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I’m opening my chest
Handing out ribs for everyone
Each person a shard of time
Each glass splinter from the cage that locketed my heart

Can you imagine the carnival **** for my death

Crystalline creation cremated for wax
Candles made from me bleed
Ossified dribbles of molten mass
Dehydrate, to dust and snort my being

I can take a nail to each joint
Contort ligaments
Hexagram my body parts to a plywood headstone
Force a blood curse on this carcass
**** my mouth with your tears
Take photos of my death
Spread it all over the time segments
Shove it in every iris space
Trapped in the black hole for eternity
A moment it’s happened
The light can’t be taken back
It can bend and refract but is forced to bounce around forever.

Photons of evil.
A martyr of existance.
Lendon Partain Dec 2019
I had Your
You're eyes can't see me
The locket
I never got to give you
Would have held
Our Secrets
Had i got the time

Time Fell off,
the Veneer of our love
the body
Of our Chimera

Teeth, Fallout,

We cant share these,
the body of our Chimera

A Siamese foot out of the casket
the dependence of mind
the body of our Chimera

I lay on,
Top of you
coddling our parts pressed
trying, Melt in you
or just fall out into you

mixing waxes from two evils

our sick busted brains

The body dead
of our Chimera.

I hold our throat together, so it falls not apart, no  words can come out, trapped, in the forest of ivory monoliths and the strongest miscarriages, and you pull back the hammer, we fall to the black.

Becoming one with your partner till it kills you to death.
Lendon Partain Jul 2019
Shattered grave
Of .a .life .loved.
Then lost

Brain weighs
Of. atlas
burdened shoulders

Dig through. The bones and marrow
Poison thoughts. digging scars in your arms

Follow through.
The. graves. tongue

Seduction From
a bed of self slaughter

Tears dried
You aren't for crying

Blood dripped
Won't fix this cough

From your lungs

No way back
From this forest
My neurons have phantom limbs
These ents have me helpless


These patterns
These crushing crutches

Our spectres crawl
On the floor
This cabin

Is a hell
Stuck in
A ghost dance of

With gaped throats
Saw teeth
Stuck in our smiles

We ruin
We destroy
We collapse
Every *****.             The trade off part
The piano keys
We have broken

Through stitches bursting
The straws out
Our metal hearts rusting

Hurt our selves
Hurt each other
Burdens of
Guilt becomes us.    
Of destroyed fragments
Of released
haunting patterns

With gaped throats
Saw teeth
Stuck in our smiles
Lacerated trees
sap beings
Filled with ghost
This suicide

Wind blown trees
We corpse and Rot in
the basement
Of ruined dreams
Degrading forever
No molecules left
the elements Remnants
All that there is

lead weights
Thrown over the levee

My eyes
Pick apart my failures

Nothing will
Ever fix our broken hearts

Quilted the loss
Into a patch making sense

Lendon Partain Jul 2019
Stomping yourself in denim sadness

Stomping trudging
Breaking bones
A mire of tar in our lungs seeps

Cutting the circulation
Between reality
A mountain of mole hills engulfs us

Our reflections in these SHARDS
Detach trauma from our hearts

This ataxic syncopation
reality and viral vision
A pace maker of anguish

Laying in this ***** den
Of bankruptcy
Our place isn't forgiveness

It's not something we can earn or
People are not your objects

Denim Jean's
A beat stomped from existance
A beat stomped from existence

Is putrid
I smell it
On your breath
Is anguish
This prison
Of brain meat
Without me
I'll miss it

Obsidian shoes
And diamond armor

Won't protect me

A mind of gold and
heart like a watch

Won't carry the breath beat of the cities

I have a death inside me
A rotting corpse
An Identical being
stomach's retching remorse
strapped to this dead body
I'm carrying in my heart
A symbiote child
Sewn to the dark

Help me drive a stake through
Help me release all I thought I was

All the pain guilt and anguish I am

All that has defined me from my wrongs
Lendon Partain Jul 2019
Economics of doing what you hate
Incellic feminast

The dead are our zoo animals.
Their cages beneath the soil.
Listen to the earth breathe
with their desiccated lungs cracking/creaking

They don't care if we watch them ****. Hidden from our view

I want my body
Thrown in the desert
To gorge on me

The vultures to
Eat my sin
No countries
Contain my carbon

Of happy days
To keep me in

No funeral music
No black veils
My smile
My skull
My own
I die alone

No paper can encapsulate my life
No tradition will give you closure
You cant steal closure
Lendon Partain Oct 2018
this is hell because I say it is.
I'm goin to die inside of it
now you cant stop me cuz the tourniquets,
not your hands upon.
mine it is.

safe treasure to lie on
I stay here in the masking tape
taped up against it.
holding close till death's quiescence
escape is impossible
the collapse of body is
take in step
depth torn from ones ***** creates humans.
we cream humans out of our windpipes
through the words we hate the words we love and the words we ingest creating years long relationships that **** ourselves and our partners and our health and happiness
all for you little miscreants
we sound bite

death falls upon head bands
death holds its hand waist span for creeping death on our limits of bands measure expanding fissure on my backs expanse of nerves
they torture true \

every day with every move
these kids spill their hate
I gave them from the feelings
I felt they inherited with every song that I soothed them with
I hate this
I **** and peel my skin I slip my slime I steal life from every hoove I walk around the animals life
I slave a forth from my head
I tithe this tax
I slurp it all up to invigorate from the death I
feel I **** my self.

death to the dishonor I have done myself

have I grown true humans, ill never let
my self, off of the hook that if shoved in my pelt,
will I lose all the worth and the building I've dealt,
to the structure the skeleton of this tower I've built.

till it crumbles,

till its stagnant.
Lendon Partain Mar 2018
Micron thin recurve spines
Guided down the grooves in the bones
Pulling your sadness through the veins that follow the strings stinging to your toes

White powder
Glistens in the moon
Spreading light.
Sap away your stomach
Hole burned
Your smile strips

Paint plummets
On the top of your foot

Left alone two days
The paint dried
Tears didn't

The fence around your neck
Holding high your chin and head
Squeezes a throat
Gates bashed with bleached

Don't want a soul  to hop out the opening .
Hang the ghost sheet in the closet
Use a hanger put your body on it
Then hang the bones and meat next to the *****

Cut the sod
 24 inches wide
Dig deep only 2 feet
5 foot long and crumpled
Pieced perfectly for feeding
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