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Jiminy May 24
I was dead during the day at the office
It was I, who followed me home for dinner
I, left me feeling empty in the evening
Still I thought I could be slept off over night

In the morning I prayed to God never to leave me
for forgiveness can never be redeemed

Yet nothing was done
So, forgetting the night before I carried on as usual
Tardy for this, too late for that, too quo kid to care
Scratching my chest
With a Bliss this small I'd stop
Each day's the same

death followed me
over night awake

Never redeeming, nor ransom free
In the morning I never left me
Jiminy May 24
I did end up writing that letter to Kristen Stewart
the letter that my sponsor said may not be a good idea to write

he said it escalated
my acting-out
by writing her

I can see what he's saying

it’s like writing to you
to write to her
wait (as if I’m KS)
I’m a little confused
if you love her
how can you love me?

my sponsor
my sponsor
wherefore - don’t forsake me on this one
you'd think he's my Lord and Master
or something

though if you should meet him
he'd talk some sense into you.

who am i kidding?
if push came to shove
I’d choose KS.

I mean c'mon
she’s a fractured heart

she is
and open
and takes my breath away
I die
For her

Maybe we like being held captive

the need to feel victimized
reigns supreme
in love poetry

like troubadours singing,
'a hey and a **, what about me'
'am I chopped liver, nonny, nonny?'

then, say I, alas like:

end this pain and stick a knife in me
so at least it will be the last honest feeling

(your eyes cutting deep into mine)

we feel.
From XIV poems to FRZ
XIII. KS - You Spight Me Gurl
December 2014 revised today
  Mar 24 Jiminy
Mary Winslow
Young girls laugh
and cut the stems with fingernails
or small blunt scissors and set them in a vase
they gleam
rough cut flowers
husks by next month
after the water has dried
their stems touching crystal.

Weighty as feathers
desiccated while in bloom
these fossils
touched the moon
only a shadow
of their former selves
brides of the clouds
like statice, lavender, eucalyptus,
pearly everlasting
is nothing but lashes
claws of petal
they don’t care if they are hollow
if their throats are silent
wear iron smiles
ghost bloom
the very bitterness in them
is just a bough of hours
suitably decorating
the table.
©marywinslow2016 all right reserved. This is an old poem included in my collection of poems with Jeff Stier
Jiminy Mar 24
Love  Time  Left  Behind  Tears

Eyes  Lost  Dark  Heart  Pain  
Feeling alone all day

Your sun hands inside a falling man


      time      heart      life      eyes      feel  ­    day      mind      night      things      left      find     ­ long      light      people      soul      face      pain    los­t    thought    good    head    keep    smile    inside    sun   ­ hands    place    hold    hope    hand    fall    man    body   ­ thing    dark  

  leave    live    beautiful    skin    tears  ­  hear    thoughts    sky    days    cold    better    hard    br­oken    going    feeling    dreams    god    mine    lips    best­    remember    deep    free    true    stay    years    forever ­   knew    air    moment    felt    care    open    sleep    happ­y    fear    told    black    dream    death    blood    untitled­    breath    times    blue    girl    sweet    call    close    ­walk    cry    hair    help    sure    today    white    full    ­touch    die    stars    dead    turn    bed    loved    wanted  ­  red    real    truth    voice    morning    water    kiss    fo­rget    hurt    wrong    longer    hate    wind    fire    rain  ­  arms    friends    empty    beauty    waiting    friend    matt­er    feet    stand    high    side    work    memories    wonder­    moon    earth    change    room    living    darkness    lies­    write    bad    understand    sound    break    word    watch­    start    sit    person    thinking    kind    rest    fingers­    song    door    making    ground    play    warm    silence  ­  sea    strong    hearts    great    finally    talk    falling ­   lie    slowly    sad    speak    small    perfect    set    wa­it    fight    held    leaves    soft    filled    move    holdin­g    knowing    bright    reason    feels    feelings    alive   ­ bring    apart    peace    heard    lay    mouth    read    hide­    reality    laugh    mother    realize    eye    grow    lives­    coming    young    child    poem    big    dance    happiness­    listen    breathe    looked    chest    clouds    wake    hum­an    leaving    turned    future    fell    worth    space    re­ach    dear    green    story    trees    guess    house    taste­    second    boy    afraid    glass    music    running    walls­    late    floor    tired    memory    meant    called    sense ­   three    year    cut    men    sing    beneath    sight    nig­hts    joy    lonely    meet    point    lose    met    takes    ­fast    single    till    poetry    watching    fly    chance    ­loving    half    brain    bones    beat    silent    hours    su­mmer    tongue    ocean    burning    children    asked    walkin­g    family    burn    land    simple    fine    window    sittin­g    trust    waves    woman    clear    bit    ready    path    ­tree    learn    ways    moments    power    easy    fill    flow­ers    dying    pretty    pieces    lot    ago    quiet    born  ­  money    simply    crying    lights    road    pass    forgotte­n    front    needed    step    started    smoke    hot    share ­   heaven    baby    lines    escape    heavy    shadows    desir­e    souls    wings    save    war    emotions    tear    warmth ­   worry    ears    standing    scared    paper    control    tom­orrow    dust    promise    pull    stuck    smell    wall    dri­nk    form    piece    2    writing    safe    mirror    flesh   ­ slow    walked    stare    hidden    return    smiles    caught ­   winter    passion    game    goodbye    father    pure    blin­d    fact    sadness    star    scream    strength    art    hit ­   written    tonight    3    tight    street    question    fun ­   answer    embrace    catch    follow    short    hoping    sch­ool    weak    rise    scars    spent    breeze    lungs    spiri­t    eat    teeth    car    shine    nature    died    veins    n­eck    top    moving    sat    loves    dry    breathing    playi­ng    talking    storm    sick    telling    whisper    sand    s­now    comfort    happen    gold    brought    book    birds    s­ounds    gentle    color    happened    faces    legs    laughter­    loud    wild    dancing    1    places    universe    endless­    fate    stood    exist    golden    shadow    crazy    grass ­   choose    city    keeps    skies    distance    broke    hurts­    nice    knees    pray    cool    stopped    awake    heat    ­minds    doubt    learned    stone    flow    pick    lived    gr­ey    closed    everyday    carry    throat    meaning    course ­   stories    sorrow    turns    spring    passed    rose    free­dom    regret    wanting    existence    growing    coffee    rem­ain    lead    faith    changed    missing    kisses    closer   ­ 
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Jiminy Mar 24
I needed that

I wanted you

But I got

What He gave.





The Emptiness.
Jiminy Mar 13
when the mind becomes numb

a skull can be dissected to show its cavities

cavities are the orbit of the eyes

an old Indian saying?

I noticed you really just want to annihilate me

not comfort you.

There is a blood meal in me
ready to explode  

a tombed implosion

an imprisoned womb.

But it's too late for that

time is personal

and lately, voices

I fear the indecipherable is now decipherable

I see in Moriah, Jonah, Tyler incredible nations
Cree, why didn't you listen to me?

can you ******* saliva?
get over it!

you know

the skull was dissected to show the cavities of the orbit of the suns.
Jiminy Mar 10


The future
A time bomb

A snake
That swallows its tail

A lot of talk about human rights
almost nothing about human responsibilities
Number one human responsibility
To respect human rights

Return to democracy for what
To see the same film over again?
To see if we can save the planet
Without democracy nothing is saved

Third and final call
Individualists of the world unite
Before it's too late

-----  ---  -----



Either they draw up once and for all
The encyclical letter on survival
Or I'll have to put it in writing myself
Weeps at the top of his voice
Your Lord Jesus Christ
Of Elqui
Domingo Zárate Vega
Alias the eco loco of the north
Hurry up!

There are eternities but not so many

The planet can't take it any more
Parra, Nicanor, 1914-2018
After-dinner declarations / Nicanor Parra ; translated and with an introduction by Dave Oliphant.  1st ed. Austin, Tex.  
Host Publications, c2009.
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