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My days with you
Was a dream came true,
My hours at night  you whom I seek
Every minute every second that ticks.

You're the reason of my every smile
I haven't been this happy for a while,
Since then I was longing to be love and admired
And here you came sudden and unexpectedly undesired.

I never knew that it'll be you
Because I was expecting other than you,
But now God have given me a fille like you
And that you have made me acceptable that I never knew .

I am thankful to have
I am greatful to be love
I am blessed to be gifted
I am proud to be shifted
With you I'm content
And nor will be discontent.
Be appreciated ab appreciate
daisies Aug 2014
when i close my eyes,
all i can see is you in that darkness.
and when i opened my eyes,
i can see the world and you in my imagination.
whenever i pause to think,
my thoughts are about you.
washing my hands,
i remember the way you hold my hands.
whenever i drink coffee,
i remember warmth of your love.
whenever i jump into the ocean,
i remember the depth of your love.
whenever i walk under the pouring rain,
i remember your tears;
you and me crying together.
and when i think of myself,
i think of you.
don't ever question me why.
it's like half of me
is yours.

— The End —