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Brandon Conway Jul 2018
We were once all agog for the journey of life
Now just a mouse click leaves curiosity cured
Nescience masquerading as artificial cognizance is rife
Likes, follows, comments, thoughts and prayers lured

A slayer of ambition gave birth to the lazy
No will to work, no will to think, just click this link
And complain all day about how your life is crazy
Stare at the screen as if forgotten how to blink

Welcome to Medusa's social media inc.
Share every feeling that's on your mind
Arachne's weaving web now interlinks
A Giger painting has become mankind

It's embarrassing
It's depressing
It's caressing
It's inheriting

The natural beauty that lies outside
Left only viewed through filtered photos
Language devolved into hieroglyphic emoji replies
Tobler's ambition left reposed

Curiosity and ambition subdued
A final word
Shame May 2018
whispers come out
of control
of the mouth
of the
selfish thinker

select know
while in air
their spare
venom lingers

cruelty whips the paranoid
not anxious for no reason
get in line good girls and boys
be one or zero
curve to the confines
of the basic language

the hermit sits
scooping sand
with her
hand and fingers

given that she has
felt the breadth
of human hate
from some the
closest to her

she will still
sit cross legged in pain
every new day
as each day past
spinning the comic
and the tragic

into verse
unique to her
as the voice
in her mind
convinces her

it could keep
others alive

so she sings
she screams
songs of hope
and victory

where they ought
to be

with the liars
for time enough
in futures
never said
inspired by and
for emnabee

as well as
for all the
Arachne Duana Fortuna

thank you for your secret words
they save and summon
keep on
keep on
Hunter K Feb 2015
Fourteen long stormy years ago,
Was a dark and gloomy night,
A spidery women as far as we know,
Was looking threw every house's window,
She walked ever so delicately over the snow,
Keeping herself out of sight,
Not a part of her seemed to glow,
All except her eyes that were anything but white.

Not so far away,
A newborn child lay,
Sleeping ever so peacefully,
Smiling ever so sweetly,
How could this creature resist?
The longing she had for that child,
Was a feeling she could not dismiss.

Forget the child's parents!
He must be her new prince,
Her next movements were completely errant,
As the creature just lost control,
She snatched the child up,
Holding him like a pup,
She fled to safety,
Before the child awoke,
The mysterious spider lady,
Took him to her home,
To raise him as her very own.

Now present day,
The child now given himself his own new name,
A prince? That is not want he wants to be,
He wishes to have his own word free,
Tired of staring at blank walls,
The child for the first time travels threw new halls,
Leaving the place his once called home,
Not knowing the new places he will roam,
Not knowing the adventures he will have,
Or the people he will share them with.

— The End —