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Oct 2020 · 103
Yellow Yellow Sterling
Bek Blanchard Oct 2020
Draws one out of sleep
Grief falls down atmospheres cheek  
Warm, Yellow Sterling
Dec 2018 · 10.1k
A Friendship
Bek Blanchard Dec 2018
Now there were two of them
Separated between thousands
of read texts and timely
chats touched by sound
but not skin  
Awake in the others sleeping
Sleeping in the others awake  
Restless as they wait
Restless as they wait
Nov 2018 · 243
Bek Blanchard Nov 2018
Hate speaks through shadows
Emerges from a screen  
Following movements patriotic
seeking refuge in mainstream
#digitization #identity #politics #hate #speech
Oct 2018 · 292
Pull Your Trigger, Please
Bek Blanchard Oct 2018
I love the gun between your legs
You say it can’t start wars
But oh it can ,
that head of yours
When fired at me
The war begins
I battle to not want you
Apr 2018 · 269
Subdued by the Moon
Bek Blanchard Apr 2018
Night is less overwhelming
I feel less confused
It’s easier to deal with shadows
Subdued by the moon
Apr 2018 · 301
Slithering Anxiety
Bek Blanchard Apr 2018
Anxiety is a snake
a slow creeping Copperhead  
Hidden and frozen  
Beneath porcelain skin
Without warning it strikes
Jan 2018 · 476
Bek Blanchard Jan 2018
I like observing people
but it also makes me feel very uncomfortable
I was always told not to stare
because staring is rude
But isn’t that what people watching is?
except that there’s thought behind it and the mind is working
no one else can tell the difference between a thoughtless stare and a people watching gaze
so I’ll just look down instead

People watching
Mar 2017 · 3.5k
Cognitive Dissonance
Bek Blanchard Mar 2017
Quiet voice of truth
Lost beneath the chatter
And the lies which are the loudest
Convince me I don't matter
Apr 2016 · 2.0k
Iniquitous Lover
Bek Blanchard Apr 2016
You love me. You don't. You care. I think. Ignore me. Love me. Confuse me. Ignore me. Confess your love. Make me smile. Take it away. Sleep with someone else. Make love to me. Let me cuddle you. You choose me. Ignore me. Cook you dinner. This is nice. You're nice. Ignore me. Rip me apart. You miss me. Walls come down. "I feel hurt". Ignore me. Begging again. Take me back. One night. It's not over. It's over. My reaction. His reply. "This is why." Ignore me. Soul cries. Love me.
Mar 2016 · 8.1k
Vulnerability's Voice
Bek Blanchard Mar 2016
Vulnerability finally found its voice
I’m feeling fear
Willing and hopeful
Healings’ less frightening
When free to be vocal

Mindfulness and meditation
Unexpected belonging after years of isolation
Looking up at the same dark sky
Trying to interpret fading constellations

Realizing there’s more to us than just a rainbow of medications
And no matter one’s diagnosis
We all long to stay present and focused
And crawl out of the darkness for good
Because vulnerability finally found a voice
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
Charlie Chaplin
Bek Blanchard Nov 2015
Silent yet expressive
Her almond shaped eyes
The prettiest shade of brown
Except when she cries
When she feels sorrow
Her eyes turn blue
Gaze into them
And you’ll feel pain too

Silent yet expressive
A smile so heavenly
It could make a song-less bird
Produce the most beautiful melody
But when she feels sorrow
Lip corners turned down
Once singing birds
No longer make a sound

Silent yet expressive
Her body freely flows
But when she feels sorrow
Her arms tightly close
Much like Charlie Chaplin        
Her feelings; never spoken
But by the look of her
One can see she’s broken
Nov 2015 · 1.6k
Rubik's Cube
Bek Blanchard Nov 2015
My mind transfixed on this perplexing enigma
Left, right, up, down,down
Six colors spinning around
Yesterday i almost had it solved
But the ******* green square just wouldn't line up
I almost surrendered; frustrated by the puzzle
Which has always given me so much trouble
But for some reason i can't put it aside
Addicted to getting all the colors in line
I know there's an algorithm, but my mind's not mathematical
Day by day becoming exceedingly problematical
I won't give up...
Sep 2015 · 2.2k
I Am His Ayer (yesterday)
Bek Blanchard Sep 2015
Ayer is the Spanish word for yesterday

I am his *ayer

His tomorrow I’ll never be
All the days have been stolen away
By an unyielding melody

I am his ayer
He’s the only air I breathe
The smell of lilies gone
Polluted by my disease

I am his ayer
He is my Aries
I can’t live without his fire
My heart he still carries
I'm still trying to figure out if this poem flows nicely... Work in progress.
Sep 2015 · 917
Bek Blanchard Sep 2015
Here I lie in a perpetual state of wonder
If you'd tell me your intentions it would break this spell that I'm under
Do you know what you're doing?
Do you have any respect?
Or is my heart just an object to willingly neglect?
You said you would beat someone up if I had a bad day
Look in the mirror at your reflection
Punch away
Sep 2015 · 9.8k
Bek Blanchard Sep 2015
Disconnected the more we’re connected
Our children are affected and feeling neglected
While our rights to privacy are no longer respected
An idea our ancestors never projected
The transgressions of technological progression
An obsession creating social oppression
A Millennial’s iDol, a prized possession
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Bek Blanchard Sep 2015
Kindred spirits with hearts to repair
Connecting with every story shared
Between the morning star and the crescent moon
We found beauty and strength in the rainy monsoon
Mar 2015 · 6.2k
Bek Blanchard Mar 2015
Drop me in your ocean
I will try not to drown
Vast and full of life
Beautiful and profound

Swallow me in your waves
Wildly unsound
Thrilling and revealing
Unstable and confound

— The End —