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King Panda Jun 2016
like red lion parts
crotch rocket
nut cup
anything done behind
a dumpster in the dark
yes, always
because you never liked how
light peeked through my thin
or how I squinted
my eyes when I kissed you
“Just close them all the way
of course, I obliged
anything to keep you
away from your mother
anything to keep you
out of the garage
the sulfur smell
the demons in your
drinking marble
but god,
the vibration
the car peeling out
on the driveway and
“Here take this.”
all of me reminded you
of her
all of me
“Rest, darling. Rest.”
and every time the night
ended with unclothed gin
bedspreads like
forts and painted
“Go **** youself.”
and all was lost
my body
my grief
10 pounds lighter
sweat soaked through
the carpet
As the Thunderbolt God Jupiter
Saturn’s brother
Pursued his loves in disguise
The Goddess Hera sat upon her throne
Irritated and plotting
Gazing with angry jealous eyes

Oh, courageous intelligent Athena
****** Goddess of the hunt
Dare the foolish to cast eyes upon her unclothed
Under the sentence of a tortuous death
Its said by many she was not birthed
But sprang surprisingly from her father’s head

The lovely Aphrodite
Would melt the hearts of many a man
Who would offer up their life
For but a faint touch of her hand

The Light God Apollo admirer of the word, reciting poetry
Pluck the gold lyres delicate strings
While the sea god Poseidon’s twelve daughters
Dressed in dripping seaweed began to sing

Ares of the bold god of war
Feared conqueror and great warrior
Planted flowers
As was his custom in the spring

Artemis in fervent haste strung her magical bow
For it was pursuit that stirred her blood
It flowed through her veins
Aged Roman wine
Running stags through shadowy woods

The gods of the Kings
The Gods of the people
To whom many sacrifices were made
Lived thousands of years beyond the lifespan of man
So, say the storytellers of olden times and past days

All right Reserved. Tammy M. Darby. Jan. 31, 2019
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Pringles are eaten
as gifts are slowly unclothed
might be pairs of socks



The Queen makes her speech
pigs in blankets passed around
crackers house trinkets



Adverts for sales
folks queue up hours before
for a new TV
Written: December 2017.
Explanation: A set of three haikus relating to the Christmas period - not meant to be taken seriously, and a deviation from my normal style of work. This follows a similar set of (fairly samey) haikus written over the past few years - 'Yuletide Trilogy' (2012), 'Stocking Fillers' (2013), 'Christmas Triptych' (2014), ‘Festive Trio’ (2015), and ‘Pulling Crackers’ (2016). Please note that Pringles are a brand of snack chips available in most countries, while the title is French for 'Merry Christmas.' All feedback welcome. A link to my Facebook writing page can be found on my HP home page.
NOTE: Many of my older pieces will be removed from HP at some point in the future.
the beautiful, lie unclothed.
hand in hand they lie unclothed.
hand in hand. Male with Male, Female with Female, Male with Female.
the bare girl crosses the bare breast of her lover.
with measureless love, arms and hearts with measureless love.
the breath goes with the breath of the friend.
the kisses. the wrong is right.
supple and awake.
they pass the chemistry.
I too stay a while to love you.
should be afraid to trust myself with you?
i am not afraid

we all just need love.
hadnt felt inspired in weeks.
sudden burst of inspiration.

where is my muse?
Paul Hansford May 2016
The love of a mother for her child
is not the same as the child's love for his mother.
The love of a man for a woman changes
after they are married
from what it was before,
and her love does not correspond in all points with his.
Love between man and woman
is different from the love of boy and girl.

Love can be permanent as the tides, regular, unquestioned,
with no end and no recognisable beginning.
It can come suddenly,
as a thunderstorm in summer breaks
upon the thirsty earth,
except in the memory.

But under any one of these emotions
what is there for us to say?
Only, I love you.

Thoughts can be subdivided, classified, clothed with words.
Words fit feelings only approximately,
and our deepest feelings must often go unclothed.
So when I say I love you
I cannot analyse what I mean.
I only know that I do love you
and hope you understand.
SassyJ Apr 11
There are no houses here
just hills with billabongs
sheep raiding pastures
each contained to its own
and the greeness of the valley
is submerged within my being
bearing the streams from the sun

There are trees smiling
attired in greeness and sheen
whilst others are withered
unbranched, unclothed, branded
each to its own paradise
unaware of the other’s existence
reserved in framed ponds

Thoughts to Cootamundra
where reasons are sacrificed
and the words muted are said
and each passageway is a memory
that reforms my tapestry
awaiting the hushed winter winds
at the heart of the autumn breeze
With my face over her hair fallen neck
sending through my lips
what I’ve dreamed of compiled tastes

One arm wrapped her waist
The spinal curve of her back
Give-way my others embrace

In my palm falling slowly
with surrendered hold
Her reclining body takes plunge

A body wondrously dreamt by the Gods
but never to beholden
For that vessel has since long belonged
And in a quiet covet,
the Gods continue to sin

Over and across the bed
Released from my grip

Upwards into her hairline
a sweat spreading mist

Grabbing a fistful of mane
I’d lay down on the runway to attain
this flowing coat between my fingers

For the length of time
her hair has entwined me in cuffs

Pulling harder
I gladly yield in acceptance
this braid given stain
a permanent scar

Slow let go of her feathers tangled

In her neck I’m keeping
a burrow in repose

Seeing buttons undone in sync
to expose

The destination of my lips next imprint
like advanced shadowing hints

In a mechanical motion

Hair pulling emotion

Triggers upward
her chest and chin

Two spotlights on the ceiling what her ******* up send
Shaping her back an arc
like a half moons descent  

When she finishes her unbuttoning
Next for my belt she reaches
then the unzip I’ll never forget

She takes me in invest

I take her in continuous shooting

All the unfastened

Now Firm
And Shake
The peak is reached from this encounter
defined by a collection of far to many lustfully seductive
mental hive of trapped aches
Then I kiss her lips in return she kisses me back, felt...
Shelby Apr 13
death bursted into my room tonight
awakening a deep slumber
outstretching a cold boney hand
as if offering for me to go with him

I felt no fear or sadness
I have been waiting for death to greet me
I have admired him from afar
a lover who took no chance in courting me
Until he was ready to give me an embrace
That could be defined as loving and warm
but it was sinful and alluring

flickers of sparks in his eyes
ignited a fire in my soul
a passion that I had longed for
as my hand grabbed onto his
he pulled me close in the middle of the room

he began to dance to the tune
of our heartbeats synchronizing
a beautiful symphony rang love in our ears
craning his neck
he leaned in close
inhaling the shakiness of my breath
moonlight illuminated the poison dripping
from his puckering lips
as an offering to taste
what afterlife was

it held soft undertones of an earthy aftertaste
but an overpowering intoxicating sweetness left me hungry
for just one more dip
in his suicidal serenity

moving in one fluid motion
sweeping behind me
a boney hand placed on an unclothed forearm
slowly slid up my shoulder
as another arm was placed around both hips
he pressed himself tightly against me
icy breath grazed across my neck
making hairs stand up on my arms
as a moan escaped between closed lips
he whispered a seductive I love you
as he tucked hair behind my ear

the words I longed to hear
were met with a sharp knife
placed in open hands
and a crooked smile
spread across his face
it was at that moment
I came to the realization
to become his fully
my beautiful souls light
must burn out
to match his souls decayed state

no persuasion was needed
I longed for this moment
now the time was finally right
steady right hand raised
the elongated blade
"together forever..."
death breathlessly whispered
as a swift motion
punctured my abdomen
breath was taken out of my lungs
knees buckled
as death dropped me to the floor

tears of bliss flowed from my eyes
staining mascara streaks on flushed cheeks
I peer around the room to greet my lover
in another embrace with my final breaths
but im alone
left with a bloodied knife in hand
but this forbidden passion of a deaths dance
was only used to take ones soul
not give it the life it craved
laughing through the flood of tears
not even in death was I loved
Lovers meet in hallowed places
Warm bed
Thick duvet to dampen the floods to come
Enter the actors
The shy unsure steps
Then brazen hands at last
Buttons snap like a magician's show
Bodies ones clad lay  bare
A kiss
And then some
A dance of two lips
Twisting and tasting
Tongues darting in an out like in a rhyme
Then the winding of waist
One thrusting
The other receiving
Sweat comes and hearts race
Then the pace quadruples
A battered bed
Two tireless visionaries
Pounding and panting in passion
Singing wordlessly
Time seem to wind on unchecked
Then the cry
A sound so sweet the eyes water
Bodies stiffened
Breathing hiked
A moistened end to a sweetened act
Here they are
At the apogee of the world
Sated at least for the sec
Who knows what thing lies ahead
When two unclothed lovers lay down?
Well,*** is one reason we all are. Evidence of our very existence, a necessary thing for the perpetuation of our line,therefore a sacred thing to be written on.
ashton Nov 2018
it's almost as if she were calling to me,
begging me to venture from the barren prairie
to the tantalizing surf,
to wholly submerge into her; to escape from my sorrows,
to inundate myself with the delicacy of her frigid surface.
i could hear her, muttering my name from across the meadow.
slowly, i was growing aware of how minute i had become,
standing in this immense field alone.
i felt the aching, and the longing for amity scrabble its way up my spine.
my legs begin to take strides, my entire body follows en suite.
my fingers shakily unbutton my blouse, tossing it somewhere within the paddock.
it was as if my body had a mind of its own, and was spellbound.
my boots are off before i can comprehend what is happening to me.
and suddenly, im unclothed,
my feet digging into the sand beneath me.
my ears ring as my brain swims and i can't focus;
all i hear are her exquisite murmurs, chanting my name
until it's no longer recognizable.
the ringing in my ears swells, roaring until my brain aches and my vision grows more and more white until im underwater,
covering my ears and screaming for the chaos to subside.
and it does. my **** body is submerged into her breathtaking sea.
never have i felt more at peace.
Mary Gay Kearns Dec 2018
The morning lay hazy in the blue
A fantasy of candy floss mists and dew
The trees on either side of the road
Water colour Cotman patches of ochre
Dabs gently mixing
Caressing the unclothed hedges
Where berries formed
And what we shared
Eloped the earth.

Love Mary ***
Peace Sep 2018
I fear dying,
before my potential is reached.

accepting I am human,
& accessible to sickness
& pain forces me to lean a little more to the sky above.

trying to find my voice and allow the vulnerability of my brokenness from within speak,
is an unknown breach of territory.

I am private & in this I am sensitive
to protect my inner self from feeling and being

I hide behind a mask of uncertainty
so my sanity is protected

but I no longer can keep the
human sides of me secreted

here I stand,
unclothed & ready
to let every side of me, shine..

a servant
sandra wyllie Nov 2018

She’s transparent as the tear drops that stain
her pretty face by smearing someone’s hate
under her eye liner and mascara. Don’t listen to

what people say. It shouldn’t matter. But it
does. She’s as sheer as her stockings
when she starts talking. You can hear the pitch

in her voice change, as a sliding trombone. See her eyes
glaze over, as a honey dew donut. Notice her head
drop, as boulder rolling down a mountain. Your words

become a smoking gun that you blow  in streams of
vowels and consonants. She’d rather have it all
fall out than implode. She’d rather be as is,

unclothed. Her heart is diaphanous too. It’s as delicate
as a loose tooth. And when it comes undone she
stores it under her pillow and grows a new one.
Irina BBota Oct 2018
Call me crazy, for breathing your air in my chest,
and my body struggles with an impatient expectation,
in need of a dream, for accepting the reality,
thinking of me would be a speaking proof of temptation.

Talk to me in cadence, in a seductively deep tone,
for I can lay next to your voice, to fall asleep untroubled,
to listen how the rain knocks my window, in dreams to plunge in
while you are staring at me and leaving me unclothed.

Give silent orders to my body with your greedy hands,
your eyes are not having enough and keeps me craving too,
our lips merge into a hungry clutter and we are left
without breath, insatiable, in a world with love as its tattoo.

Then, let a cloud of sleep lay over your eyes
with smells of aphrodisiac, but extinguishing our fires,
retreating with a slight bow, like a real gentleman
shivered by a chill, but loving his girl, whom he admires.
Graff1980 Oct 30
I know a troll
who took
a leisurely stroll
with a goblin
and a knoll.

They didn’t
have a planned
place to go,
so, they
just went
with the flow.

Past the pleasant groves
where pixies played
and children
dreamed one day
they would
be able to stay,

beyond the
wood nymphs
those virgins
then stopping
to get know
their cousin
in the river
bed below.

It was
I nice little walk.
Until, they were
by an over eager,
righteous believer,
knight errant
on an errand
for his local liege.

He had no need
to give these three
a lick of grief,
but being oh so
brave and noble,
felt untitled
to act with

So, the three
traveling hence
from whence
they came,
but the knight
was never heard
from ever again.

— The End —