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Jan 2016
for the first time in a long time i opened up my curtains
and for the first time in a long time I let the light into my room
i spent so long hiding away in the darkness, pretending nothing was wrong
and it's time i let the sunshine illuminate my skin

for far too long I've felt nothing.
my limbs were numb and my heart was empty
tears fell, salty on my flesh
and in their wake there was nothingness

all my life I've lived in the shadows
never allowing the sun to tan my skin,
for fear that it would burn
so I opened up the windows on a freezing winter morning
I let the cold pierce my skin
as the light reflected of the white snow
the winter is blinding, but the sun is still shining
and as the goosebumps form on my pastel skin
I feel warm
Cameron Godfrey
Written by
Cameron Godfrey  Where the Sidewalk Ends
(Where the Sidewalk Ends)   
   Samuel Hesed
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