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Autumn leaves
Flutter to my right
Shivering in delight

The breeze, a flirty male
Caresses, strokes
Wanton orange fragility 

Curling inwards they do sigh
Caught by the devils eye
Misty morning browns
Bidding goodbye
In the midst of it all
I stop, I stare
And I wonder what I'm doing in all this
The aches never cease, never stop

Them all I see writhing about me; humans
Clamber above one another
Leaving the ones they claim to love broken
In the ashen dirt

For the meagre prizes they salivate to get

They forget they can't take it with them
That their greed is for naught
As their breaths draw short, scythe draws closer
Leaving them alone in their suffocating solace.
My parallel would not be you
Voice/soul/essence of soil
That I sink my feet into eagerly
For its coolness
Against the stones littered tarmac

A strange sight; behold!
Straying far from home ; a luxury unaffordable
Not worth the ruin, not right the game
Chance gambles a shame to the sweetness
You exhale; my heart wanes

Candy forever out of reach; my lips quiver
Succulence so overwhelming I stagger; err
Before remembering its not my place to destroy
What has yet to be tarnished by his demons

Let it slip slip away
My dreams they await
A haven to gaze and delight
Diluted goods never felt better.
3 Am rambles
Make me your marionette
And string me to the stars

Take my body as yours to command
So that I can dance over the sunrise of mars

Let your baritone voice innervate my soul
Till my lips tremble; muscles restless through our meteoric wars
Every day I walk upon thorns
Why do you watch me bleed?
They say he was deranged
The man behind the gun
As he aimed at the children
Picking them off one by one

They say he wasn't sound of mind
The man who deemed himself god
Screams falling faint to his ears
As bodies piled; a mess of red

They say he was mentally ill
The reaper who sowed the school dry
Leaving no table unturned
Basking in their final pleas; unmasked glee

They say they'll pray for the souls departed
And lock away the crazy man
Hoping the public will forget and let go
Turn a blind eye to laws unconstructed; again.
Enough is enough
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