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Meandering Mind Sep 2018
is there some way in which
the past
the present
the future
are all the same
are all wrapped up
are all on one line i wrote write will write
instead of three separate?

in some ways
4 dimensional space-time
says yeah
that's kinda sorta it:

all the space that exists in
this time
is simultaneously existing in
this time
and in
this time
and in
this time

so all the time that exists in
this space
is perhaps also
all simultaneously existing in
this space
and in
this space

but mostly
the world looks at me
nah dude
you're just insane
Lou Vaughn Jan 2017
Do you recognize me?
I remember YOU.
No, we will not SEE each other after death;
we will BE each other after death,
as we also were before life.
You will realize that I am you and you are me;
we are everyone and everything, even now.
We are synchronous...simultaneous...endless...
We are LOVE...ALL of us.

Bethany G Blicq Jan 2017
​I want to run;
all I have ever done is walk.

I want to run toward love;
all I have ever done is walk.

I want to run toward my dreams;
all I have ever done is walk.

I want to run to Hawaii, India, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Germany, the Arctic,
and everywhere else;
I have barely begun this walk.

I want to run toward friends,
playful but gentle;
this is all I have ever done,
that really matters.

I want to run to that place
where joy and misery are one;
where truth and illusion are one;
where peace and war are one;
where living and inanimate are one;

where I am the craziest of all and the most sane of all, simultaneously;
where I am love and I am fear, simultaneously;
where I am one and I am all, simultaneously;

where you and I are one.

I want to run to the most beautiful and blissful place in existence;
that which is inside of me and outside of me, simultaneously;
all I have ever done is walk.
Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq

Thank you for reading!
Shruti Atri Aug 2014
Twice upon a time, did our worlds collide.
Two pairs of limbs, had broken ties.
Two worlds had ended, when one began;
As a new dawn crept, I held your hand.
I came across a question on Quora: 'Can you write a short story starting with "Twice upon a time"?'...and the words just flowed :) I hope you liked it!

— The End —