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Wolf May 2019
Greetings could hide anything
A friendly how do you do?
Or a who the hell are you?

Don't judge a book by its cover
That's what they all say
Who asked you, anyway?

Look there, someone new!
Wow, isn't she fat?
Out loud I'd never really say that

Of course, it's innocent
If it stays in my mind
Aren't I just so kind!

What a weird species we are
Swipe left, swipe right
She's thin, let her stay the night!

Beneath our watchful eyes
The good soul robs the weak
The criminal supports the meek

But you wouldn't know that
With those closed eyes
We're living lies
Wolf May 2019
Nooses set up row by row
Holding heads that hang down low
Corpses swaying to and fro
Life passed on so long ago
|   |
|          |
|              |
|           |
|      |
  Feb 2019 Wolf
The color of death,
is conceived as red
blinking consistently,
threateningly, and

Time slows to seconds
for there is a timer
to mark my death
white, rectangle strips
draw me to,
My last resting place
Wolf Feb 2019
Before I even knew what was happening
Blood had already begun to seep out
A sudden flash of pain
Out of sheer loathing
For my own

I am left with
A crowd of small wounds
Perhaps those around me will stay silent
If they question, I will cloak myself in lies once more
  Feb 2019 Wolf
Masha Yurkevich
There was
we made dark.
There was
we made ugly.
There was
we made cold.
There was
we made bad.
There was
we made hate.
Let us always be
and take the bad things
Think about it, there really is no dark, is it s word that we made up for when there is no light. And it is the same for the others.
Wolf Feb 2019
If I ate myself
Would I still remain the same
Or just disappear?
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