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Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
It’s always easy to say you love me,
when I’m naked,
I only have your undivided attention,
when you’re about to come,

what is it with lust,
and why do all mean act like predators,
walking around looking to stick it in,
while constantly trying to fight all competitors,

get your sick stick away from me,
I don’t want to fck I don’t want to ****,
I just want to make a way to get away from everything,

even though I know there’s no where I can go,
that will put me far enough away from men,
that I will feel comfortable enough,
to relax enough to meet a man and be his friend,

and I know that sounds a little extreme,
but so does being pinned by my wrists to a bed,
while I’m being stuck from the back my lust,
with a pillow pressed upon my head,

and you don’t even get it,
you think we’re making love,
and I try to explain this,
but you don’t give a fck,

because you don’t make love,
you make lust,
so I’m going to get ghost as soon as I can,
no love lost because all we did was fck,

it’s always easy to say you love me,
when I’m naked,
I only have your undivided attention,
when you’re about to come…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Sanjali Jan 2018
Just another sleepless night.
My jaw doesn’t fit the pillow quite right,
I’ll be back in bed though after a while,
And it’ll just be another sleepless night.
If this were a dream I’d be flying outside
Or lying under stars bathed in moonlight,
If this were a dream, I’d be alright;
Yet a dream it is, and a sleepless night.
It is not often that I lie awake at night, but when I do it doesn't seem all that surprising.
Dark n Beautiful Oct 2018
Her eyes were wide open: she spoke with confident
The sun shines brightly from the west
That came directly from the boardwalk:

I tried not to stare directly at her lower parts
But once I look at the negativity :the body shaming
Keep on rising, my lips were sealed:

Hello, my name is Anna, and how are you?
I heard about them, I saw their videos
But to be up close: defaming the obesity epidemic
I saw Lucy the human sow pig,
The Triumphant Elephant struggles,
Years of food that could have save thousands
Of hungry children lives:
she lay there dictating, deteriorating

I stood there as a poet with a pen.
not a Nurse of a friend,
Gasping, sighing
She fights for air;
I fumbled for words of expression:

To report back to Jack Kevorkian:
Was on displayed: there that day
Her hands reach for the oxygen wire,
I knew and she knew how I felt about her
She looked right at me, when she said the words

“Anna do you speak the Language
I said “oh no, “God forbid
And from that moment,
I know she was waiting, waiting,
To leave this world behind her:

Sadly, I got to know her better,

she was sweet and sour at the same

she brought a bottle of champagne for the staff for
the New years, and in February she passed away..
R.I.P Dora
Nadia Sep 5
Myriad miniature migraines
Bounce off the waves
To zip by
Gleefully stabbing
At my eyes

NCL September 2019
wren Jan 28
please don’t grab onto my arm
You know i don’t like leading

it’s far too scary, being in charge but
we both know i wont tell You i’m unhappy

wanting You to hold me is so hard
when i feel like everyone thinks im disgusting  

but forcing myself to only cater only to you
feels even more nauseating
please just let me be the ******* sub we both know i am
Seanathon Feb 3
Disconnected from the comfort
But not the truth indefinitely
You see
All about how it works and is
But you cannot see yourself at work in it
The January Lasts

A perspective
Kara Jean May 2016
The weekend drips slowly
Regrouping, fixing her flowing blouse
Removing moments of stupidity
Told, goals will not wait upon the playing
The world doubts her abilities
She keeps a flower crown
A sip in her soul and a push beyond control
A gut on the verge of dying
She smiles introducing her cries to the world
If God could see, how proud would he be
Taking shots as they sing
Oh to have a presence built on a kingdom of storm clouds
A goddess with out an understanding
Blue Aug 2018
doesn't mean unprotected.
doesn't mean safe.

I'll need to tread
cold waters first
to get anywhere at all
when it feels
it feels like I’m losing
hold of it all
in reality
it's just that
I failed to remember
I don't go

I'm never alone
I'm sorry I never listen.
Matterhorn Feb 22
Across the room,
Through the undulating mass;
Somehow, we discover,
Each other's eyes.
She holds my gaze for but a moment,
Then quickly looks away,
Timidly brushing aside a curly strand of hair,
Staring anywhere else.

In the corridor,
Swiftly walking, pushing and shoving;
Our eyes meet once again,
And again,
Her pupils dart immediately to the left or right,
Studying the wall,
Suddenly in love with the smeared fingerprints and tacky posters.
I silently hope to be perceived once again
As she disappears.

Often, it seems
This process repeats.
Who is she?
What is her name?
How is it that, without fail,
We find each other
In one world or another,
One intrigued, the other embarrassed?
For the sake of the miracle, I refuse to know.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
ryn Oct 2014
Escape pods*
Ferried fears
  Gaping heart
   Falling tears
    Dishevelled mind
     Emotional unrest
    Watered ground
    Familiar guest
   Questioned answers
  Unanswered questions
  Glassy eyes
   Increased tension
    Dissipating hope
     Chewed confidence
    Broken spirit
   Unwelcomed sentence
  Failing health
Unstable mind
Choked fingers
Flying blind
 Pathetic plea
  Stretched thin
    Battered insides
     Uncomfortable skin
      Eventual stop
       Frightful frights
        Perceived freedom
         Within sight
        Bruised being
     Absent gods
    Relying upon
Escape pods
Don't ask...I don't even know...
By: Cedric McClester

Uncomfortable days
And sleepless nights
He eats their souls
In tiny bites
While promoting the
Supremacy of whites
The kind of controversy
In which he delights

They find themselves
To various things
That he’s addressing
It takes a while for them
To learn their lesson
After they’ve become
One of his possessions

In good time
No one denies
Everything he touches
Eventually dies
Or becomes someone
For him to despise
With reputations tattered

If he’s not Satan,
Who is he then?
A corrupter
Of women and of men
Who swallows their souls
Like only he can
Which his victims
Eventually understand

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Permission to disappear... for a few years?
I ask to be pardoned, while I become a stranger
as I'm so uncomfortable being so ******* familiar.
Let me go, leave me to become a nobody to everyone
In order to become
to myself.
julianna Mar 2
shifty bones under skin,
wires rubbing against it
blood pumping, flowing,
eyes heavy and weak
mind sending hormones
to send electric messages
all blurring together to
form uncomfortable existence
ryn Jan 2015
How are you?
I'm alright I guess...

Where do we begin?
Maybe at the start of this mess.

Are you uncomfortable?
I can't say that I'm not.

Is it your past?
Well it's all I've got.

Do you still get nightmares?
Well I used to...

Will you let them show?
Depends on you...

What do you hope to accomplish?
I don't know... Peace of mind?

Would you have done things differently?
Everyone wants the chance to push "rewind".

Care to elaborate?
Let's just say I would've liked to be braver.

What do you mean?
I should've stood up to my father...

Did he abuse your trust?
He did more than just that...

Rob you of your freedom?
Let's see... His belt, cigarettes and also boiling water out of a vat.

Do you wish him ill?
I wished him dead.

"Wished"? his bed.

Why "wished"?
Because I wanted that then...

For how long?
Since I was ten.

What about now?
Maniacal smile) I am now... At peace.

"At peace"?
I have found release.

You have?
Yes... I couldn't resist the urge.

Urge to do what?
To comply with the voice... "
Freedom...lies in the purge..."

You left your father?
Yes but not before...

Go on...*
Not before I slit his throat with a smile on my face as I shut the door...
Inspired a programme I watched on the crime channel.
FlipThePoet Sep 2018
I'm beginning to like this Sport.
Hockey girl.

I'm getting comfortable around you hockey girl
I'm getting use to the cold tryin' not to fold hockey girl
I'm learning how to skate, 'em chairs far away hockey girl
I'm not gonna lie, I do fall and fall again as I try to stand hockey girl

Oh what a game hockey girl
I'm a summer boy, l love grass and the cleats hockey girl  
I'm a gym boy, I rather do weights and do the jumpman hockey girl
I like to think I'm a sport guy but hockey wasn't mine hockey girl

Where I was born hockey wasn’t a sport hockey girl
Sometimes I would think "how can I learn a new sport at one and twenty" hockey girl
Back in the day I used to think hockey was white and not black hockey girl
Now I'm beginning to realize that hockey is black and white hockey girl

Sometimes the pads and apparel gets heavy and uncomfortable hockey girl
Learning a new sport can be tough hockey girl
I play to not get in the box hockey girl
I sincerely hope I don’t disappoint you hockey girl.
FYI: This poem goes to a good friend of mine
I just wanna say thank you as I share my mind
harlee kae Oct 2014
some would say it's awkward
or uncomfortable
or painful
but i loved the way our teeth clashed
when we kissed
because that's how much
we wanted each other
jerelii Jul 2018
Life is a lesson
full of adventures to ride
it is a product of achievement and joy,
suffer and pain
but there are a lot of test
that you will take
some challenges
to test your patience
and perseverance
hardwork that you should try
but after all, you’ll still
get through all of these zigzag lines
to the path that you will never know
what consesus would it bring into you.
Whether you labor it in
each continental parts
of living the success in life.
your choice is your destiny,
your will is what makes you.
& so you create what you become
and you become what you think
simple, but people always
choose the easy route
rather than the hard route
that will only makes them
overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
though uncomfortable things
will only let you G-R-O-W
once you give it a G-O-
To C-H-A-N-G-E
is a M-U-S-T
and so is to be a better self.
because to be a better person
means to suffer
to be a better person
means to change
and to be a better person
means to be kind and to be grateful for.

quotational marks that you carried in you
all along the way,
it will guide you
to reach your dreams and goals
in life.

this is the presentation
to make an impact to the world.
July 28,2018
ryn Sep 2014
Sun up till sun down
Trapped in a perpetual frown
Moon comes then she goes
Drops free fall from my nose

Waking hours in the daylight
Aimless motions; clumsy, puppet-like
Waking hours in the night
Uncomfortable in my own skin and psych

Sleeplessness be my companion
Restlessness be my actions
Despondence be my demon
Crest fallen be my reason

Frantically sifting through my head
Vertically upright or supine in bed
Compartmentalising might be key
To fend off self inflicted insanity

Desperation hangs overhead; ripe and bruised
Excuses upon excuses ridiculously overused
Furiously typing before my mind curds
Hopes of finding peace in these unspoken words
Darkness is upon me... Please excuse my rantings
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