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Lane O Sep 2020
Black rosary beads
Holy prayers uttered to God
Penance for my sins
neth jones Aug 2020
down to the river
to wash my hands free
of another sots mud

i relieve my lies in the bushes
i shrug acts
           lax from my shoulders
bathe off soft data

merely a being
and that is all

ryn Dec 2019
Might I fathom
the spaces between the seconds.

Might I plot
each mark on the map.

Might I track
the footsteps that I've left behind.

Might I absolve
the mind ensnared in a trap.
Light House Sep 2017
He picked up three pieces of paper,
as well as a pen.  Each rectangle: a canvas...
For, on each,... he confessed ..imprinted.. one sin.

Poured some of it
out, onto off-white parchments: paint, he had
-- for too long -- held hostage, within.  For...
for too long... he had treated himself
the can.

I have ...given up, before.: that is what he first-wrote.

But, he convinced himself he had always -- instead -- been the color ..within...  So, within the walls of a temple of stone...
he rose ...he stood.. from an icy throne; he walked out,
from down-
-under a roof layered odd... into ...a courtyard
with a coupling ceiling~* ~sewn~ * of stars.
                                                          ­                   *
It was ..there, where -- after having not seen sunlight for years  --
he ignited his first written confession; &, in the process...  evaporated, did some of his history & tears.
Will end up reposting.  Not going to push myself too much tonight.  Consider this a third of the way done-ish, I suppose.  Looking forward to needed sleep.  Apologies for posting an unfinished piece.  Night all.

Temporary title, also.  Raw.  Etc. Etc.
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017
The weight of darkness
is something only the sun
can ever make light.
Nigel Finn Jan 2017
We who shuffle seamlessly along history's ****** banks,
And think our lives are pointful, filled up with meaning,
Yet believe prayers are unanswered, and demeaning,
But if they're not, could never offer thanks,
Can feel the horrors we have created just beneath our skin;
Writhing, contorting, causing trembles in our hands,
Over nothing so petty as what some god claims is sin,
And won't be washed clean by the hourglass's sands.

I am strongly convinced that, even if I can
(By some miracle), be absolved by God's forgiveness,
That He has absolutely no **** right to do this,
To steal that from me, and to change what I am.
It is important that we forgive others, but it  is only important that one person forgives you. That person is yourself.
Amitav Radiance Jun 2014
The night has descended on Earth
Beauty of the darkness, enlightened by the full Moon
Inviting me to join the quiet revelry
As, Nature’s musicians are orchestrating the beauty
Through music, so ethereal, heard only in quietude
I step on to the Nature’s lush carpet; I am engulfed in ecstasy
Angels and Fairies mesmerizing with their beauty
My heart beat falls into the rhythm of the night
I pray to the Moon, let me drink your purity
Rid me of all the negativity and pain
Been thirsty for a while, shower me with your every drop
As I lay bare, I am elevated to a new realization
Night has never felt so inviting and tender
I pray the whole night, only to be absolved of all pain, suffering and negativity
To the Moon, the Fairies and Angels, I owe this new beginning
Been under the weather for quite sometime. I have not been able to write as regularly, I used to. Hope to get back to fit quickly.

— The End —