MdAsadullah Dec 2014
You want to judge the book;
Or you are curious and keen.
Gibingly you ask about microbes.
With Naked eyes unseen.

Fourteen hundred is the age.
Yet you can scratch your head.
I know it is not going to help.
Because you're alive yet dead.

You think you're very literate.
Yes it speaks about microbes. *
But are you literate enough?
Then there were no microscopes.

They discover and boastfully talk.
As if they've created, never they stop.
Compare themselves with God.
But their origins are in dirty drop.

Glory be to Him Who created all the pairs: from what the earth
produces and from themselves and FROM THINGS UNKNOWN TO THEM. (Qur'an,36: 36)

… And He creates OTHER THINGS YOU DO NOT KNOW (Qur'an,16: 8)

The above verses indicate the existence of life forms unknown to people at the time of the revelation of the Qur'an. Indeed, with the discovery of the microscope, new living things too small to be seen with the naked eye have also been discovered by man. People have therefore begun to learn about the existence of these life forms, indicated in the Qur'an. Other verses which point to the existence of micro-organisms, which are invisible to the naked eye and generally consist of a single cell, read:
… He is the Knower of the Unseen, Whom not even the weight of the smallest particle eludes, either in the heavens or in the earth; nor is there anything smaller or larger than that which is not in a Clear Book. (Qur'an,34: 3)

Not even the smallest speck eludes your Lord, either on earth or in heaven. Nor is there anything smaller than that, or larger, which is not in a Clear Book. (Qur'an,10: 61)

There are 20 times more members of this secret world, which is spread all over the planet, micro-organisms in other words, than there are animals on Earth. These micro-organisms, invisible to the naked eye, comprise bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and Acarina (mites and ticks) . They also constitute an important element in the balance of life on Earth. For example, the nitrogen cycle, one of the fundamental components of the formation of life on Earth, is made possible by bacteria. Root fungi are the most important element in plants being able to take up minerals from the soil. The bacteria on our tongues prevent us being poisoned by food containing nitrates, such as salad stuffs and meat. At the same time, certain bacteria and algae possess the ability to make photosynthesis, the fundamental element in life on Earth, and share that task with plants. Some members of the Acarina family decompose organic substances and turn them into foodstuffs suitable for plants. As we have seen, these tiny life forms, about which we have only learned with modern technological equipment, are essential to human life.

Fourteen centuries ago, the Qur'an indicated the existence of living things beyond those which can be seen with the naked eye. This is another spectacular miracle contained within the verses of the
Matt Shade Nov 2017
Deep beneath a subtle glance
upon the skin or upon the plants,
there lies a secret universe-
this land of sorrow, of romance,
where wiggly microbes all rehearse
their never-ending microbe dance.

They all gather up under cellulose huts,
and speak in simple spits and sputs
which some ooze crafts into a curse:
microbe soldiers will spill wiggly guts
into a raging sea of sputter'd verse,
while microbe ladies wiggle their butts
(for that microbe dance we all rehearse).

They feel an energy in them so strong
which made them wiggle all along
and came from that ancient, wordless song
whose vibrations jiggle the jelly globs
till' one dances with life and, in waking, sobs-
gazing from countess, tiny jobs.

But sitting together between each score
they'll pass around their ancient lore
from a million minuscule years before
of worms and dirt, and of higher being
reaching for anything more freeing
than all that lies in the land of seeing
(for all that lives beyond it's shore).
Ben Jones Jul 2013
Microbes multiply
By dividing, ironic
Really isn't it?
martin Feb 2012
we let go
we surrender
we make no sound
just a gentle whisper
as we fall down to the ground

winter's coming
our job is done
another passing summer glory
now our work is in the under storey

we keep our date
with bugs and microbes
and all the little litter critters
feed them in their life of toil
helping to enrich our deep dark nubile soil

when the weather warms
season's storms have passed
our winter's work will bear good fruit
as leaves come out again at last
Andrew Wenson Nov 2012
Quilts hang, wet on clothesline
More than seven suns pass yet they stay drenched

Hellfire couldn't stop
Storm-clouds in the hearts of an entire species
Brands that singe the arteries of life
From microbes to oceans

Placed on the altar of Earth
Dubious goals led us far away from our homes
Viruses envy our might
Kilowatt-hours rule
Another poem composed using my chance operations ruleset.
Sam Temple Oct 2014
multimedia macramé
sloshing propaganda sewage
on the unsuspecting public
pubic lice infest inbred hill folk
west Virginia outbreak threatening the world
as we know it
flesh altering nonsense explicitly graphed
charting movement of microbes
on air, land, and/ or sea
global currents the new deliverer of death –
infected immigrants sit smiling
internment camps providing nutrition
never before experienced
as non-natives negotiate freedom
by submitting to vaccinations baths
and the standard delousing powder –
paranoid hand-sanitizer users
glued to the boob tube
spray their shoes with disinfectant
praying to an absent GOD for health
while shoveling GMO corn chips into ever widening
mouth holes
pharmaceutical companies lick lifeless lips
as Congress recognizes their humanity
while rejecting the concerns of the poor
… money in it –
outlandish claims of outbreaking Ebola
flood the mainstream outlets
fear: version – infinity
one more plague plan to stimulate new legislation
more law
no touching
even looking at the infirm can be cause for isolation
radiation treatments
courtesy of Fukushima, reactors 1-4 –
new found focus on fracturing the shale
releasing new oil reserves
and old bacteria
dinosaur killers
radically changing the genetic code
humanity altered
once again –
Richard Matheson Apr 2011
My Brittle Star arms detach in the acidic water of you.

I stir, and try to escape the gaping tremor or your teeth
uncovered face
free of meat.

Roaches crawl inside your skull,
the bone powdered with the years,
all that remains:

You are an Incan Mummy, the sack pulled off,
as rosy-cheeked, young boys stare through misty bus windows
still spackled with flecks of mud from your wet road.
They smile -
their microbes shared unintentionally,
a condomless foam party.
Sam Temple Jul 2014
twisted acids building sick
ten hour internal processers
wore and frayed
spilling refuse
leaking bacterial microbes
feeding diseased cells
revitalizing decomposition
foreign substance discovering pleasant surroundings
calling for manifest destiny
and the claiming of new regions in the name of an unseen king
wave after wave of intruders build homes
spread culture
influence the overall society
engage the natives
become allies
all the while undermining the land itself
D Conors Sep 2010
A bubble.

Form without void,
the time before time,
absolute inertia,
total resolution,
perfect harmony,
the bubble forming,
like an explosion,
The Birthing
of galaxies and stars,
planets in formation,
the universe
meteors crashing
into the atmosphere primitive,
amino acids
evolving inorganic
to organic,
microbes becoming
--the race is on,
to and from
consciousness and self-consciousness,
born and dying,
nothing meaning everything
and time again.

Awareness began,
with a bang
and a newborn baby's
D. Conors
14 September 2010
Moe Jun 2013
8:00 a.m. and
It’s all there
The wishes the dreams
The vomit
Spread open surfacing to eye level
Inconsistent lullabies
Slowly taking effect
Penetrating microbes under fluorescent floors
Pictures taken
Noises of days gone
Mentioning names scattered charms
The less blind go to the abyss
Faces enamored by shock and drowning
This year taken from under beds
Smoldering and ever present
The thin white lines in rain soaked hands
Drive away from here
Pug Rollins Oct 2014
I've said in an epistle before:
Is there life on mars?
We're leaning towards the yes
Mostly in hope that we're not living on the only polka-dot
With a handful of microbes crawling on it
Slithering around
But that kind of presumption is of course
A space fallacy
To life, I think of you when I hold an apple
Remembering how you might be on Mars
Again, a space fallacy
The apple's not crawling with worms
K Balachandran Jan 2016
On a nameless planet, in ferment we first met,
eons ago, tiny microbes, evolving we were still,
yet love a flickering light, bound us together.
As two galaxies were merging fiercely then,
to turn us and our nameless pang,to worthless dust
there wasn't any time left for a future together.
In a microbial kiss pathos ruled,we melted as one,
promised to remember this tryst, imprinted so deep
wherever in cosmos we would meet in future
in whatever form we may be at that juncture.
This morning at the Metro that pang did revisit,
seeing you gazing at me in goosebumps I stood,
two galaxies within, I sensed were closing to to merge,
coming to my senses again I find  you've vanished
a microbe, you are in the air that every minute I breathe.

We will conquer time, go beyond, love has power infinite,
the encounters in flashes would intimate our impending union.
ajit patel Dec 2015
Get well soon.. These are nice times to dream,
speculate,  get angry at yourself,  and others..
Imagine death and miseries leading up to it..
observe how your frail body falls victim to might of the microbes.
On the whole a few days of sickness does me quite good.
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