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RMatheson Dec 2022
A halo
of blonde blacklight
Skin, stretching
A canvas
The shadows
are wet
RMatheson Nov 2022
Beads of water
cling to the glass edge
I glide along.
RMatheson Nov 2021
I've been unaware
holding this head under water
driven in by tiny bones
ossuary of the lines on your

He's been stirring
water pours off as he rises
attracted by brittle bones
sarcophagi of dreams
RMatheson Dec 2020
There is no greater clarity,
No greater freedom,
than a pistol barrel
in your mouth.
RMatheson Dec 2020
I purge sans binge
I ***** scars onto everyone around me.
My guilt: a summation.
Now, if I could only figure out why
I keep sticking fingers down my throat.
RMatheson Dec 2020
Oh amber, foam-ed memories,
cast about my brain.
The evening tide pulls me away,
sooner than later, I'm afraid.
RMatheson Oct 2020
These cells are full
the point of splitting,
the membranes taut
rigid with

Touch me,
ever so gently.

I'll come apart,
a fine mist.
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