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Are your midnight property.
Curl your drunken palms
between her thighs
with no concern
that the heat inside is broken
and the pipes have been frozen.
Whisper to her
that her smile is genuine,
and that she is too cute
even though she doesn't try.
Then freely run your fingers
over the naked small of her back-
ignoring that she shivers
to the warmth of your touch.
At midnight,
she is nothing but a compost
of indecent pink lines
of those who have raked her back before.
 Nov 2015 Cameron Godfrey
I'm stuck in no man's land
Somewhere in the middle
I'm not white and not black
Not up and not down
Not friend but not lover
He won't let me in
He says he likes me
He likes me a lot
"but let's be friends" he asks.
My heart breaks.
theres no in between for friendship and love.
You can't have my body and not have me.
And you can't ignore me.
Either have me or leave me.
But I refuse to be somewhere in the middle
She is
**** and

You show her friends her picture on your phone.
And she is the
Slim sensual figure in their
Sick ****** fantasies.

And she is not
the brain that learning gave her or the
Woman that her parents made her.  

She is every fear her father ever had becasue she is
"Boys will be boys"
and a "healthy" fear of men.

She is every warning ever fallen off of Mother's lips because she is
"Tell us what you were wearing".

She is the careful avoidance of
"Let me buy you a drink"

She is the fear of walking down a dark alley by herself but
turning the corner anyway,
because if she can't even walk herself home,

What kind of life is she living?

She is a culture perpetuated by misplaced blame and the thought
that hormones override self control,
that "I want" is more powerful than

"Please stop."

She is the belief that her body
your body
my body

Our bodies

Are nothing more than tempting.  
Nothing more than pleasure.

You know that she is more.

More than just

Copyright 2015 Alyssa Steele
exspression sometimes the binary conclusion,
the concave mass of what my eyes have seen or have yet to see or what they used to see
the abscence of your body between the sheets lying next to me,
leaves me memories and faint reminders of scent carried by air
decaying leaves on the wind,
tommy hillfiger perfume,
smoke all and any kinds of smoke,
the smell of oil paints and the taste of latex,
floor tiles,
a shot of ***** you took and held in your mouth just to spit it down my throat.
blue smoke rings,
burnt holes in every piece of fabric i own
down the  alley
later down the alley
 Oct 2015 Cameron Godfrey
On the verge of
A nervous breakdown
Falling apart
I'm still
Faking that
******* smile
 Oct 2015 Cameron Godfrey
 Oct 2015 Cameron Godfrey
When did loving yourself
Become so hard?
 Sep 2015 Cameron Godfrey
Home is a fire
And it's suffocating me
The orange flames dance the tango
As your favorite vase that sat by the window shatters to the ground
And the black smoke burns my eyes
I hear the tears in your voice
The house is shaking
It's going to collapse
And your voice is thunder
Your screams violent
Home is a fire
I'm suffocating inside
I'm crawling trying to escape
But I'm too scared to move
Because I'm trying to listen
To the secrets of the Flames
And I'm trying to figure out
What caused this fire
It's all murmurs
It doesn't matter anyway
There is a fire refusing to seize
And now it's left me here
I'm just trying to breathe
But home is a fire
And I'm suffocating inside.
 Jul 2015 Cameron Godfrey
You look so pretty like a beauty queen
But you feel so ugly like a horror from your dream
And no matter how gorgeous you truly are
You're insides are rotting and leaving a lethal scar
 Jul 2015 Cameron Godfrey
Tell me you love me,
As you gaze into my eyes,
Leaving kisses for all to see,
In violet, yellow and cerise.

Show me your fiery passion,
As you scream out my name,
Expletives a mere expression,
Of feelings that drive you insane.

Make me feel your adoration,
With your bruising touch,
With the heart of a nation,
To make me love you as such.
Unrequited love is a sad yet beautiful thing...
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