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Em 1d
I don't want to run anymore.
                                            I think maybe
Maybe it's time to lay down.
                                            My legs are tired.
Em 1d
and just like that she vanished.
the soft golden strands of hair you once knew, now dark and mysterious.
her flawless skin, so soft and pure, now rough, beaten and cracked.
on her eyelids once was a shade of ocean blue, now her eyes are crusted shut with dried blood.
her contagious smile replaced with lips refusing to separate, too afraid to speak a word.
what happened to her you might ask?
what could have possibly turned such a prodigious person into less than the shell?
you tell me.
Em 5d
isn't it sad when you think you've hit the bottom.
that it could not possibly get any worse.
but it turns out there was no bottom.
Em Nov 4
it ***** you up.
trust me.
there is a moment.
when you finally realize that you will never be extraordinary.
you will never be the person you hoped you would become.
it ***** you up.
trust me.
Em Nov 4
i am alone in my own world. my own life.
the only one who can save me is myself.
but i would never dare put that in the hands of me.
Em Nov 3
this has happened before.
i was in this same identical spot.
and wished death upon myself.
i somehow moved on from it.
but i am back.
hello dear friend! i haven't missed you.
will this time be the one that terminates my existence?
Em Nov 3
as i'm washing the knives, i stop and listen to their pleas.
their pleas to kiss the soft ridges of my wrists once more.

just once more.
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