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I wish I
had the guts
to walk away and forget
about what we had,
but I can't because I know
you won't come after me
and that's what hurts the most.
by unknown
I told myself
"I will have a great day"
We tell ourselves things that are so cliche
but makes us feel even more isolate.

Despite the positive affirmations
I felt so unmotivated and everything I did or told myself I will do
made it feel like it was obligated.
They are exactly like a mirror
that has been punched and
on the floor into p
and been joined back

when you stand in front of them,
the create hundreds of different  incomplete
                                                                                  υoγ ʇo  ƨnoiɈɔɘlʇɘɿ
"As long as I
don't lose you
I am ok"

Those words will forever
be embedded in my brain,
because you still left me
what a shame.
Somedays I'd just rather
be alone than being with people
that make me feel lonely.

Other days I'd rather be
alone and unbothered
because I want to feel nothing,
exactly nothing at all.
It's important to remember that missing someone who hurt you

does not make you a *******,

and it does not make you damaged.

In fact, it only speaks even louder the fact that

your love was too big for them to hold.

So miss people. Miss them even though they don't deserve to be missed.
as long as I don't talk about it , then
it never happened.
I know I
said I wouldn't
be capable of
breaking someone's
but I guess I lied
because I have broken the
hearts of those I never
loved in return.
Last night I was
in pain,
I cried loud and clear
but no one heard me,
people were around
no one helped me
despite my plea.
 Jan 2020 Brian Hoffman
JR Falk
god ****** you are so beautiful, you're like a walking piece of art

and as someone who loves art
and has seen **** like van gogh's starry night in person
or monet's water lilies
or any of beth cavener's sculptures
you are so ******* unique
and breathtaking
I can't get over you
I never want to have to
you're as priceless as salvator mundi
and I feel so ******* lucky to have even gotten a glimpse of you

christ, kaelan.
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