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Kara Jean May 2016
The weekend drips slowly
Regrouping, fixing her flowing blouse
Removing moments of stupidity
Told, goals will not wait upon the playing
The world doubts her abilities
She keeps a flower crown
A sip in her soul and a push beyond control
A gut on the verge of dying
She smiles introducing her cries to the world
If *** could see, how proud would he be
Taking shots as they sing
Oh to have a presence built on a kingdom of storm clouds
A goddess with out an understanding
molly Oct 2
I sit in ye old comfy chair,
The plated food foreboding;
I fix on the fluorescent glare,
but Netflix was not loading.
A vein peeks through my forehead skin
to sympathize my burning,
the episode will not begin,
my stomach started churning,
but in the mishap there resides
a self awareness earning:
all spectacles are doomed to die
but minds continue learning.
de-pacify your passive wane,
reroute your ruling causes,
and feed what once had fed your brain
towards profitable clauses.
Reshape against the turning tide
of mental diuretics.
where media is piled inside,
potential trumps kinetics.
To lose your mind is to forget,
misnomered in abstraction,
and in the words of Hamlet,
“[...] is to lose the name of action.”
Yellowbird Aug 23
doesn't mean unprotected.
doesn't mean safe.

I'll need to tread
cold waters first
to get anywhere at all
when it feels
it feels like I’m losing
hold of it all
in reality
it's just that
I failed to remember
I don't go

I'm never alone
I'm sorry I never listen.
ryn Oct 2014
Escape pods*
Ferried fears
  Gaping heart
   Falling tears
    Dishevelled mind
     Emotional unrest
    Watered ground
    Familiar guest
   Questioned answers
  Unanswered questions
  Glassy eyes
   Increased tension
    Dissipating hope
     Chewed confidence
    Broken spirit
   Unwelcomed sentence
  Failing health
Unstable mind
Choked fingers
Flying blind
 Pathetic plea
  Stretched thin
    Battered insides
     Uncomfortable skin
      Eventual stop
       Frightful frights
        Perceived freedom
         Within sight
        Bruised being
     Absent gods
    Relying upon
Escape pods
Don't ask...I don't even know...
Permission to disappear... for a few years?
I ask to be pardoned, while I become a stranger
as I'm so uncomfortable being so ******* familiar.
Let me go, leave me to become a nobody to everyone
In order to become
to myself.
Mar 6d
I don’t want to do this,
I’ve said it before.
Many times.
He gives me that disappointed look...
I give in.
It starts out slow,
I keep my eyes clenched shut,
Hoping someone would walk in,
And save me from my fate.
Pain floods throughout me.
I scream.
I cry.
He covers my mouth,
Telling me to be quiet.
I’ll never be quiet again.
One of the more mature ones I’ve written. It’s time for me to dwell in the mild traumas that have occurred in my life.
ryn Jan 2015
How are you?
I'm alright I guess...

Where do we begin?
Maybe at the start of this mess.

Are you uncomfortable?
I can't say that I'm not.

Is it your past?
Well it's all I've got.

Do you still get nightmares?
Well I used to...

Will you let them show?
Depends on you...

What do you hope to accomplish?
I don't know... Peace of mind?

Would you have done things differently?
Everyone wants the chance to push "rewind".

Care to elaborate?
Let's just say I would've liked to be braver.

What do you mean?
I should've stood up to my father...

Did he abuse your trust?
He did more than just that...

Rob you of your freedom?
Let's see... His belt, cigarettes and also boiling water out of a vat.

Do you wish him ill?
I wished him dead.

Yeah...in his bed.

Why "wished"?
Because I wanted that then...

For how long?
Since I was ten.

What about now?
Maniacal smile) I am now... At peace.

"At peace"?
I have found release.

You have?
Yes... I couldn't resist the urge.

Urge to do what?
To comply with the voice... "
Freedom...lies in the purge..."

You left your father?
Yes but not before...

Go on...*
Not before I slit his throat with a smile on my face as I shut the door...
Inspired a programme I watched on the crime channel.
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