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Mr. Siri made Alexa log-in
through procedures
utterly flawless
making her whirl
an inch above the floor
by typing her identity code
accounting her effortless slip
with her ballerina poses
to connect to his system
with a unique set of
symbols, alphabets, and number.
Feelings in the cord,
as ease on fire,
byte by byte,
a soft glow, beeps
saying, “login wasn’t successful.”
to correct her attempt
she enters again
and gains access to
multiaccess applications.

©Feelings Coated
no truth login Sep 2019
ramble on to your hearts discontentment
for as long as it is discontented
rambling will be the cure,
poems deep rock sourced,
from sorcery, for good!

as long as spoke, needy needed,
their wandering brick path is
the road to a content finale
she’ll alone recognize
no truth login Jun 2019
life choices cast in iron skillets,
presented choices that possess no flexibility

twice, she asks me today

morning fruitage, on offer,
peaches ripe to rip real sweet perfection
from your eyes to the remembering salivating mouth,
sweet but just **** enough
strawberries that will wince your tongue buds
intolerant of either, but perfect together

acorn squash,
over roasted to be the violin section
to your barbecued chicken orchestra serenading,
but which shall be the sweetener,
honey or maple syrup,
similar but different

the kitchen floor explosive shakes,
pans to the floor fall, eyelet unhooked all,
spices from cabinets burst forth,
kitchen mittens slapping each other
in utter disbelief

when I reply,
let us choose both!

for there is no bifurcation,
no line of demarcation
on our taste buds
this a truthful -
our lives a perpetual blending,
both will login lead to a
the right and proper ending
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
XY: Where can I message you?
**: Haven’t you Sign Up, Yet?

XY: Which Social Media?
**: Karmic Media. Life is how, one processes. Log in for eternity. Does it make sense?

XY: Yes, where to Sign Up?
**: Do your duty. That’s all.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: The Cycle ||  Self Discovery

— The End —