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First tale where I'm lost
Standing under a light post
Wandering subconsciously
Living my life aimlessly .

Second tale I can't breath
That my hand flit,
Pumping my chest
Remembering my lifes' mess.

Third tale I was found
Somebody lifted me up from the ground ,
With His light I was  reborn
I can hear the angels  horns .

Fourth tale I'm living new
He made my life construe,
I'm blessed beyond the curse
For His love will endure.
Know  who's worthy
With the musics rhythm
Clearing the  dim
Igniting the light
Comforted my sight.

Melodic to my ear
Dried all of my tear,
In my days
You are here in my every ways.

Break those walls
Announce His name to all
He's Jesus Christ our Lord
Know Him people at all sorts.

With Hymn
Give thanks to Him
All shall kneel and bow
And confess all of your sins
Praise and vow.
Thank you poets
I am very happy about you reading my works

— The End —