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57/M/Traverse City Mi.    Every life on this earth matters! I am Wiccan in nature and in debt to the Earth.
Mwende Graciella
18/F/Mombasa    Poem is my daily medicine
vienna bombardieri
F/Canada    I have been writing poetry since the age of twelve. Writing is my therapy . I love to share ideas with other poets.
Daisy Ashcroft
14/F/England    Just a teenager who loves writing..stuff. I wish to share my writing with the world and hope that the world accepts it and me. Open ...
40/M/Humansville Missouri    I am a farmer and a poet. I have a blogspot site with poems and short stories at
F/England    Me: If I ever wrote, I would never write poetry -what do you DO with it? Byron: We of the craft are all mad. Twelfth ...
π‘Ίπ’–π’›π’š π‘©π’†π’“π’π’Šπ’π’”π’Œπ’š
Kavitha prabhakaran
F/India    Practicising as GST PRACTITIONER..... Believe in being an instrument for writing of the master writer!!
Wandering and wondering, around and about.
37/F/A Dream    Creative writer, dreamer, make-believer...INFJ...I started a poetry blog, and since then poems seem to come out of a place so real yet imaginary. Let's please ...
Previously published- not for awhile though- looking to keep at it, make the reader feel something and make myself better with each post submitted.
Travis Green
30/M/Middlesex, NC   
"And God said, 'love your enemy', so I obeyed Him and loved myself." ~ I only repost when I've run out of words
Anais Vionet
16/F/U.S.    I'm a high school student - 11th grade. (Virtual school) I'm on the varsity frisbee golf team.. but damned virus. I have horrible Tiktok & ...
UK    A demon on the outside, looking in; a creature on the inside, looking out. You’ll find him β€” and his heart β€” at the bottom ...
F/Philippines    I bathe in the sun in the morning, shower in the moon at night. I eat stars and vomit rainbows. I get dressed in LOVE ...
Joyce Matula Welch
A Texan who loves the big sky. Dawn and dusk. Moon and stars. ⭐️
Anthony Pierre
42/M/A Sandy Beach   
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