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Jul 2017
I, first met you at a very weird place,
And that moment, my heart's beating, hazed.
your voice was most likely an angel,
but thats not the reason ,why, to you I fell.

Because of you, my world have  changed,
A chapter was written on my blank page.
You're the missing brick on my wall,
You're the reason why I still fight on the worlds brawl.

We maybe innocent to this world,
But never forget these words,
You are very special to me .

Your smile fuels my day,
It cleaned the problems on my way.
They say love can be cruel and  blind,
But still I want  you to be mine.

Thunder's  roar are nothing when I'm with you ,
Oceans  became gentle,beacause of you.
I may not be able to catch all the beautiful stars,
Yet I have you.

And you are enough,
Trust me this is not a bluff.
I will rise and you'll be my success,
You will be, the only treasure on my treasure chest.

I am a free planet , that you can invade,
I can be yours, I can be your slave.

I   .                   am   .                  yours...
Clark Avvery E Codoy
Written by
Clark Avvery E Codoy  16/M/Philippines
     a l e x, yasaman johari and SPT
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