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Jun 2015 · 1.2k
PS Jun 2015
I poetried.
Jun 2015 · 402
PS Jun 2015
How exciting it must be
To sit and talk and talk at me
And never hear a nervous squeak
When they should want to leave.

I know the process that you think
The way you throw the kitchen sink
That leaves both minds upon the brink
I'll really have to leave, I think.

And so I stay three hours more
As you follow us from store to store
You talk and talk, it is a bore
I will soon leave, of that I'm sure.

You force your thoughts on us again
You don't know but you speak up then
Half and half so much you spend
So I will leave or 'round the bend.

My heart is beating in my chest
My feet are sore, far from their best
I need to have a long, long rest
Oh my, I am so glad I left.
I'm not really sure what this is... I guess venting.... I'm not sure.
Jun 2015 · 374
PS Jun 2015
You sold me a promise
And I bought it
No refunds or returns
Just us and the hits.

You talked to me
And forced me to listen
To old remixes and love songs
And I danced around my kitchen.

Then, it was over
And all of it stopped
You had a girlfriend
And our number one flopped.

Now, when I see you
And I see you a lot
I think of our time
And how you must have forgot.

You know that I'm over you
You just wanted a chase
I respect it, I get it
Now that I'm out of the daze.
I'm back on Hello Poetry! Hope you like this one.
Sep 2014 · 827
Just like them.
PS Sep 2014
In order to dance to the beat of your drum
You must have a sense of rhythm.
There's no use in hitting the beats on occasion
Because you'll end up sounding the way everyone does.
Just like them.

In order to wear the clothes no one does
You must have a sense of style.
There's no use in clashing your patterns or prints
Because that's a fashion and so in the end you'll be
Just like them.

But there are only so many beats you can play
Only so many colours in the rainbow
There's no possible way you can be so different
Because you are doing the very thing that makes you the same.
You're trying so hard to be the person no one understands
The person who's a mystery, who's just so different
That in doing it you've only become
Just like them.
Let me know what you think about this one.
Sep 2014 · 948
Dreams (10W)
PS Sep 2014
How can I be sad?
All my dreams came true!
I'm so happy they did!
Sep 2014 · 1.8k
27 seconds
PS Sep 2014
Phone freezes,
27 seconds ago,
You message me,
But we quickly go,

Is there a better word for almost?
Whatever it is it's us,
From nothing to something,
In the space of a dusk,

I lied but it was only to get the truth,
You must understand that,
Anyway you won't know,
We were done in 27 seconds flat.
This is getting to be quite fun! I hope you like this... Whoever you are. It's more love, isn't it?
Sep 2014 · 1.9k
PS Sep 2014
Baby call me baby
When and if you want to tell me
You want me and want me to know
If I know about the way you hope
And I hope you know that I know that you want me and want me to know you can tell me when and if you want to...
Baby call me
I don't know but it's twisty.
Sep 2014 · 1.5k
PS Sep 2014
If I write it down
Maybe I'll stop thinking about you
And all the things
I wish I knew.

The names I would've called you
The nicknames you called me
Our talks of foreign films and ghosts
And your love of 1960s.

It's too far now
It's been a month since we spoke
And we could've had what we wanted
If I didn't need to know.
First poem. Hope you like it. It's love, isn't it?

— The End —