A-Start the best part*
A-Healthy heart breakfast

Not so fast slow down of prayers
Just come and arrive
Sheer whispering Dress Aline
shapes of water are mine

The Green Gables
The twins whisper in doubles
The pink fur Hello Kitty
My best of the cattle
Meet her friend the Furry Sable
The loud whisperers the sleepwalker
They call her the wanderer
He whispers and she's the keynotes
"Her Real Estate' A-Steal for diaries

But their children love to whisper

The crayons Highlights of the wonderland
Building more Ancient dreams

Stealing the grapes of whisper escapes
Like  A-dream planted to remain
A steal cannot take that away
Even if it's you're last meal

Walking with the one you love for miles
Come on baby light my fire
Whispering Morrison door to save
A dream to give the world peace
Like wishing well pulling the rope

Whisper could that be your prayer of hope?*
The guitar the invisible impossible star
And he steals another dream  
Whispering shadows pass like clouds

Australian Malamutes doing the salute *

Got strung along
And lost you

*A-STEAL for an eye for an eye
  just give a life

Whispering over again wasn't
the way to play smart
Losing my voice
How to trust someone's words
So hard like the concrete
The abundance of food
Ala carte or Dente

A-Steal dream putting it
into your mind

Whispering Falltime Women in her
Acorn-SHOE* prime time
Walk-in closet Godly light
Like the Viking of swords

Where to go who will ever know
Not a pin drop of a slight whisper
Clasping or gasping for air
The Holy Water was left

For the delicate minds
of the deer
That light talk of resistance
Lips of acceptance

With her silken pillows
Tied their dreams
Sopping wet rain
The French soothing whispering rainfalls
Wearing her trenchcoat
Whispering her sugar words
He could find me peace to my river
Like two peas in a pod to float
A Steal how love can make the difference
Just feel you know what's real
Sands of time whispering dream
Often told the end is truly the taste
to breathe
Even if you are deep inside her dream
To justify her means
Like the Queen to the Diplomat
The highest authority

You almost felt only your whisper would be the priority
The Aristocrat  cleaning up your bad dreams
*High beams a spoiled love Tit for the Tat

Not the fairytale Dr. Seuss you gave it all you got
Cat in the Hat- or the desperation of one last whisper
Up the sunrise and on your way the
You are the creature of the night
Shining the light never ending the battle night
Smells of baked cake through your nostrils
Rocky mountains of Colorado dreamy caves

Hearing  sounds but living in the distance
The romance you got blinded like a ghost but
you got your chance of lovers and whispers
Canadian waterfall talking not whispering

Doing Pilates what *Yogalates loving the
yodeling dreaming watching him the diver*
Going dirt biking just love the dreamy feel of hiking

"Hearing Attention Hitler in the Summertime"
All blue eyes what a dreamer
The good Earthly brown so worthy
The Cafe eyes

A steal dream like a spilled milk
for only a cat now scat
Summer the Kings speech air
Whispering path of the love heir
The assembly line
Good and the bad memories
The years getting away with murder
The law of attraction in order

Erasing someone's scent
A- million stars you found your truth
Looking outside of your dream your
Was your *Godly
Whispering has many advantages and its amazing to see someone in your dream like your lover the mountains hiking or dirt biking and the change of seasons to lovemaking
my white       goddess walks
                   the diamond glitter
                path to the  cosmic sun;    
  sights                             set on the center of my
                 golden                        heart's galaxies;
orbiting the fiery silver                  sun at the
                           center of universe
upon universe;          shining faces
       of trillions of feminine                     moons;
don't touch my cat;
my cat is sunlight    giving life    to all creation;
her fur in            sequin stockings;
red smile so sly;                  
                          licking         ­  delicate    whiskers
w/                  her sharp,            beautiful tongue;
   I am her tuna, gladly
don't touch             my goddess;
Camryn jones Mar 9
Trying to find solace in the suburbs
when everything seemed superb
like that cookie-cutter,
picket fence,
faux fur mentality
they instill at the start

Just an infant with scars
He reached for that pregnant belly
slammed it hard
onto the stairwell
she cupped her baby bump
and hoped she'd never have the same hell

All grown up. Alive and well
shes got different demons
different intricate cells
Which make DNA
she is special      shes awake
But, in many ways
She is the same

As that ANGEL who carried her 23 years ago
A debt I'll always owe
A gift I'll never own
Carefully Constructed
and Creatively Sewn
shoved a soul into that shell
To one day guide her back home

Shes got her mamas tough, yet gentle heart
her smile, brevity and love for art..
she can write her ass off
like her
the wrote and the writ

Yet she's plagued by guilt
every minute
GUILT for the life that she'd been given
GUILT  for each exhale emitted
prays that God will have the sense
to go back in time and hit OMIT
(on all chapters even close to the word 'human'
there's GUILT for feeling guilty
more for despising your own )
"I must've slipped through the gate, admit it!
recruit another for your mission
regretfully, I must solicit
that I'm not fit for this position

I'm no hero
I'm the villain
If ya look close you'll see
I spit venom"
Mama runs in
smiles and says
"Betta recognize and
quit your bitchin'
as of today, you are living..
You are loved
You are safe
You are motherfucking winning

We are strength & We are the faith
never to be broken
but still stayed brave

The Legend wont start
or end with you
Its a fight stretched out
through  time
You will understand soon
No matter how much you ask
It wont stop circumstance
wont stop lies
wont stop suffering
and will not compromise

Your in the way of the wave, child
This.....  the secret to life
When in the way of the wave...
its a matter of time
S0 if youre searching for solace
To memorize this line

— The End —