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Things You cannot speak
Things you cannot take
Things you feel
And wounds unheal.
Let go of the past
Somethings just don't last
Shout it out
Cause you are free
Things you doubt
And now you'll see ,
See through my eyes
And  you'll know
what is life
To be love and
To love, I'll show you
My life ,
When I am with you
I don't know
Thing's were just so slow
For the things I wanna show.
A sweeter life , under the savior ,
A faithful life, with God in power,
I'll scream throughout the world
I'll shout it word by word
You are my half
I am thankful
Just you and me
Life is enough.
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With the musics rhythm
Clearing the  dim
Igniting the light
Comforted my sight.

Melodic to my ear
Dried all of my tear,
In my days
You are here in my every ways.

Break those walls
Announce His name to all
He's Jesus Christ our Lord
Know Him people at all sorts.

With Hymn
Give thanks to Him
All shall kneel and bow
And confess all of your sins
Praise and vow.
Thank you poets
I am very happy about you reading my works
Within those glasses
Is the person I want to
The person who kept me on the flow.

On the widest
Ocean I will sail
With you, I just can't fail.

I am not a God
To give you the stars,
Because I am not
Of what you've desired

And as you walk by
It suddenly breez,
And for a while,
It's like my whole
World freeze.

I'm vulnerable to your smile,
Seing those make's me dead for  a while .

And when I'm with You.
I have this feeling that I Can't tell.
And It's like into a bottomless pit I've fell.

You don't need to wear perfume to make you sweet.
You don't need to wear make up to make
You beautiful.
Your  love is whom I want to  meet

And you're...  like an angel ,
send by God to lift me out..  from hell..
Cause now I belong to you,
And on you, aint no letting, go..

For my heart only shouts your name
Cause  this feeling will never change,
And you're always in my mind..
Hoping you might feel the same.

Oceans may roar, earth may crack,
Rivers may flood, I'll always be at your back .

Till God comes back, Even if  devils wrath.,
We'll hold hands and traise the  same path..
A storm is forming deep beneath
Something is stuck that I can't breath,
Knowing I have nothing ,
And never heard the angel sing.

I  am bashful to face a pure water
I'm nothing but a desperate stalker,
Though all my efforts,
Never will her feelings distort.

I will never be the walls
Nor will she fall,
I will now ignore all signs
Cause there is not a chance that she'll be mine.

Stuck in the zone
I wish i will die soon,
Cause she wouldn't even care
For I'm the failures heir.
I feel insecure
This Feels unpure
Intuition not so sure
Worrying about yours.

Tell me what you
Really feel
So this worry I feel
Will heal.

Please tell me you
Love me
I know I made mistakes
This past of time.

Let me hear
The thoughts you bear,
I can't afford
To face my fear.

I'm scared to lose you
It feels like the end.

Now feed this fire.
Have faith
Here  stands
Holding both hands,
In my mind there was a girl
With a hair slightly curled
I waved and say hi
As she marched along the church aisle

Thoughts of being with her
Thoughts of commiting forever,
As the bell rings'
I imagine of white curtains on hung.

I can hear the ***** playing
With it, groups of people were singing,
I will be with you forever
We will live together.

As the father say Do you accept this woman?
I do with all I am
And you will say the same
As you tossed that bouquet

I  carried you around my arms
And I promised when you're with me you'll be unharm,
As we go on with our new life
With I as your husband and you as my wife.

Cause I fell inlove
I, first met you at a very weird place,
And that moment, my heart's beating, hazed.
your voice was most likely an angel,
but thats not the reason ,why, to you I fell.

Because of you, my world have  changed,
A chapter was written on my blank page.
You're the missing brick on my wall,
You're the reason why I still fight on the worlds brawl.

We maybe innocent to this world,
But never forget these words,
You are very special to me .

Your smile fuels my day,
It cleaned the problems on my way.
They say love can be cruel and  blind,
But still I want  you to be mine.

Thunder's  roar are nothing when I'm with you ,
Oceans  became gentle,beacause of you.
I may not be able to catch all the beautiful stars,
Yet I have you.

And you are enough,
Trust me this is not a bluff.
I will rise and you'll be my success,
You will be, the only treasure on my treasure chest.

I am a free planet , that you can invade,
I can be yours, I can be your slave.

I   .                   am   .                  yours...
Hear the echo
Of my never ending sorrow
Listen to the numbness beating of my heart
Listen as my soul depart.

This place's too dark
Hark to the soundless harp,
hark to my garbage life!
And see through to the darkest night.
Don't feel the insecurity
I once a loner
Cared less nor more
A colorless world
Communicating with no words

Sitting Under  thunder clouds
As lightning struck and burned a house
Hear my heart as it howls
All will be clarified of what it sounds

Black bag ,jeans, & shoes
Roads cheap light post
I alone walks
With no one to talk

Pokered face
With the breezes' cold embrace
Emotionless days and nights
Its dark ,it was ,please let me feel the light.
Be friendly
What if i did not grow feelings,
I assume too much to be your king.
What if I fall on someone else,
Will you unban me on your castle?

What if I let go on my ego,
What if my pride were on low?
Would I still be hearing my name
Coming out from you?

What if I did not tell you,
Can i still call you nicknames,
Like hey lil brat?
What if ?

If I die,would you remember me?
Would you say ,its your fault and tell sorry ?
Things You cannot speak
Things you cannot take
Things you feel
And wounds unheal.
Let go of the past
Somethings just don't last
Shout it out
Cause you are free
Things you doubt
And now you'll see ,
See through my eyes
And  you'll know
what is life
To be love and
To love, I'll show you
My life ,
When I am with you
I don't know
Thing's were just so slow
For the things I wanna show.
A sweeter life , under the savior ,
A faithful life, with God in power,
I'll scream throughout the world
I'll shout it word by word
You are my half
I am thankful
Just you and me
Life is enough.
What are we fighting for
This isn't justice anymore
Both sides fighting for power
For what cost are those
Bullets for
This only open another door.
Lay down your pride
An intro to the exit
Realizing that in your heart
I won't fit,
For yours was longed acquired
For someone like your vibe.

I was so upset
Thinking to die and reset,
Trying to evade in this situation
Caused by too much admiration.

I wish you'll perceive
That once you've made me believed ,
That I have a chance
On a fille  I've only seen once.

Now and then you give meaning to my passion
Though your feelings for me was an acute ration.
And even after this treason
I'll still be imprisoned in the same situation.

This is my last poem
That you'll ever bring home,
This is all I have to say
And at this last , On you I convey.
#tried      #be     #let     #faced  #farewell
This rock on my back
In faith I lack,
Searching for answer,
Hoping any chance on her.

Trying to forget
But still misinterpret,
Hoping you didn't lie
Because it hurts to say goodbye .

I tried to believed
But I think I was deceived .
By those smile and hi's
I would rather choose to die!

What is it in this world!
Im moving back and forth ,
Im suffering in this situation,
Buried in desperation .
Hear me out
Let me talk
See and know I can help
Listen I, I know I can

Don't doubt on me yet have trust
I failed once but thats in the past
Give me a second chance
Here me out just glance
And see

I'm positive I do really
Don't pity me
I ain't the same
I'm tired standing still in shame

Hear me out and see
You'll be amazed by me
And know that I can.
Hear me out
For me your eyes are the brightest
You're perfection at its best,
With your rosy cheek
like, them goddesses you mimic.

You're mysterious I could say
But you can make me smile  by your own way,
You're sweet yet bashful
Also an Artist so beautiful.

Like sweet cottons in the sky
With the winds' sweet lullaby
I want you here in my arms
I'll kiss your forehead as you yawns'

Gods' beautiful gift was you
Serving Him and commiting to you is my queue  
Till death do as apart
You will still be in my heart.
Don't be blind
I will be the rainbow after the rain,
And whenever you get hurt let me handle your pain.

Just stay with me and you'll be fine ,
For I am yours and you are mine.

Just stay by my side,
Beacause someday I'll be your grom and you'll be my bride.

So much I have loved you my dear,
So much I want you to be near.

Don't leave now that you are here for loosing you ,
Is my number one fear.
So this is the sound
Without you around,
How cold this corner,
I'm crying for your warmth.

How empty is the sunset
How the waters cry on the beach,
The sadness of the howling breeze,
Without you,  it turns out to be
Like this.
I can't express it really well but I am longing for someone
A mountain not so tall
Sitting beside the river
A lonely day waiting to fall
Light from the moon will make
It better.

The mountain turns red
Mesmerized by the gracious moon
Into a mystical night he was led,
Cherishing the moment ,
As to keep the night,  it can't.

Water falls from the mountain ,
Everyday is a lonely ride,
As the day shines bright,
The mountain waits for the night.
I feel sad I feel limited
I stand on top of a rock
Sorrounded by seas,
Carrying my sorrow at my back
And waves, aren't at eas.

Time to time I face roaring waves
I freeze at dark,burned during light,
Years passed,but still my self couldn't behave
For being watched by the rising tide.

From high and beneath
Seaguls and sharks scouts,
And There I starv and soon will face death
There's trouble in my thoughts
There's guilt in my conscience,
It feels like hollow inside
With a confusion I cannot confide.

In my self there's a heavy burden
Added with the fear of being abandon,
Thoughtfully unto it but heartily  not
I'm in it yet there's one question "but?".

I cannot reckon myself anymore
My mind's in troublesome horror!
Help oh please , please ,please !
Assist me to feel at ease.

I cannot sleep
Thinking all steep,
I'm lucky having that is mine
Yet this does not make me feel satisfied.
What good am I?
The best in me's a lie.

My decisions defying
My reality.

My life's a mess ,
How can I rest?!

I don't even own my heart ,
It's already someones part

My thoughts full of contradiction ,
War between maturity and intuitions.

How can someone like me ,
Break free?

Through all these hardships and adversities.
#mood #depress
My days with you
Was a dream came true,
My hours at night  you whom I seek
Every minute every second that ticks.

You're the reason of my every smile
I haven't been this happy for a while,
Since then I was longing to be love and admired
And here you came sudden and unexpectedly undesired.

I never knew that it'll be you
Because I was expecting other than you,
But now God have given me a fille like you
And that you have made me acceptable that I never knew .

I am thankful to have
I am greatful to be love
I am blessed to be gifted
I am proud to be shifted
With you I'm content
And nor will be discontent.
Be appreciated ab appreciate
First tale where I'm lost
Standing under a light post
Wandering subconsciously
Living my life aimlessly .

Second tale I can't breath
That my hand flit,
Pumping my chest
Remembering my lifes' mess.

Third tale I was found
Somebody lifted me up from the ground ,
With His light I was  reborn
I can hear the angels  horns .

Fourth tale I'm living new
He made my life construe,
I'm blessed beyond the curse
For His love will endure.
Know  who's worthy
I keep staring at you from afar
You were like a beautiful butterfly
I keep staring at a frowning face
But my heart doesn't hesitate
I love you I hope its our fate.

Don't look sad your day's not that bad
In fact mine's the best I ever had
Don't hide you're eyes and meet mine
Cause you know? I love your smile.
I could see those from a mile away.

Just don't look back I am here waiting
A knight of my lady and for my queen I am your King ,
Come on let me see how beautiful you can be,
Come closer I won't hold back , why?
I'll hug you tightly cause without you I will never be satisfied.

I am a King to my Queen
I'm a knight to my lady
I'll do everything just to make you happy
Just stay with me and don't let go
I love you! I hope you know.
Thank you hepos!!!
Where do I belong?
I can't continue this song
This song of my life
This sadness in my heart's  rife.

I have considered them wrong
I'm living in lie for so long
What am I to them?
Do they see me the same?

No matter how I look at it
I can't seem to fit
Their bond's too deep ,
For me to catch up and dig.

They won't even listen on how I feel
They wont!  I'm always concealed
I'm nothing but trash to them
They wont accept me for who I am!
All thanks to you all poets Tho I'm just a kid at the age of 16 Form the philippines I really love poems.
What is it, that I'm not?
Though the ******'s  on the edge of this storys' plot,
Carrying my problems uncut
That within,  I was shot.

What is it that I don't have?
Finding me difficult for you to love.
I am not as numb of what you & they think I was,
But forever this feelings will last.

You plus him , was your dream,
Ignoring me at the not list stream .
This sight's torturing me ,
Without  happiness nor glee.

What is it that you hate?
Was it my ***** pride cape?
Or this edged heart shape?
What is it?
Let thy be to the marriage with maiden
Made thy life not seek of any other
Living a contrast of sweetness and pain
Thus be a mother with sons and daughters.
Constrict verdicts of every known evil
Construe what is bright inside with thyself
Let not both severed nor darkness prevail
Souls utterly preserved within the shelf.
Constrained thy fire walled our time not to flame
Have no bashful faces distorts to frown
This mesmerizing life portraited frame
Someday I and thee will be out of town.
Let thy love be demised to the marriage
Thus faith be lived until our dying days.
Please comment here your point of view dear poets

— The End —