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Selena Irulan May 2017
Sometimes I wonder if my ambition is too much. The word success is what I eat for breakfast, dinner, and lunch. I breath goals and unknown destinations. Roads that lead in different directions. I Hope for opportunities that lead me one step closer to a dream worth holding. I've lost  people I've known my entire life due to my selfishness. Or maybe it was my intent motivation. So maybe one day once I've reached my destination we can all reunite as one to talk about our accomplishments.
Selena Irulan Dec 2014
Without a promise in this cold world
You carried me
9 months without guarantee for
What the future held
You believed in me before I could
Believe in myself
The core of my soul all started with your love
You reading me books as you as you
Rocked in the rocking chair
You put your life behind you
Just to give me a chance
To see a life worth living
A life that you felt you didn’t have yourself

Without a promise in the world
You raised me for 18 years
Not knowing what the future held
You taught me how to be a woman
How to value my true self
Raised me like a Queen because you
Showed me royalty and loyalty
I can’t ever show you my gratitude
There is not enough gold or money
In the world to pay you back

Now you have a promise in this world
I will always love you I will never abandon you
Because there is no greater bond than
What a daughter has with her mother
No one will ever replace you in my
Heart my memory or my soul
I know God exists
I see it through your energy
Your courage your strength
Your giving nature
Your will to carry on and live life
To leave the past behind you
And to see a brighter path
You give me strength to be the
Best I can be
No matter what I accomplish
You will always be
The best part of me
Selena Irulan Mar 2014
There's this secret I've been holding on to for far too long
It makes my heart heavy
like a bridge with a ton of cars.
My heart is in a cage surrounded by bars
as my heart gnawed trying to break free
Sometimes I found myself filled with dismay at all the chances
I had to speak but I didn't have the
courage to say because I was weak.
I've been in love with you for 4 years and I hope that you feel the same way.
But it's a little to late now to know
because you're resting in peace...
Since you've been gone I've learned to tell
people how I truly feel and to not wait so **** long..
Selena Irulan Jan 2014
It's a Sunday night and you
watch the stars shine so bright
getting lost in them that it makes
your life seem alright for the moment

when your eyes leave the sky reality strikes and
you're back to that hell hole of a life where dreams
continue to die

Sometimes its had to get by day by
day with a fake smile on your face
in love with the darkness because no
one can relate

Sometimes it’s nice to sit in the rain.
Even to just relieve the pain
I dream of happiness, a life without pain,
but everyday it's a shame

life is short and very frail.
living in a world filled with
changes each and everyday

Every year i hope for a change
that never comes
I don't know when to let go.
All I know is I'm in it for the journey,
To give me more and more.

I believe more in my heart than my mind.
That i'll have that dream and be happy again
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
Life is a mysterious journey
From the cradle to the grave
We don’t know what happens after death..

We have feelings,emotions and longings
but we are nobody’s belongings

Everyone should transform to old age
In the end feels depressed and alone

The rain sprinkles our heart
We are a part of nature’s art
We should enjoy the beauty of nature

We relish every aspect of her feature
Writing poetry is a great art

It should touch our hearts
Our life span may be short
But we should make it smart

Our life on earth is not permanent
We should believe that it is transient
We don’t know when our life ends

One day the e-mail God sends
We should open it gracefully
We will have lived our life meaningfully
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
You taught me the truth & how to be like someone else
other than myself. its strange how i cant find the words
in my head to describe the feelings i felt

I've known you my whole life so why can't i do so ?
Everyday i grow from obstacles I've faced learning
things at first i couldn't relate now i know faith is how
i live victoriously.

The words that I've been looking for
Were found among my tears
But I've quickly wiped them all away
And hidden them for years

will my demons hide from you? just look at who
i have become i'm so ashamed you were the one
that made me feel the way i do

You've sealed my lips with a thousand kisses
Kisses I didn't deserve, Wishes that never came true
Voices that weren't heard because you failed to listen

Truth is you were twisted..
I wanted to tell you a million times
But every time i looked into your eyes
I couldn't find the nerve

I know now that looks can be
deceiving and misleading
Selena Irulan Dec 2013
They say "A picture's worth a thousand words,"
and  it's true.
Pictures tell of things that happened.
They tell emotions, struggles and missing pieces to puzzles
They catch you in your truest form and
you cannot lie,
not then or now,
because pictures never die.
Pictures are too clear sometimes--
Too harsh, revealing details
We left blurred in our minds.
A picture is a freeze in time;
Words, that can't be spoken.
But the one thing I like the most,
Pictures don't lie...
You can't hide your feelings in a picture.
And you can't lie to the camera.

So many memories from this life
And some will be forgotten but they're
a time in the past because pictures always last
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