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It was never about Knowledge
Nor does it stop there

Serenity, how shall I recount thee

By the silent breeze, that kissed my cheek
By the gentle waves, that lapped my feet
By the song of birds, if you please
By the flowers fragrance, Opps! I sneezed

By the yawning, of the dawning day
By those white clouds, floating by
By the veiling, of the setting sun
By the full moons night, so cool and dry

By the rolling fields, of golden wheat
By the autumn colors, of the leaves
By the vibrancy, of the poppy fields
By the majesty, of the redwood trees

By the ballet, of thousands in flight
By the dance, of a mating call
By the honeycomb, the bees create
By the rippling waters, of a meandering stream

By the coral reef, rich in colorful wonder
By the Northern Lights, awe and splendor
By the million ways, nature presents itself
By the younglings, innocence still intact
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the heart was heavy
the ink was dry
all the quill needed
was a teardrop
Suresh Gupta Jun 12

When the drag of time
Still leaves you hollow
Knowing you did your best
Leave such shadows behind

When judged by others
Highlighting their expectations
Knowing you did your best
Don't give those shadows a ride

Those now in your wake
Still in need of your time
Knowing you'll do your best
Don't give any shadow a light

Having lived half of last century
And death yet a distance away
Knowing you'll always do your best
Cast any shadows aside
The measure of persons worth, is not what was expected, but that they did their best.
Suresh Gupta Jun 11


I am insanely, sane

and the battle rages on
Suresh Gupta Jun 9

Realization, is the first step

Self Realization is the path to achievement."
Most addict are unable to REALIZE that they have a problem, and until they do they cannot even start to recover. It's only when one has SELF REALIZATION can can our journey begin.
Suresh Gupta Jun 3

If one enjoys their work,
then, are they always at play!
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