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Mateuš Conrad Mar 2019
.the new contraception, via the current spectacle of technological advancements... it's not here? this, new, contraception? existential, which implies: not fostered by an inhibition of the senses, but by the slowing down of will? me, ha ha, again, talking out of my own ***: because there was always going to be a fifth... came the four on horses, and a fifth, akin to the parallels of comparison joining jesus to balaam, riding... a... ha ha... riding a ******* donkey.

having to attack

    what sort of
is to be still

low hanging fruit
for my liking,
         i get the layer
of myth
subordinates people...

listen: i was
happy working as a roofer,
until one Egyptian fwend
well, ****, roofs aren't

i once, upon a time,
   i'm free-falling...
was always going
to free-fall...
but in english
that's just Norman...
brain haemorrhage
aged 21...
  that's just Norman,
it's Norman
every single
month of the year...

it's all just one
get-lucky big-*******

a little bit of Norman
   a little bit of Norman
over d'err...
Norman is Norman,
we pretend to be
courteous to each other
from what i heard?
alcoholics anonymous
seems pretty friendly...
of the internet?
   oh, look...
on egg-shells
with only cats
in the audience...
            ninja kaput...

but it's not funny
when, cancer...
   but it's not funny
          heart attack...
it's funny when
a brain haemorrhage
is made unnecessarily
into schizophrenia...
that's funny...

      oh look...
grammar is being attacked...
     native identities
are being sacked...
      a little bit of funny
   a little but of funny
over d'ere...
funny funny funny...
it's so ******* funny
these days,
   i just forget to laugh...

honest to god,
it rattled me,
when i didn't hear
any canned laughter
in a comedy sketch
akin to the office...
i started thinking:
where're the lazy bits?

but it's funny,
you're funny,
i'm funny,
  everything is just,
  please tell me
at what point i'm
supposed to laugh?
there's any laughter
involved, universally,
or is it,
that the joke,
is an in-group
of opening, & closure?

when a comedian
performs on stage,
there is no cue?
        so, that laughter is genuine,
it's not canned?

well... if everything in
the anglophone world standard
is, the standard base
for expression...
let's all laugh!

oh... right...
some people are not allowed
to laugh...
  they have to squirm,
or pretend a pigeon flight...

never in niche,
always in a zombie total...
what do they call
a zombie total? ah... horde...
but it's all funny...
like... reading the oeuvre
of alexandre dumas...
and then...
keeping up with
   the tabloid reading
  like that wasn't
a recipe for disaster...

but's it's, funny...
   it's all just a bit
of the giggles...
  kuru / pseudobulbar affect...
for a people to experience
look no further than:
this is my body,
this is my blood...
       metaphor became literal...
but in all the "funny"
so people are bound
to be found to laugh...
  it's funny,
but it's funny with venom,
the lowest form of wit...
it's schadenfreude...

     it really becomes funny
when brain haemorrhage
morphs, magically,
like... having touched
a mushroom, or a unicorn...
into schizophrenia...
oh, then the giggles are on...

and the same dumb IQ specimen
you know...
   samuel beckett's watt
is... base...
   nope, beats anything
                    by joyce...
   but that's also not funny...

going to the opera?
that's also funny...
not going to the opera?
that's ******* twice as funny...
it's always funny
    with the Ęgleash...

it's only funny,
when the,
  Germans were never funny...
thank god i'm not
even remotely alligned
to anglo-saxon...

    it's always funny though...
ethics is not sought
and etiquette is
  hence: but it's still funny!

the mob authoritarian
mentality of:
you need to laugh!
we say:
so... we're laughing...
as said by the people,
for the people...

    i was told i needed
to laugh...
  by the trolls...
         i guess i laughed.

   that time when
people said:
ooh, feelings...
  we don't care
what you feel...
  which implies:
and i have to care
what you think?

i've been told to laugh
at something
that i found
to be, not funny...

  how could anyone
tell anyone else,
to prescribe him

then reducing it to
an i.q. argument?
  funny ha ha or
funny: i'll think about it
and ha ha with
a delay button?

but you see...
            it's funny!

you want funny?
you know
what i ascribe my personal
library to?
that quote
from batman (1989),
that scene...
  when the joker
is rising from
  the chair in
an alleyway surgeon's
   'but you see,
what crude instruments
i have to work with...'
   it's not bombastic
to drop a name of some
german philosopher:

oh... but it is,
it's reduced to verbiage,
as long as Darwin
is pop and in play...

so... it's all... funny...
i'm not anglo-saxon...
let's preserve ourselves
in peering into
current culture...

it's funny!
   we'll all be a throng
of rolling barrels,
of laughs,
coming from this
Meghan O'Neill Apr 2014
It's funny isn't it
It's funny isn't it,
when your friends talk behind your back
when they laugh at inside jokes
you aren't privy to.
It's funny isn't it
when people are nice to you.
Especially when it's obvious
that it's not genuine.
Pity friendship
what a crackup.
It's even funnier
when people detest you
bully you
beat you down
tear you up
rip into you
with fists or words.
It's funny isn't it
when you can see disappointment
in the eyes of those you love the most.
When you need
acceptance and forgiveness
but aren't desperate enough
to beg.
it's funny.
So **** funny.
the paranoia that begins to set in
how every word
behind backs that are turned
becomes a rumor.
That feeling is just so funny.
It's funny isn't it
how you can see every flaw
in yourself under their guidance.
That self loathing
self hatred.
That awe inspiring disappointment.
Not good enough
Never good enough.
Not for me you anyone
Isn't is just so funny
to think about all the ways to die
all the ways that you could
want to.
Isn't it funny
to see faint trails grow
more and more red
when you draw a blade to your skin.
Isn't it funny
how you can't explain why
the pain and the scars
make it feel better
Isn't it so funny
how miserable you've become
by someone elses hand.
Isn't it funny
how they tell you that
if you ignore it
it will all go away.
Isn't it funny
how ignorance isn't bliss
it is hell.
Isn't it funny
how it messes with your mind.
Isn't it funny
how they can get to you.
Isn't it funny
how everyone just stands by
and watches it happen.
It isn't funny
but they're laughing anyway
so you laugh along
and pretend that it doesn't hurt.
Kairee F Oct 2011
How the lies never end.

How I'm supposed to walk away,
But I refuse to.

How I'll always be here for you.

How I ******* up out of care.

How I'm always the girl who's fallen for,
Promised forever,
And dumped for a life of empty encounters.

How, at this rate,
Your future will be that of your hero's.

How your hero is hollow and unhappy.

How I'm crucified every time I love.

How I'm you a year ago.

How you're him a year ago.
The "him" that you hated for what he did,
What you do.

How I don't believe this is you.

How I'm supposedly a ******.

How you forget the way you were with me.

How how no one stops you
Because they live it right beside you,
While the rest slowly stop caring.

How I don't stop.

How numbing emotions is a better option than living.

How my heart will always ache
For knowing that you are better.

How I'm not laughing.

How it never ends.
The Funny Man lies dormant
When the Dark Man come around
The Dark Man is oppressive
The Funny Man goes to ground

The Funny Man is hiding
From The Dark Man deep inside
The Funny Man can't beat him
The Funny Man has tried

The Funny Man's a rainmaker
Bringing laughter where it's not
The Dark Man is a monster
Full on vindictiveness and rot

The Funny Man is fragile
The Dark Man knows it's true
The Funny Man needs attention
The Dark Man needs it too

The Funny Man is worldly
But just what makes him laugh
The Funny Man is honored
When you get his autograph

The Dark Man needs no thank you's
The Dark Man has a goal
He will beat The Funny Man to a pulp
And The Dark Man gets his soul

The Funny Man is a fighter
He will give it his best try
But in the end The Dark Man takes control
And the Funny Man must die.....
For Robin, Freddie, and all the rest....of the Funny Men taken away by the Dark Men
zaineb nabi Mar 2016
it's funny how days passes and i feel nothing but normality

and than when i take a moment to think of the past i almost lose my sanity

it's funny how i became the person i said i'd never be

it's funny how i look at the mirror and i still see me

it's funny that i didn't die

it's funny that im not high

i'ts funny how you're not around

and how i was lost in this earth ground

it's funny not to have you by my side

it's funny that i almost lost my pride

it's funny that i'm not out of my mind

it's funny how i didn't get lost in the wind

but how can this be funny now when it felt horrible at that time

how can a broken heart be funny

or when my dad took all my money

how can failing school be a pleasure

while when i broke i suffered like a homeless in a bad weather

what's funny in getting beated by pervs

when they kept me nthng but my perturbate nervs

what's funny in kissing females when i was madly in love with the most amazing of all males

it wasn't funny when i had psychological problems

or when my head looked like one of the pathetic mems

not funny either when i left home

neither when i made my dad cry

i had better die

i never thought i meant anything to anyone

im gonna stop writing now im done.
January 24th 2014
I am The Funny Man

I'm here to make you laugh

I'm the clown behind the sentence

It's the one disguise I have

I am The Funny Man

I'm on at your request

The keyboard spreads my message

I'll try to do my best

I don't know who I am though

Am I funny or sedate

By the time I find the answer

It may just be too late

I am The Funny Man

On strings that you control

I am your funny puppet

Being funny makes me whole

I am The Funny Man

Dancing at top speed

I live to hear the laughter

It"s the laughter that i need

I don't know who I am though

Am I funny or sedate

By the time I find the answer

It may just be too late

I am The Funny Man

I crave to be on top

I don't know how exactly

To make the funny stop

I am The Funny Man

Yes, that's just who I am

Half clown and half man

And you don't give a ****..

I don't know who I am though

Am I funny or sedate

By the time I find the answer

It may just be too late
WhyamIaSpoon Dec 2011
Its funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye
its funny how good memories can make you cry
its funny how forever never really seems to last
its funny how much you'd lose if you forget about your past
its funny how 'friends' can just leave you when your down
its funny how when you need someone they're never around,
its funny how people change and think they're so much better
its funny how many lies are packed into one "love letter"
its funny how people forgive even though the cant forget
it's funny how one night can contain so much regret
its funny how ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part...
is that none of that's funny to me.
Ruth Forberg Aug 2010
Y'know what's funny?
I'm funny.
But not funny enough to draw a crowd.
Not funny enough for it to define my personality.
Not funny enough to compensate for my awkwardness.
Or my body.
Or my beauty . . . or lack thereof.
Not funny enough to go places because of my funniness.
Not funny enough to make other funny friends.
Yeah, I'm funny . . . funny looking!
See? That's my funny joke.
But not funny enough.
it's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye
it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry
it's funny how forever never seems to last
it's funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about your past
it's funny how “friends” can just leave when you are down
it's funny how when you need someone they never are around
it's funny how people change and think they're so much better
it's funny how many lies are packed into one “love letter”
it's funny how one night can contain so much regret
it's funny how you can forgive but not forget
it's funny how ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part of all, is none of thats funny to me
Funny how we've made the choice
To die even before we are born

Funny how many attempts we can make
Before we finally fall

Funny how long it takes for the blood to run out
And leave us for once and for all

Funny how much your body can handle
When you don't want to deal no more

Funny how gas can make you laugh and cry
When you're locked in the car and don't even care why

Funny how many pills your system can take
When death is the option you've already made

Funny how long we can hang in the balance
Between the length of a noose and the floor

Funny how hard our dreams can hit us
And with the car we could never afford

Funny how heavy water can feel
When its welling up in your lungs

Funny how the ones who aren't afraid to do it
Are the ones you'd never guessed would jump

Funny how people start paying attention
When you're holding the gun to your head

Funny how our own thoughts eat us alive
Aren't we all just better off  **dead?
Boaz Priestly Apr 2017
the funny thing is
when my mom was together with my dad
--like as a thing and he would
run to the pay phone across the street from where
he lived whenever his pager went off that
she was calling him--
his dad asked her is she was going to
give him a grandson
and my mom
being the person that she is
told me that she laughed and said maybe

the funny thing is
when i was born and the midwife
announced that i was a girl
my nan who had mistook my umbilical cord
for a ***** leaned over and asked
the midwife if they were sure

the funny thing is
my grandfather’s mother
she always thought that i was a boy
and yes i know that she had alzheimers
and was not all there
but now i feel like she was able to
see through my dresses and long hair
to the boy that i would one day be

the funny thing is
i was often mistaken for a boy as a child
and when that happened there was always
a little burst of warmth because yes
i was a boy
i looked like a boy
i felt like a boy
but no no no
silly girl they all would say

the funny thing is
when i first met my father’s father
my grandfather if you will
i was a lesbian
and in texas that isn’t a widely accepted thing
and i was told a lot during my two week visit
that i just hadn’t found the right man yet
and so now that i am a man
i wonder what they would tell me now

the funny thing is
i don’t have bottom dysphoria
have a ****** does not bother me
i like being able to comfortably ride a bike
and read ****** novels in public
without it being obvious that that is
what i am doing

the funny thing is
my grandfather’s mother
who we all called papa lucy
died before i realized that i wasn’t a girl
i had that terrifying revelation at seven
and though my memory is foggy
through much of my childhood
she passed a year or two prior to that
and no i do not mean it is funny that
she died because that is terrible and i loved
her with all my heart
but it is funny that she saw who it would take
me nine years to be
and i didn’t get to reintroduce myself to her
and tell her she was right

the funny thing is
now that i am a boy
i am near-constantly misgendered
and it seems that no amount of slouching
or wearing a binder under it feels like my
ribs are cracking with every breath
and wearing pronoun buttons on my sweatshirt
and bright rainbow beanie
is enough to make people see otherwise

but ****** i am a boy
and my nan thought i was a boy
and my papa lucy knew i was a boy
and i used to get mistaken for a boy
before i grew hips and ****
and despite all those things i am still
a boy and i always have been and i always
will be and the really not funny thing about that is that
people seem so eager to tell me i am wrong
and try to force me back into the box of
daughter and woman and mother and sister
and no i will not be those things
and it is not my fault that i live in this world
where they do not know what
a body other than theirs means and how terrifying it is
to realize you are not the girl you were raised as at such a
young age you do not have words to describe how you feel
and they do not know
and they will not know
until they shut their mouths and open their minds

so please do
before any more of my transgender brothers and sisters
have to die for your ignorance and hate and fear
because there is nothing funny about that
brat bunny Feb 2018
It's funny
Time is wasting
We laugh, it's funny
The world is drowning
It's funny when you think it
It's funny when you say it
Moments are disolving
Nostalgia is a drug
It's funny that we're plastic like dolls
Laugh all we want, time is in our hands
To numb the pain, take a handful and swallow
Pills make the world look funny
It's funny
It's funny
They chanted, they all were nostalgic and dying
People were drugged with nostalgia, the world drowned, and time was gone
It's funny
It's funny
Time echoed back
It's funny how they thought they were in control because
Time laughed at us
Time waits for no man
And no man waits for time
It's funny, said we
bb May 2015
How funny life can be
How funny men can be
How funny I can be
Its two funny we iam in bed
Thinking about how funny
Life is life can be up and down
Its how you make it right now
My life is funny I ask my god
Y every day I asked myslfe y love is funny sometimes y  iam laughing Cause its funny
I laugh so I dnt cry  I think its funny but my life is funny is your life...
Kai Lily Dec 2020
its so funny...
Its funny how you pretend to care
Funny how im always crying
Its funny how you always "promise"  
Funny how I believed you
It's funny how you leave me to rot
Funny how you hurt me this much
Its funny how you could be so fake
Funny how I  couldn't see a snake
Its funny how your slipping away
Funny how I let you
Its funny you hurt me nonstop  
Funny how I say nothing

But the funniest thing about all this is the fact that this has happened before ,
And what's even funnier about all this is I opened up to you--when I should've locked the *******  door
Em Jul 2019
It's funny.
How I sit here in this chamber of frost.
Complete frigidness.
Nothing left.

It's funny.
How my grieving mind
Is struggling over all of our happy memories.
How foolish I was.

It's funny.
How the one person I ever truly loved
slaughtered the mended piece of me.
Not once.
But again.
Because watching me inhale the suffocating.
destructing waters
that is heartbreak is so amusing.

It's funny.
How "I could never hate you"
I once said with confidence,
I now say the opposite.
Who knew that was even possible.

It's funny.
How for a moment
What the oblivious call life
Dissolves into nothingness as I remember.
What once was.
And what will never be.

It's funny.
How the tears creep around the edge of my lower eyelid.
Threatening to burst out.
Letting out all of my secrets and emotions with a weak roar.

It's funny.
How this is where I end up again.
The eternal love you once saw.
Into less than powder.

It's funny.
How I wonder how the sun even dares to rise again.
Appalled at the rest of the world moving on without me.
Watching how I was once a part of them.
But happiness leaves behind the ones
That are incapable of feeling it anymore.

It's funny.
Because he said he would never be able to get over you,
Because he said he would love you forever.
Because he said you would be the one to move on first.

It's funny.
Because 3 weeks later.
He has a replacement.
A new memory generator.

It's funny.
How I lay restless at night.
While he laughs with someone else.
Probably someone who isn't as ****** up as I am.
Someone who is worthy of being loved by someone as.
Someone as cruel. Someone as wicked as he is.

It's funny.
How it isn't.
Steve Collins Aug 2010
Funny how, in a crowded room,
You can feel all alone.    
Funny how, speaking on the telephone,
You can feel on your own.

Funny how, with family by your side,
You can feel dead inside.
Funny how, when friends come round,
You can feel like you’ve drowned.

Funny how, when you laugh and joke,
You can hide behind the smoke.
Funny how, when you smile,
You really want to run a mile.

Funny how, people think your smart,
You can be a master of your art.
Funny how, people think you care,
You know ‘cause your not there.

Funny how, you thought you wanted out,
You now know what’s that’s all about.
Funny how, you live your life in pain,
You get a second chance, but do the same.

Funny how, you think you have it bad,
You know your slightly close to mad.
Funny how, you won’t face the truth,
You know there is more than just you.

Funny how, I say you - when I mean I.
You want to live,
I’d like to die.

Steve Collins
September 1st 2008.
RW Dennen Sep 2014
This is in dedication to Mr. John Grant a spokesman
for Veterans for Peace local 31. When during the late Bush years we protested the Bushy Zombies in West Chester
Pa. This took place every Saturday from early morning till
around 4 or 5 pm. He keep saying, "They're drinking the cool-aid."
P.S. Veterans for Peace is also national and is registered
under the U.N. with its own magazine. This was poem was written in 2010
Besides it has a rap beat to it

Lies ah decieven' our minds ah believen'
by ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge
Drive-by ah flyin' innocent babes ah dyin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge

Blacks  against slavery racists say lazy,
Jim Crow ah knowin', black vote ah growin',
voter lines ah showen', black suppression ah growin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge

Mr. sweater vest advisin' theocracy risin' ( Rick *******)
gays cannot marry his heavy-load to carry,
all Muslims are targets by his government harlots,
body meedlers of women, no rights he has proven
by ah drinkin' his cool-aid and eatin' funny-fudge

Mexican Border right-wingers disorder,
Jail complexes growin', their profits showin',
public schools no maintain', corporate zombie schools gainin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge

Corporations are people super-vote-money inclusion,
Super Pacs' delusion, Democracy illusion,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny-fudge

Profits by Lockheed Martin perpetual wars embarkin',
wars appeasin' without good reason,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge
No good reason callin' Wikkeleaks treason,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge

Houses ah runnin' from ex-owners ah gruntin',
our lands will desert us whole nature unnerved us,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge

Street people ah growin' with hardly non knowin',
parents ah cryin', hungry tots ah dyin', emergency rooms
ah packin', it's healthcare ah lackin'
While ah Wall Street ah hoppin' in triumph give-away-ah-hoppin',
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fridge

Slave hours grind us while paychecks are minus,
GOP congress never behind us,
while ah drinkin' the cool-aid; eatin' funny fudge,
Zombies surround us to only remind us,
I couldn't possibly use the brand name drink for fear of  being sued.
most important is to know that the cool-aid stuff is garbage propaganda by right-wing talking heads. I know you know who they are. I'm certainly glad of that. Thank you all...
storm siren Oct 2016
The funny thing about crying yourself to sleep
Is waking up confused
Because you don't recognize
The reality of your parents room,
From the delusion of your nightmare.

And the funny thing about lying awake at night,
Blasting music as loud as you can,
And trying to make your breathing
But each breath is
More strained than the last,
Is when you think back with a
"I never thought this is how my life would turn out."

And the funny thing about recalling
Making lunch in the kitchen,
And suddenly choking back
Strangled sobs
After realizing I love you.
And my mom rushing into the kitchen,
Asking me what's wrong,
And I cried so hard
Because I was so scared
To love you.
Is that it wasn't about you,
It was about the fear that you could
Now have the power
To take all my vulnerable parts
And leave without giving them back to me.

And the funny thing about
While blotting at my eyes,
That every part of me
Is wholly and entirely yours,
And upon that I also found,
Is that maybe no part of me
Was ever mine and mine alone.

But the funny thing is, you have proven
Time and time again
Within all my efforts
Amidst anxiety and panic
To subconsciously push you away,
That you're here,
Truly here,
To stay.

The funny thing about crying,
Is that it's not always about the tears,
And the incoherent hiccups
Aren't always about pain.

The funny thing about being this emotional,
Is that you love with all you are,
And when someone finally loves you back
The same way,
It's like seeing the face of God,
As Victor Hugo once said.

The funny thing about forgiveness,
Is that it doesn't always have to come from the
Person you've done wrong.
The funny thing about love
Is that it feels a lot like forgiveness
And the grace of light.

The funny thing about life,
Is that it never turns out how you thought it would,
And that's good.

The funny thing is
I really think
I like how
My life is turning
C'est la vie.
Alaina Moore Sep 2018
"What's funny is" is a ****** statement to be on the receiving end of, it nearly ever ends well.

What's funny is... Often times, most of the time, it's not funny at all. Curious, that we take humorous language and make it into lighter fluid to burn bridges.

What's funny is... The fire is usually a case of arson brought about by projection of in-the-moment feelings, that are fleeting. *******, that we allow ourselves to make them permanent; just mindless masochistic beasts wallowing in the ashes.
What's funny is... The echo chambers we've created for ourselves are actually prisons. Ironic, that we make up walls made out of bricks of unreachable goals, and feel disappointment when we don't achieve them.

What's funny is... Is that the more I interact with people the more I understand why we let ourselves indulge, and indulge, and indulge, to numb the monotony for just one ******* second. Nerve wracking, that every person is just a liability I cannot trust to not become the shackles attaching the weights that drown me.

What's funny is... As hard as I try to remain invisible, I'm forever tracked by a spotlight that blinds me. Insane, to think for one second we are anything but dirt on the ground; let me be dirt.

What's funny is... The numbness, and the pain, are like logs on the fire. Enduring, daily, the pokes and prods to keep the embers going when all they wanna do is die.

What's funny is... I like to dance in the flames but hate being on fire. Truthfully, I aim for embers.
Somewhat outside of my normal style.
Zombie May 2015
You know what's funny?
Thinking that you would find someone that's different but realizing that they're just like everyone else.
You know what's funny?
When you thought that you could trust that person, just for them to hurt you just like everyone else.
You know what's funny?
I almost let you in, until I realized you were just like everyone else.
You know what's funny?
You wanted me to trust you so that you and I could attempt to build a relationship but you were just like everyone else.
You know what's funny?
I thought that I could be prepared for the next person that will try to treat me just like everyone else.
You know what's funny?
You caught me slipping again.
You know what's funny?
You told me that you wouldn't hurt me like everyone else.
You know what's funny?
I believed you.
You know what's funny?
I fell for your trap.
You what's also funny???
I can only laugh but so much pain off until it consumes me! That same laughter that keeps me going in public slowly turns into tears behind closed doors.
s Oct 2016
it's funny how the thought of you still keeps me up at night even after all these years

it's funny how being with you used to keep me up those nights and how thinking of you keeps me up these nights

it's funny how you used to sing to me on the nights when i just couldn't sleep and now thinking of your voice just leaves me wondering if i wasn't good enough

it's funny how everyone around me has gotten so accustomed to the bags under my eyes that they don't even bother asking if i slept well last night anymore

it's funny how normal everything is during the day as if you'd never left and come three in the morning i haven't slept and i'm thinking of all the things i wanted to tell you but didn't

it's funny how fast everything changes and how quickly time goes on and how easy it is to get left behind in the past

it's funny how i used to wake up to your face every morning and how i now still wake up to your face every morning except you're gone when i open my eyes

it's funny how my hand still subconsciously reaches for yours before i realize it isn't there, how it comes so easily that my first instinct is to hold your hand as if it were the most natural thing in the world

it's funny how i still think of you in all the things i do and how every time i walk past a flower i think about how beautiful it would look in your hair and how every song i listen to you makes me wonder if you'd like it too

it's funny how i can sometimes pretend you never left because you're always there until i turn around and always lying next to me in bed until i open my eyes and always holding my hand until i let go and realize there's nothing there

(and i started to remember what you used to call me when you started calling me by my name)
Greyson Fay Jan 2015
Its funny how your words hurt more when your not speaking them.
Its funny how you blame me for the action when you continued it.
Its funny how you leave, then get mad at me for being distant.
Its funny how much you hurt me.
Its funny how much I take.
Its funny how much I blame on myself
Ita funny how i still love you
Its funny how neither one of us can tell who's worse

This acctualy is not funny at all
Because I just lost my best friend.
Amd im never getting her back.
And she will never
Accept my apology

But i am sorry.
All i ever wanted to do,
was help,
I promise,
Im so sorry

So leave me Alone
And let me cry.
it's funny how hello is always accompanied with goodbye
it's funny how good memories can start to make you cry
it's funny how forever never seems to last
it's funny how much you'd lose if you forgot about your past
it's funny how “friends” can just leave when you are down
it's funny how when you need someone they never are around
it's funny how people change and think they're so much better
it's funny how many lies are packed into one “love letter”
it's funny how one night can contain so much regret
it's funny how you can forgive but not forget
it's funny how ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part of all, is none of thats funny to me
we take the justice we can get

every one is expendable i’m opening a new chic bistro prior guests will be listed on the menu we slice dice prepare any way you like sushi deep fried mesquite oven grilled baked accessories make the dish ginger pickles lime asparagus mustard and a drizzle of wine deer ***** cider mole sauces i haven’t decided yet on restaurant décor possibly post-modern austere but please write in suggestions everything must be totally freshly tossed killed tableside i want the kitchen immaculate industrial sized everything yet we roast minuscule tidbits frivolous details infused with essences reduction bio-molecular cuisine an entire 20 course meal in a tear drop obviously presentation is everything Channel Comme des Garcons Lamborghini will design plate arrangement after you’ve enjoyed a lavish sumptuous meal you become edible i mean eligible to provide for more recent patrons please hold still while the knife carves and oh how about those miners in Chile real theater i just read NASA’s Kepler satellite is selecting candidates for earth’s substitute the article repeatedly used the word candidates let’s just totally waste this place the faster we trash the world the sooner we get a new planet best weekly performance British Petroleum gulf oil debacle second best Hillandale Farms incredible salmonella egg

comedy tragedy dialogue

COMEDY come sit closer let’s share a laugh want to hear a joke

TRAGEDY i hate jokes

COMEDY you’re funny

TRAGEDY shut up you freaking clown

COMEDY there’s more to me than clowning

TRAGEDY oh yeah (pause) what? you pandering fool (pause) in my eyes every winking snicker is compromise collusion there’s nothing about you i like

COMEDY hater (pause) man you’re mean

TRAGEDY mean and unreasonable

COMEDY scary mean unreasonable (pause) yet funny

TRAGEDY ***** you (pause) mortality is tragic the world is wicked what’s funny about stoning people to death or ****** disfiguring women children or cheating enslaving the poor underprivileged this earth is a horrible place what the hell is so funny

COMEDY you you’re a joke a sad dismal joke the good news is i interpret humor in everything life is funny

TRAGEDY you’re a pitiful simpleton who perceives all existence from one lame brain viewpoint you can’t distinguish happy from sad good from evil you’re a mindless empty screen of canned laughter maybe some things aren’t meant to be laughed at or humor drawn from maybe you’re a rude mocking idiot what is so ******* funny

COMEDY what is so ******* funny (pause) i’m not laughing (pause) try stepping back getting a different perspective change your psychology consider the futility of existence fate of humankind

TRAGEDY we all do what we have to (pause) mind if i smoke (lights a cigarette)

COMEDY that’ll **** you (smirks laughter)

TRAGEDY we’re all fated to die

COMEDY you really need to see the absurdity in your gloom

TRAGEDY please go

COMEDY why do you have to be such a hard-*** why can’t we just get along we could create some wonderful art i really think we’d be good together

TRAGEDY i warning you

COMEDY i get the feeling we’re not going to be friends

TRAGEDY fast thinking (pause) go play with your happy snickering friends and leave me alone

COMEDY must we be enemies

TRAGEDY deal with it

COMEDY you’re going to miss me

TRAGEDY maybe maybe not (pause) these are dark troubled times

COMEDY why must everything be so serious with you

TRAGEDY if you persist i will be forced to turn this banter into regrettable disaster

COMEDY funny how things don’t work out

TRAGEDY yeah funny (pause) i guess the joke is on me

fate free will dialogue

FATE we each journey a path

FREE WILL i choose my own trail imaging myself triumphant inventing as i go

FATE what if you discovered your choices were influenced by forces outside you

FREE WILL i alone am responsible for my choices

FATE i’m not speaking about responsibilities

FREE WILL what are you speaking of

FATE there are aspects you may not realize

FREE WILL that’s ******* a person creates his or her own destiny

FATE do you believe Jesus Christ created his own destiny or John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King John Lennon

FREE WILL what are you saying

FATE there were circumstances cycles aspects forces possibly predetermined powers events ghosts

FREE WILL horseshit we are presented with existential choices our actions determine our destiny

FATE our actions determine our destiny huh what influences determine our actions

FREE WILL a person’s character courage discipline strength

FATE what forms a person’s character

FREE WILL parents circumstances cycles aspects forces the era

FATE hmmm near to what i was suggesting yet who can know why or how a few chosen make it while many others go bust or when where lightning strikes

FREE WILL so what do you believe? (pause) i’m speculating most people obey conform deaf to their own calling falling short of their dreams enduring lives of hushed disquiet

FATE hmmm we each journey a path

FREE WILL i choose my own trail inventing as i go alert to my calling

FATE uhhh i’m not as certain as you i admire your confidence conviction independence

FREE WILL hey i’m straight

FATE whatever

— The End —