old with eyes wide open
Wishes made and granted
Dreaming, living, reaching, hoping
Magical and enchanted

10 years old with dreams still intact
A light at the end of the tunnel
Your goals will be achieved; you know that for a fact
And that's worth all the struggle.

15 years old, your eyes are sunken
Because you've barely slept
Your tolerance has severely shrunken
And every night you've wept

20 years old you're lost and afraid
The game has just begun
So why does it feel like you've lost already
And everyone else has won?

25 and you've got it figured out
Maybe there is a light in this tunnel
Of course, of course you've still got your doubts
But maybe the end will be worth the struggle.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
So now we're just friends
I'm just the girl that you text
Hanging on to the fact
That I could be next
That you'll love me too
You'll love me like you love her
But you don't, and I know it
And it makes my heart stir
But you say you want to kiss me
You're just a cheat
But now I guess I'll accept it
*Accepting defeat
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2013
I love you
I love you too

To say it, to say it aloud

I love you
I love you too

To feel it, to let it all out

I just wanted to hear it
I'll say it again

I love you to the moon and back

I love you
I love you too

Saying it, knowing for a fact.

That *I love you
I love you too

I miss you, I miss your sweet touch

I love you
I love you too

And I miss you, I miss you so much
This feeling can only be described as love.
And it feels so good.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
Putting on a false façade
Trying to cover
The stupid, the odd
But it always comes back
Shining through
Because that's just me
And it'll have to do.
Cameron Godfrey Jun 2012
You don't care about me
Or your best friend in the school
You don't care about the people
who think that you're cool
The world worships you
Build you up so high
Now all of my friends
Have left me for a guy
A guy who doesn't care
If they love him or not
A guy who just thinks he's the best in the lot
But he's not the best
But you don't know
Because what is the truth
Is not what your hierarchies show
I wish everyone would realize....
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2013
I'm not afraid of the future
I'm just afraid to repeat the past
I am afraid of the unanswered questions
And I'm too afraid to ask.

I'm just afraid of the missing link
Of the chain I've been climbing so long
I'm just afraid of trying
Because I'm afraid of being wrong
I'm just afraid.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2013
I'm not afraid of the dark
I'm not afraid of the demons that hide from me
I'm just afraid of that spark
That lights up when you're here, that lights up inside of me.

I'm not afraid of spiders
I'm not afraid of what's crawling in the night
I'm just a lover, not a fighter
And I'm just afraid of the fight.
I think I wrote a poem exactly like this before.
This will be part II
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
Hanging on to every word
Hoping someday
That my heart will be cured
But I know that it can't
And I know that it won't
Because I just love you
And you simply don't
But still I hold on
To every word
Waiting for a heart
That can never be cured
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2013
Should I be relieved?
Should I feel your pain?
I'm climbing aboard the anxiety train
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
A kiss brings bliss but all the same,
You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain
If only he’d hold me, I really wish he would
But without all the bad you can never have good
Cameron Godfrey Nov 2012
I used the think you were the strongest
But you're polluting my brain.
A kiss that lasts a moment, at longest
A kiss driving me insane.

Time flies, but there's no fun
No acceptance and no recoil.
The regret and somber thoughts have begun.
A kiss buried in the soil.

A wish that suddenly stirs me
Wishing for the end
The thought of it disturbs me
He has a girlfriend.
Cameron Godfrey May 2012
"All is fair in love and war"
But nothing is fair in life anymore
If this is love then the saying's untrue
Because it's so unfair that I'm stuck loving you
Someone please make it stop.
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2013
My mind is racing
My head is spinning
Nothing is okay

It's like I've been here all my life
It's only the second day?
It's a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy second day of high school
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
I’m almost there
I’m moving on
It’s time I let
Your memory will be gone
I’m tired of waiting
I’m getting rid
Of your haunting memory
And goodbye I will bid
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2012
Going down a lonely road, nowhere else to go.
Stumbling down a broken trail,
going where only God would know
Making my way, hardly moving with each step,
words spoken quietly with each breath
made puddles while I silently wept
The grass that grew from my puddle of tears,
became the ground for all of my fears.
The trail I’ve been following all of these years
Without a trace, Its disappeared.
Cameron Godfrey Sep 2013
It's tomorrow already?
Well I s'pose it's today
I haven't seen tomorrow
In all of my days
But still I watch the clock
As eleven becomes twelve
As night becomes day
As heaven becomes hell
It's another today
And it's already tomorrow
And another long day
That is characterized by sorrow
Eleven becomes twelve
And twelve becomes one
It's already tomorrow
And today has begun
I used to manage on like a solid 4 hours of sleep but then summer happened and weekends and I got like 14-17 hours (I know it's unnatural I'm looking into it) and now I can't really cope without at least 11 which would mean I have to go to bed at 7:30 so basically my life is a mess
Cameron Godfrey Nov 2013
The words, unspoken
Cracked and broken
Hanging in the air
We don't need to say them
But we know they're always there

The stale taste of words unwritten
White teeth clenched and pink lips bitten
Eyes, unblinking, stare
We don't need to write the words
We know they're always there

Tales untold and clauses unformed
Letters and punctuation swarmed
On a page and everywhere
We don't need to hear the words
We know they're always there

The words, unspoken
Cracked an broken
Hanging in the air
We don't need to say the words
But we know they're always there.
Cameron Godfrey May 2013
An anonymous terror
That hides in the halls
And burns down our stands
And blocks out our calls

An anonymous terror
That makes and it breaks
Breaking the real
And making the fake.

An anonymous terror
That points out our flaws
Gives insult to injury
And tears down our cause

An anonymous terror
That burns down our signs
You can break all our pickets
But you can't break our pride.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2013
Sometimes you hide your wings
Sometimes you let them show
But I can always see

How beautiful you are
Even without your wings you glow
You're beautiful to me.
This may or may not be in the narrative of Dean Winchester to Castiel.
Destiel forever
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2013
Some angels fly
And some angels fall
Plunging to earth
Feathered wings and all

Some angels, they guard you
Watch over your rest
Some angels abandon you
To wish for the best

You're one of those angels
An angel who fell
What happened to heaven?
You're giving me hell.
Looking back at this it kind of sounds like it's about Lucifer. It's not about Lucifer.
I don't know anything about Christianity
Oh no, what if this is offensive
Is this offensive?
Cameron Godfrey May 2013
I write like a poet
I speak the words of a song
I sing like an angel
…who tends to get the notes wrong.

I’m funny and friendly
Or I pretend to be
I’m weird but I’m witty
I guess that’s just me.

I wear my sneakers
To parties with dresses
I paint on the walls
And I make frosting messes

I suppose I’m annoying
But I bet you are too.
I guess that’s my panache.
How about you?
Cameron Godfrey Oct 2012
I'm so many things
But I want to be more
So much more important
Than an oxygen *****.

The air that I waste
The time that runs out
For I'm hogging the world
In an oxygen drought.
Cameron Godfrey Dec 2014
Anxiety is when the world around you gyrates
Depression is when it stands still
Wanting so badly to reach for the stars
Knowing you never will

Depression is more than a feeling
It's a ship sinking in the ocean of you
Always being told that you're worth it
But knowing it isn't true.

Depression is "it's okay"
Anxiety is "I'm fine"
Depression is a wound that just doesn't heal with time

And mixing the two together
Is a cocktail of explosives
Depression is absolute stillness
While anxiety is motion

How can the world be spinning
When my world is standing still
I've never understood it
Perhaps I never will.
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
Maybe I'm in love with you
Or maybe I'm just confused
But figuring it out would be dangerous
For I've got so much to lose

I'd rip my heart from my chest for you
But you would only bury it
My love's a load I have to lug
But I can hardly carry it

I'd fall apart if you touched me
I'll fall apart if you don't
It's time that I got over this
But I know I can't and won't

Maybe I'm in love with you
But you don't love me back
Falling head over heels for you
Is one long anxiety attack
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2012
He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t want to.
Won’t pay attention, no one to talk to.
He doesn’t notice, doesn’t realize.
He doesn’t see the look in my eyes.
So complicated, he doesn’t even know.
He doesn’t want to, he’s got a love like woe.
He’ll find a problem, one that I can’t see.
He’ll pay attention, to anyone but me.
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
Felt the last raindrop of a storm,
felt so cold, but seemed so warm.
The last scream of a cloud,
A sound so quiet, but yet so loud.
Dealt the last hand,
cards so awful, but times so grand.
That last ****** feeling,
stopping the pain, but yet never healing.
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
I took a picture of us
And hid it from them
I gaze up at it
Again and again
I’ll never tell them
They can never know
You’ll never tell her
You can never show
But I’ve been sitting here
Waiting for you
But we have to hide it
There’s nothing we can do.
I don’t want to wait
Until it’s my turn
I won’t hide this picture
I’ll just leave it to burn
Cameron Godfrey Oct 2012
When the world is slowly dying
Bears on icebergs, melting, crying.
When you refuse to reduce or reuse,
Think of the people and animals you abuse.
All the talk of apocalypse
But zombies don’t compare to this.
The universe’s suicide
The struggle, the difficulty to stay alive
The problems we face, that we cannot erase
Someday we could lose this place.
So walk to school, ride your unicycle
Reduce, reuse, and finally, Recycle
Well, I guess all poems are on the earth.
Cameron Godfrey Feb 2012
A stab in my heart
torn apart
I’ve been smashed in pieces.
No blood, no gore,
but a heart  that is sore,
the pain inside hurts so much more,
than a shot to the heart,
a body in flames,
a stab in the heart hurts more than the brain.
Another poem
another day,
another truth that’s gone away.
Sharing my lies with all of you
appearing damaged
believing it too.
keep on crawling to the shore,
no longer drowning,
not anymore.
Cameron Godfrey Dec 2012
To those who value looks more than they value mind:
I hereby propose a toast to your most precious waste of time.

To those who'd rather cherish sovereignty and praise
I wish you a blissful epiphany in your finer days.
Inspired by a quote from Herman Melville in Moby ****, "Woe to him whose good name is more to him than goodness."
Cameron Godfrey May 2012
You think you're great
You think I'm less
I'm starting to agree,
I have to confess.
You may not care
And I know I can't make you
You've broken me
But I refuse to break you.
You can be mean
But I won't fight back
I'll fight by your side
And myself, I'll attack.
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
I see you’re stained with tears
But you won’t let me know
The reason that you’re crying
You will never show.
I see you want attention
And I’m giving all I can
But you keep showing weakness
Like It’s always been your plan
To be front and center in the spotlight
All the eyes on you
I want to try to help you
But it’s time you helped me too.
Maybe I’ve been stupid,
for trying to help you out
But still if you ever need me
I’ll come running without a doubt.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
You call it attraction
But it seems so much more
The perfect distraction
Makes my heart soar.
You call me a friend
But I thought maybe I meant something
Maybe this is the end
But I won't stop for nothing.
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2013
A village of cheers is still a village of screams
But a village of nightmares is still a village of dreams.
A village of hope is a village of illusion
A village of genius is a village of confusion
There's always a dark side
But the sun's always bright
There's always a day coming after the night
Looking on the bright side is always so hard
But if your hand is ******
Just turn over a new card.
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2013
A way with words
That no one wants to hear.
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
A Wish
A Dream
A Yell
A Scream
A Love
The One
I Thought
It Seemed
Like You
May be
In Love
With Me
A Wish
A Dream
A Yell
A Scream
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
I’m a zombie of the darkness
Caught in death’s grip
Pain streaming out of my very fingertip
Groaning from the anger
Or of primitive game
After death, life is never to be the same
A zombie of strength
Representing the weak
Maybe I’m normal
Or a barely dead freak
This is my Saturday Night Writing poem for the category of zombies. It's all for entertainment, Zombies aren't a usual muse ;)
Cameron Godfrey Sep 2012
The battle scars and the gaping holes
The blood that bleeds 'til it overflows
The waiting for something that is truly lost
Is love really worth the debt that it costs?
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2013
You dip your toes into the water
Before you're off the diving board
You play the scale before the melody
You learn to shoot before you score

You say hello before you kiss me
You say goodbye before you leave
How do I know that you'll come back?
You've got to show me before I'll believe.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
What used to be true
Has evolved into lies
Falling in love
Then doing otherwise
Not even paying attention
To what we do
Ignoring relationships
We used to pursue
Like nothing's important
And nothing makes sense
Pointless conversations
No longer intense
A meaningful sentence
You just go along
I'll always remember
Before it went wrong
Cameron Godfrey Jun 2013
It's the story I refuse to tell
The story of before we fell...

The story of an empire of glory and fame
The story of Rome by any other name
We were a tower made solely of paper
I was dangling off the roof of our fragile skyscraper
The wind in my hair was strong enough to defeat
Those ****** angry monsters that danced at my feet
We were an empire, but all is the same
We were just Rome by any other name

Until death I'd sworn to defend
That ******* story
This is the end
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
I used to be independent
I used to be sure
But now I am lost,
Confused and insecure
I used to believe
That I always knew best
But then you came along
And put my will to the test
I used to have courage
I used to be strong
I used to have faith
But then you came along.
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
Why am I the one
Always left behind?
Everyone understands
While I just rack my mind
Searching for the answers
I just don't have a clue
You're always in the loop
I'm always behind you
Cameron Godfrey Apr 2012
My life is a dream
My vision's a blur
All I see is you
All you see is her
Cameron Godfrey Jul 2015
Your hands feel like a vice
On my fragile skin
I want to break down all my walls
To let you come flooding in

But my soul is locked up tight
And your hands are the key
I can't open up myself
Until you unlock me

I'm depending on you
To be my eyes, ears, and heart
So baby break down all my walls
And tear my soul apart
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
You made a mistake and I'll forgive it
It's your own life and I'll let you live it
But remember you're a sum of all things you do
You make your mistakes but sometimes they make you
You built a bridge and it's your job to burn it
Or to allow everyone who follows to take your lesson and learn it
You made a mistake and another and another
The good and the bad don't always cancel each other
You're not a good person 'til you do a good thing
What's on the table depends on what you bring
You made mistakes, too many to count
Still people believe that the good cancels out
The bad things you've done and the bad things you said
But when does it stop? When someone ends up dead?
You can't always escape those bridges you constructed
With your words and your thoughts that only prove destructive
Where is the good that's supposed to disguise
The bad things you've done and the crimes and the lies
It's not 'just a mistake' when you refuse to learn.
You built this bridge, and it's time for it to burn.
I wrote this poem with no intention of it being about Justin Bieber but things got out of hand.
Cameron Godfrey Mar 2012
A broken telephone,
No one on the end
talking to nothing,
When I really need a friend.
A brick wall
No shoulder to cry on.
No body to talk to
No one to rely on.
Just talking to myself
or a some non-existent one
But, I’ll tell you, broken telephone
Talking to you isn’t fun.
Cameron Godfrey Jan 2014
She came in, guns loaded, with bullets of red lipstick
Cigarette smoke rings like vows
Her heels were high but her head was held higher
As everyone else bowed.
Her nails were polished, she was too
Her teeth were pearly and white
Her legs were long and her arms were strong
And her hands were clenched in fists, tight.
She stomped on crowds of angry men
That told her girls ain't tough
Her high heels pierced the skin beneath her feet
As she told 'em enough was enough
She came in, guns blazing, with bullets of red lipstick
While them boys had shields and swords
The world put her down for her feminine body
So she took her just rewards.
Bad *** lady protagonists
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