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As the crow flies south from capital city
With soaring moonshine he coasts into synchronicity
Highways below dissolve into forgotten whispers
Like a rear view mirror sees only memories in its disappearing

Visual ****** initiates and fills this polychromatic cruise
Starting with a quiet historic ruse
Contesting over which of the two
echo shadows for optical repeal

the many leaves of kaleidoscope hues
That keep a running legacy since time before our time
and / or
Buried horizon from endless layers of skyward hills
Hills that have been storing a primitive foundation for the growing of substructure foliage in order to be able to drop its petals and leaves

Resolve is left with the one true and unbiased impartial decider...
the wind
to form a fair measure of mediation

From the human view
All are merely a preview for the impromptu quest
In an attempt to catalyze foreshadow and paint memory for the drive out west

To approach from afar
The destination appears to be a resting
shape of an antiquated location

splashed with opaque aromas,

sensory weaving visuals,


Melodic tones of nostalgic definition

Emitting vibrations of soothing tremolo that quiver throughout the body

this multi-strip string of singular select shops
Is the alignment initiative in the countryside
forecasting a manifest
for the hazy occasion
Anointing inspiration over the heartland’s artland
That nearly only hope,
could create

Invisible snows sprinkle over roads like a magic red carpet of threaded tranquility in its coat
Enticing, Welcoming, and Lighting up this neck of the west
And opening into the
Woodland Hills of Little Nashville

Do you recall that moment we shared?

that became a scopic sweep to outspread coast

tattooing a pinnacle on the crest face of time...

Even before that,

when those pages turned
after placing a bookmark
in the “All Embracing”

when rapids cascaded rapidly
in a vital rushing
where once
no water ran
but now, a waterfall endures to keep gushing

as you stood in the line for lost post
Rotating between guest and host
Tracking down this package
By return to my side
Pleasure delaying the unwrapping
Sliding into it’s contents
as promptitude ensued  

Immediately following
by this ones own hand
the rising of your shirt
an advance to mount lay parallel
To your reclining position

Revealing this willing
More like pleading, how it sounded
In exchange for a soft euphoric injection
Evolving into sweat trading
All encompassed by
Engaged Ravaging
Happiness isn’t
pulling a slot machine
with the woman you have...

Being pulled
by the woman you can’t have
into her slot
Is where happiness
away from the machine...
(A gradual dream of more)

the Scale of Continued Practical Worth, is set...

one pan holds our Mind Born As Is
Dueling in the opposite tray, lay the Experienced Mind With Growth,  
beginning to tip into an immediate fluttering imbalance

Dissatisfaction debuts as
mid-crowning meets first breath
The pre-cradle screams
Run parallel with the desire for want

A leveled contentment
is laid out in a pasture of vast
to be taken possession of
Keeping forever,
within immediate grasp
Too tangible to breach  

While “the more, the better” is what is the vehicle driving us to this jaded result

We never stop striving for the bigger next better. So long as this goes on, comfort and contentment get lost in the past, as years blow away the life of ease
when and where we would have wanted for nothing
On the night of initiation,
curves of pale luster began to gleam unwrinkled from the darkened divots along the lunar surface
A perspective unseen for so long, it was viewed as a defaulted “wink” on the face of the moon
And therefore, forgotten, unmentioned, until it’s means were sought  

From days ‘fore, and long since now dust
Scribing authors, secrete beads of frenzy  into ink filled phial
Sending tremors down, into the quill tip
Filling scrolls for permanence in a preemptive defense against continuous unraveling thoughts would befall
this fluency into incoherent clutter  

Pioneers of preprint in a provoking tome,
would speak educated reasons why these areas of Moon had been locked under sealed dark punishment

since Empedocles mixed cosmic elements to breed an undeniable proving truth

Exhibiting the myth of danger
The established absolute and supervening fizzling sunset
proving the existence of love...


“Since I have given you words from my within
like the ecliptic rising and burning massive,
Our mutual visibility of late is either one-sided
short lived
I’ll take a detour around the comforts of romance
And try to talk my way into your pants
By tossing at you, letters squeezed together,
for your minds transcription into the heart of my subliminal write  
In hopes you’ll feel a trickling gush
If I get really lucky these words will find you like a volcano erupts a ****
The same way water, beating against years of stone can fall
And crash through a dam with pouring force so insatiable it’s territory is marked in history
Within the realm of unplayed instrumentation
a crescendo of specific notes are lost
dangling on high maple branches during autumn leaf change
and only divots below the mowed through grassy soil
throughout segregated quarantine reserves
partitions of divorced land
In the bottom of a child’s backpack

so heart jarring and singularly dedicated to the wandering dreamer harboring any thoughts of doubt about what is and what might inhibit the coming up next

covering over wooden plank necks with strings of primitive notation drafted inside the woods create,
rows of ivory keys and ebony flats,  
this includes either screeching or murmuring brass buttons can make
And depending on the blow

Lead based letters
Squeezed together grammar and prose
have no window to grandstand
in a duel verses this one climb of instrumental verse
these missing tones are in tangible reaches
could even be in a soft mother’s dream waiting to be awoken to bring an awakening

Who will seek and find this group of lost tones with striking nuances so spirit soothing
that seeing the mere future is old news
but instilling, feeling, and describing the true meaning of life after hearing what is under, inside and above this crest of colored resonance of tonal pitch...

Or maybe it can insight a minor confidence in the one who lacks it to take that small step forward
Ensuring another step

This is one who will hear this
Deep bowled rows for planting harvest
Stock the wide pasture outside
Waiting for seeds to make patient  residence
Grow strong from days in sun baths
The cool down traverse from moons glow
Alongside the acres of cultivate
Sits a firm house of modesty
With rooms to stretch our legs to the almost point of Charlie horse
Slowly resend into blissful comfort
In the room Adjacent hold swells of tender sweat
Where we make love every night that turns into
Hard ******* and *******
Any scent to be desired around the compass’ range can be smelled
And are now baked into the walls and naked frame
Same way her farm fresh cooking fills our belly with fuel into each day
Where bad dreams and jealousy had taken us by surprise and misunderstanding
Leaving them to the wind
That long since blown them away and forgiven, forgotten
Equal parts hellos and minute hugs as are departing kisses and I love you’s
These are only inches of happenings
created and spent
In the arms of the home we built
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