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Farhan Ahmed Dec 2018
white flames fly away from the black ashes
And the bucket of holy sins empty through Sighs
When logical statements will fade through reality
It will be difficult to breath
Donna Aug 2018
Why did the ocean and the sky draw a line
Because they both had rulers
:-)) fun and silly one :-)
Donna Aug 2018
What did the washing up liquid say to a ***** plate...
Your a messy eater
First of my silly qoutez :)
Donna Apr 2018
Best not take life to
serious otherwise you'll
miss out on pizza
Donna Mar 2018
The best thing about
painting over grubby walls
They end up pretty
Painting my son's room:)  just love painting walls always inspires me one of my fav inspirations :)
Donna Feb 2018
I love the sound of
my family when there home
Noisy loud and mad

:))) I wouldn't have it any other way it makes my heart bloom bloom bloom :)
Donna Feb 2018
In life you make your
own choices , to blame others
will get you nowhere
:) this is something I've learnt over the years x
Donna Feb 2018
Life is fun life is
good life is what you make it
Be the best you can
Donna Feb 2018
I have baked beans in
my head they want to be read
After letter zed
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