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Suresh Gupta Mar 13
When awareness first awoke

When awareness first awoke
Midst of void, unknown
Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I?
Why am I?
How did I?
The questions flowed

In the pitch of monochrome
The unknown couldn't be known
In the non dimentional void
Existence couldn't be shown
How to then reconcile
What awareness thirsts'
Found itself, the primal seed
Creation yet to come, forth n burst.

Who am I, the question roiled?
No knowledge had yet foothold
How to define itself and all
No definition had yet been caused
What am I, as a follow through?
Matter/energy yet to be formed
Who and what now left aside
Leading to an obvious chide

Where am I, on a universal plane?
Looking outside of oneself
Void in all directions
No depth, no sense of scale
How to account for ones measure?
In the absence of beginning's source
No form, no function yet unfurled
Creation has yet to form its course

Why am I, struggles on?
The primal seed, excepted not
How did I, equally baffling?
Answers not, where questions form
What caused creation into existence
Forcing original seed to explode
It's desire, that played the joke
The enabler, of all that unfold-ed
Suresh Gupta Mar 10
Happy Holi


As the auspicious day of Holi is vibrant

Such are the colors of Spring

And such may be the days of your life
To the Hello Poetry family of Friends
Suresh Gupta Feb 19
WW1 - They were all Related

And yet, there stood opposition, finely clad, gloriously
Thousands to prove their mantle, in call of duty
Misplaced loyalties, knowing to never see the dawn of day
Sacrificing, neither for personal gain nor profit, nor
for country, alas to appease the whim of squabbling siblings
Such poems a plenty, staged for kings n generals, no not for play.
Suresh Gupta Jan 1


It's the dawning
Of ones thoughts
Of ones desires
Of ones actions

So choosing wisely
That along with us
That, what benefits us
Also, uplifts others

At the start of this year
and many more to follow
That our vision be clear
Free of deception and chaos

And in so doing
With the dawning of this day
We venture into the realm
Of patience, peace and prosperity
Suresh Gupta Dec 2019
Old Age

A privilege to reminisce
Suresh Gupta Dec 2019
Deep Space


Look up to the Heavens

and the Wings of Imagination

is all one'll needs to soar
Suresh Gupta Dec 2019
A Storm is brewing


The wind howled across the plains
Challenging the might, of all touched
The blades of grass, soon to be trampled
The quenching of the land, in red, awaited
On its wing, an omen was carried
Victor and vanquished, to be soon tested

The dark clouds, nor grey, no silver lining
Bathed the field in pitch blackness
Soon to relieve its heavy nectar held
With fierce lighting, shaming sun, blinding sight
Deafening thunder, exploding hearts n mind
To wash the land away of crimson red
there always seem to be a Storm brewing
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