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Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Like two ships upon the sea
I feel you drifting away from me
Further and further
Apart we grow
Will we find our way back
I hope so
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
She deserved better
And I knew it
So I stepped aside
And let her go
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Huddled in a corner
Knees pulled up to his chest
Head bowed upon his knees
He crys

Night after night
Day after day
His parents fight
No one is physically hurt
But all the yelling
Drives him mad

As his parents yell at each other
In another room
Tears roll down his face

He wants to run away
He wants to hide
Leave all fighting behind

There are good days
Teese help him hold on
But few and far between they come

He'll sob
He'll cry
As his parents fight
Day after day
Night after night
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Day by day
Our love just walked away
We tried
We tried
Nothing seemed to work

Day by day
We gave it our all
Put every last ounce we had
To try and make things right

Day by day
We realized we were starting to see the end
No matter how hard we tried
No matter how much we loved each other

Day by day
We drifted further and further apart
Until there was nothing left
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Don't just stand there
Spread your wings and fly
Soar to the highest point
Never touch down

You can achieve your dreams
You just have to believe
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Burning fire in my soul
Love's eternal glow
Tony Anderson Nov 2020
Hey funny man
Up there dancing and clowning around
Hey funny man
With painted face, baggy clothes, and large shoes

When the show's over
The makeup and the costume removed
The person the audience doesn't see

A man of deep sparrow
A man of gloom
A past that haunts him
Sadness and doom
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