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Uta Jun 2018
She gave him with her cold elvish crystal hands,

a bottle of starlight,

that will protect him from the evil outside and it's poisoning blackness,

for it will show him that there will always be light in his life.

He gave her with his warm, ***** and damaged humanly hands,

a pearl from a shell, from its wavey sea,

of which men have traveled upon for many years.

It will remind her of what a man can give when having a clean and kind soul.

Till this day she has the pearl,

and it makes her smile,

every time when she sees it,

as if,

a human and an elf were meant to be,

a mortal with an immortal.
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(the first short part was from Lord of The Rings when Galadriel gives Frodo a  small crystal bottle of liquid which contains the light of Eärendil's star in the water of Galadriel's fountain. Other is all made up ofc.)
prompty Feb 2016
the ring that ruled
before dawn and day,
o'er summer & an old sun
with its shafts of remebrance;

shall it remain in middle-earth
and the Dark Lord will feed upon all that is green;
shall it become fire from the mountain
and fair lairs will tremble with the wind of age.

but what is to be must be;
all we have left is what we always had:
the power of a single day that is given to us -
one road to fulfill, to live, and to love.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015

before a golden
bowl she stands
crystal sceptre
in her hands
exquisite form
bone china face
possessed of
perfect poise
and grace
hair so fine
lustrous, rich
like cornsilk platinum
to bewitch
eyes of wisdom
seas untold
revealing naught
but deepest
encrusted sheath
shows hips that flare
diaphemous sleeves
lift with the air
oval jaw
cheekbones strong
her lips move
in elvish song
what does she know
that lights her eyes
but sadness fills her
as she sings
she can't possess
The one
mistress of
the wooded lands
before a bowl
she casts her spell



(C) 12/30/2015
all rights protected

as a child i was fascinated by
JRR Tolkien
especially with the elves

was one of my favorite characters
beautiful beyond compare
wisdom profound as oceans

i wanted to be like her
but in my humanity
could not

yet i

— The End —